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  1. Howdy folks. I’m looking to make the move from the land of pellet to the land of Kamado, and I find myself at what I expect is the common crossroads of do I get an Egg or a KJ. I have decided I’m between the XL Egg or the Big Joe because this will be an only grill, and I want the space for flexibility. I was able to go see a BGE XL in person (unfortunately no Big Joe local to go look at), and what struck me is it is actually shorter than the large, almost as if the large was squished down making it shorter and wider. The Big Joe from pictures and videos looks like it’s bigger all around, and the series 3 looks MUCH taller. I expect the extra height could be a benefit during low and slow because it puts the heat further from the food, but from any experienced Big Joe 3 owners, is there a downside to the height when it comes to direct grilling? Most of the YouTube videos I can find are more involved of using the different heights to reverse sear a giant steak etc., which yeah that looks fun too. I can’t find much of folks just doing basic grilling with their Big Joe. Maybe that’s because it would be a boring video, maybe it’s because they have other grills they use for that. Because this will be my only grill though, sometimes I’ll just want it to be a basic grill, and I’d prefer that to be up at lid height. I don’t love the idea of reaching down into the belly of the beast just to flip some burgers With all of that space between the fire and the top level of the D&C does it still do a good job as a straight up grill? Thanks in advance for any insight.
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