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  1. I received the tube and it fits perfectly in the ash pan!
  2. Thanks for your replies! No, you didn't add to the confusion! I have a Kamado Joe Classic 3 but the A-Maze-N pellet smoker tube that I'll be using is from Pit Boss (Pit Boss bought the A-Maze-N company a few years back).
  3. Hi! As anyone ever try this? The ash tray area on my KJ3 is about 2.25" in height and about 9" in depth... I'm looking to get the A-Maze-N oval expandable tube smoker 7in-12in. I already have a pellet maze smoker (5"x8") that goes in the fire box and it produces smoke for about 8-9 hours. So the idea would be to keep the smoking going with the tube smoker in the ash tray when the maze smoker is done without disassembling my cold smoke setup to add more pellets in the maze smoker... Already spoke with CS at Pit-Boss and they told me that the oval diameters are 2.5"x2" on one side and 2.25"x1.75" on the other side... So, I think it would fit perfectly but would like to know if anyone had any experience with these in the ash tray? Thanks!
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