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  1. Has anyone cooked these and how do they compare to a USDA Choice brisket? They were selling them at 3.29/lb at a local Costco worth th the extra cost ?
  2. Meat up bones down. If I do meat down I feel the meat gets to saturated in grease/fat
  3. I had the same issues until I started patting chicken dry the night before, salt moderately, and let sit over night then throw them on the Joetisserie...big difference yes, use direct fire underneath, not offset
  4. You can for certain tell that BGE lump is not the same a RO. BGE is denser, less sparking, and longer burn. with that said I still use a cheaper lump similar to RO that I get from Rest. Depot. 9.99 per 20lbs, Carbon Del Sur and Aspen are the two brands they have
  5. 4 forks with big joe, good to know thanks
  6. So I want to buy an extra set of forks for the BIG Joetisserie. Still waiting on the JT to arrive so not sure on proper measurement needs for an extra set. Am am I looking for a specific fitting size ?
  7. North Atlanta Area. Ace dealer about 10 min from my house
  8. Done and done. Prayers from people on this forum helped contribute to my fathers recovery a few months ago
  9. It will be a lifetime grill...unless you decide to get rid of it. Spend the extra and get the BJ
  10. Same here. I ended up selling a Jr and and Classic at the roadshow in Atlanta. Eric, the KJ rep was talking bout to another group 3 couples were talking to me. 30 min later, two of the couples bought. Eric was happy! I love verbally selling the KJ and have even spoke to Bobby a few times about opportunities
  11. Best of the best California Pizza Stones I have the 21" X 3/4. It is a beast for my Big Joe
  12. Women knowing their way around a charcoal grill is f'n hot! Keep on griilin
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