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  1. What sauce did you use
  2. North Atlanta Area. Ace dealer about 10 min from my house
  3. Done and done. Prayers from people on this forum helped contribute to my fathers recovery a few months ago
  4. It will be a lifetime grill...unless you decide to get rid of it. Spend the extra and get the BJ
  5. Same here. I ended up selling a Jr and and Classic at the roadshow in Atlanta. Eric, the KJ rep was talking bout to another group 3 couples were talking to me. 30 min later, two of the couples bought. Eric was happy! I love verbally selling the KJ and have even spoke to Bobby a few times about opportunities
  6. Best of the best California Pizza Stones I have the 21" X 3/4. It is a beast for my Big Joe
  7. Women knowing their way around a charcoal grill is f'n hot! Keep on griilin
  8. If you've got the $...Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia Won't find anything nicer there
  9. Pork butt over beans
  10. Oh and by the way, got a good excuse to fire up the big joe to feed the family and friends. 16 hr pork butt, baked beans made with 3 kinds of buches, one can pinto, one can northern, brn sugar, onion, grn pepper, homemade BBQ sauce and BBQ seasoning. Plus cole slaw and a homemade BBQ sauce. Brioche buns, pickles
  11. Once again, thank y'all for your prayers. Today my father was answering several questions and was responding amazingly. Still in and out of sleep but I can see his life returning. God, what a beautiful thing. Makes me appreciate life in a whole new way Thanks again guys for your support. I almost have my dad back
  12. Secrets Maroma Beach!!!!!
  13. In respect to everyone that has replied to my message and gave kind words, thoughts, and prayers, I want to give y'all an update. My father is recovering extremely well! He is still not out of the woods but at least we are very positive that he will live. They removed the ventilator yesterday and now just waiting for him to respond more and more each day...which he is. Today, we was shaking his head in repost ones to questions and began to open his eyes for brief periods of time. From what the doctors said, this is very quick for how serious his meningitis was. It really is crazy the affects this bacteria has on a human body...and how fast it can take over. One day he is totally normal, the next day is is delirious with extreme head ache, fever, and basically unresponsive. Doctors said that if we would have waited a few more hours, he probably wouldn't have made it. Again, not in the clear yet as doctors still have to access any damage done to his body (brain,verbal, social, etc) but we are improving each day. Guys, I can't thank y'all enough for your positive words, thoughts, and prayers. I really believe this gave my father the extra help he needed to fight. Thank you
  14. Don't do it! Yes, I received my Big Joe accesories but wasn't until 5 weeks after ordering. Had to call them 4-5 times to get info on my order