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  1. First time I've been able to get here in a few days.
  2. Pork loin & veggies marinated in soy sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic & oregano. Dusted with pepper and allspice. Smoked slow.
  3. Getting ready for a Post Hurricane practice run on a turkey. All we could find is a 13# Butterball @$1.50 per #. Holy Crap. Soaking it in some Mad Hunky poultry brine and afterward a rack in the Kamado upside down at 425. Flip about 2/3rds of the cook to brown. Stuffing on the side, giblet gravy and mashed potatos. Haven't cooked one since last year. This will be the first one in the Blaze. I'd like to try your cornbread stuffing recipe. if you would care to share. Attn: Spell Check I have never seen a toe on a potato. I'll stick with potatos.
  4. Here's a way to make gyro meat. Use whatever blend of meat you like Lamb lamb/beef. You need two aluminum pans one inside the other. Water in the bottom one gyro mix in the top. Put it on the Kamado with plates underneath. 175 IT Onion Garlic Rosemary Marjoram Salt & Pepper or whatever. There are lots of different mixes.
  5. Sliced thin, marinated in low salt soy and garlic and separated with slices of apples. Added fresh green beans in olive oil, mushrooms and later mashed potatoes with gravy poured over the top. Done in the Kamado at 275 with cherry chips.
  6. Had a friend who grew up on a turkey farm. His Mother made the best turkey I've ever had. She did them fast at 425 upside down and then she would flip them to brown. These were fresh birds with no basting injected. I have a rack and have never done one in a Kamado. Going to be fun. Thank You for the info.
  7. Bought a large bag of a commercial lump from GFS. I'm impressed. Clean and even fast burn. I suppose that's important if you're in a competition or a catering service. I've also bought some I'll never buy again but I don't trash stuff so here's my question. What's the best charcoal you have used and why? Thanks
  8. I live in the tropics. Mold was always a problem in my KJ in the Summer.I would burn it out with a hot fire. My new one seems to burn cleaner and I haven't seen any indication of mold.
  9. I've done around 20 different cooks in my new Blaze. In comparing it to my old Kamado Joe I have found several differences. The Blaze doesn't get as hot as the KJ. I could get it up to 750 compared to over 900 in the KJ. The Blaze cooks more evenly across the grids. There are no hot or cold areas on the grate If I let it burn out there is nothing but fine white ash remaining. The kJ always leaves some unburnt coals. I think it's because the draw is different. In the KJ air comes from underneath, In the Blaze it comes across the top of the coals. In the KJ I used the double racks and half moons more often. The lower rack in Blaze is more functional. Finally you can burn your hand on the Blaze handle wear a glove it gets hot. Not true on the KJ. Both do a great job
  10. Thought I'd share this. This recipe is from the man who started Buffalo Chips. He's no longer with us but his recipe still follows. 1/2 butter & 1/2 Franks hot sauce. All he would vary was the heat from mild to hot to suicide and death. Made them today and they disappeared as fast as I could get them off the Kamado. His place is still in business. Thanks Al.
  11. Go to a fabric store and buy Sunbrella fabric. We always use black as no mold or mildew will form under it but you can get any color you want. We use it for sail and boat covers. Doesn't fade or rot. You can have any upholstery shop sew you one but they are easy to make
  12. I think you're idea would be like a venturi in that the hot air would create a lessening of air density and allow the venturi to draw cooler air. I don't think it would increase the combustion ratio of particulates in the smoke but I'm not an engineer. I would note that my KJ would never have a total burn to white ash there were always pieces of unburnt charcoal. My new one however burns totally white and there's no unburnt coals it's just powder. I've always thought of using a Stirling engine on top to turn a rotisserie.
  13. I had a KJ II for a long time. Over the years I replaced the gasket, firebox clays, the top air vent with one like Mikes. Finally the wing table supports started to go, the firebox scoop holder deteriorated and the clamp rings were beginning to show their age. I donated it. Good toy for a long time but I live by the sea and the salt in the air took it out. The new one I have is cast aluminum and it's been fun learning the cooking differences between the two.
  14. Marinated cubed pork in soy sauce, Sirachji, Mae Ploy sweet chili and rice vinegar. Took a cast iron wok and put it on the lower shelf with no plates let it heat and stir fried the pork. The aqua hue reflection is from my umbrella. It's raining again. Added butter, stir fried rice and water Let it cook down and in went the veggies Served with cashews halves as a condiment. I'm really liking this Kamado.
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