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  1. I bake corned beef briskets all the time in the oven, and I think that they are much better than boiled, witch I also like very much. I would suggest cooking as normal on the KJ, however if that makes you nervous then just try baking it.
  2. three feet is inherently stable, three points are a plane. Four feet is not stable. Much harder to get satisfactory level and secure resting with greater than three feet.
  3. Instead of a grill gun I have been using my handheld weed burner for the sear and light if I am in a hurry. Instead of little green bottles a 5 gal cylinder for fuel. It will have more power than you want at WOT, but it is nice
  4. Well, I see that you visited the site several hours ago so the bad bugs must not have gotten you, how did this turn out? I would really like to know.
  5. I would be willing to help get this thread started again. This is one of my passions.
  6. Fantastic! I will give this a go. I love fish and think most people over cook theirs. I am not sure but it looks like the intramuscular flake will be semi-translucent, just well, perfect. So what is the tripod plate holder. And BTW Jacques Pepin is the best. If you like spatchcock chicken, witch I know you do by your posts his recipe for Pepin chicken (spatchcock) is really great. I can't wait to do it on the Joe.
  7. Golf Grller; Thank you for the link, I think that I will stay and have a sick and a whisky to meet people.
  8. I think you miss understood me John. This site is working well for me. I meant that you are thinking of shutting it down. I just found it and like it. Please forgive my bad communication, what is here is great. I will look at contributing. In fact I was thinking I should write a review of the VAUNO 2053-3 Professional Wireless Cooking Food Meat Kitchen Thermometer after I play with it. It has a great price point.
  9. Do you have well it has had a lot of names in the last 2 to 3 years. Started as cash and carry then Smart Food Service Warehouse and is now U S Foods. Great quality meat sub-primals etc. Reprice everyday to exchange price. If you have one local for look, I think you will become a fan.
  10. Ahh normal for me find something you want to read and participate in and it shuts down. My motto has been buy high sell low that way you always have a buyer. I will enjoy as long as I can. I have found you other outlets as well. Thanks
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