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  1. Hi everyone, Just looking for some advice. I've recently acquired an Gianna Acunto oven with a avanzini burner and played with it a couple of times . Just seeing if there are others with the same set up and that could give me a bit of advice when it comes to what temp to set it to and other settings please Thanks in advance,
  2. So I forgot about a large focaccia dough I had in the fridge that's been in there for 8 days. It obviously was quite bubbly and overfermented (structure has diminished quite a bit) but I was able to ball it up into 220 gram balls pretty easily. My question is if these are safe to bake up and eat tonight? I've used old dough from the fridge in the past but never this long. How long is TOO long? Color seemed fine and texture, while obviously not ideal, wasn't dry or flakey. Let me know and help rest my overthinking mind!
  3. Hello. I'm In Search of a good sandwich bread recipe
  4. So I’m on my search for my next sous vide and I encountered Anova Red. But it’s half the price of the normal Anova. Anyone know the catch? Is it like super sub standard quality?
  5. I'm interested in setting up a predictable/repeatable way of making dough for pizzas. I have a proofing box where I can control the temperature (within certain limits, it just uses a seed bed warmer). In terms of developing the flavour that you get from cold fermenting would I be ok to use the table on this forum that calculates yeast amount according to temp/time to have the dough "ready" in the proofing box and then be OK to ball and put in the fridge for 24-72 hours or will that over ferment the dough? In other words I would use the calculator to work out how much yeast to use to double the volume of the dough for a given amount of time in the proofing box, and then I would ball and refrigerate.
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