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  1. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    I've never done this in he kamado but I always make Cranberry, Apple Walnut dressing as one o our sides. Link:
  2. Hammer Stahl Knives

    Here's the description from their website. Our cutlery is made from top-quality German X50CrMoV15 high carbon stainless steel. It is forged and tempered to precise specifications and a Rockwell hardness of 55 - 57 that provides a superior edge and lasting durability. The razor sharp edges are precisely measured by laser for a world-class cutting edge. The blades are sharpened to a 20 degree bevel angle. Our Pakkawood handles are infused with phenolic resin that combines the beautiful look of wood with the durability of plastic. They look nice and they look a lot like my Gunter Wilhelm clever. (They may be made by the same manufacturer) The price is nice but as deck states above they are out of stock on many items. At only 55 - 57 Rockwell hardness they will be very forgiving but may need to be sharpened more often than a harder steel. Their 20 degree bevel is close the maximum bevel you would / could put on a 55 - 57 Rockwell hardness blade. Not sure I'd buy the complete set unless I wanted the 8 steak knives that come with it.
  3. Dogs Die in Hot Cars

    With us having dogs we are keenly aware of this problem and have declined going certain places due to having our dog / dogs with us. My wife even had some cards printed up to leave on cars where she has spotted a dog left in. We once spotted (and heard) a puppy left in a car in Laughlin Nevada in the summer. (I believe the temp was around 105) The kind owner had left the windows cracked approximately 1 1/2". We had some straws and a cup so I dipped the straw in some water, put my thumb on the top and then put it through the crack to the wining puppy to provide a drink. In the mean time my wife went and got a security guard who took it to the next level announcing it on the radio / PA that the owner needed to come out to the parking lot or they would be breaking the window to remove the puppy.
  4. Dogs Die in Hot Cars

    Great info keeper. With Jerome being at an elevation of 5,000 feet I wonder if these times and temperature ranges are different than down the hill. I'd assume they'd possible be a little more forgiving (if I can even say that) than down at lower elevations.
  5. Were they frozen when the started out? If so then they may be OK depending on how warm it was overnight. If they were not frozen then throw them out.
  6. Smoked Chicken Curry Stew

    Looks tasty John. Future video?
  7. Then of course there are the times when he's just being to cute to not take a picture.
  8. Yeah! He has that maneuver down. He's usually around whenever there is food out.
  9. Thanks. Yeah I kind of felt like this guy with that knife.
  10. Hard to imagine but these are my first go at Baby Back Ribs. I’ve done spares and St. Louis cut ribs plenty of time but have never done the Baby Backs. First time for everything I guess. So here they are. Broke out the pork rub when Husker decided to Photo-Bomb my picture because he smelled meat! Spread on a thin layer of molasses and then the pork rub. Wrapped them up and let them rest for 5 hours. Prepped my Primo for indirect cooking and preheated it to 225 degrees. Put them on and let them cook for 2 1/2 hours. (Note: Forgot that Baby Backs cook faster than the others so I was already close to done at this time) Here they are after the 2 1/2 hours. (Note: Forgot that Baby Backs cook faster than the others so I was already close to done at this time) I took them over to some A.F. and added some honey and some Orange, Peach, Mango juice. Wrapped them up and put them back on for 1/2 hour. I then un-wrapped them and spread on a mixture of 1/3 Sweet Baby Ray’s and 2/3 of Raspberry Chipotle sauce and let that glaze for 15 minutes. Brought it in and cut it up with my Cimeter. Here are just the BB ribs for presentation. And from the side zooming in. Money Shot! And finally here it is plated up with a baked potato. The ribs were moist, tender and meaty with a touch of sweet heat. Yum! Thanks for looking.
  11. Tri Tip advice?

    Oh Yeah!
  12. Oh Yeah! I can taste it from here!
  13. Pepper Stout Beef (aka Pulled Beef)

    I've never done it that way but it sound like a good plan. Of couse you'll be reheating the meat from cold (or room temp) so that will take longer. Good luck and let us know how it turned out.
  14. Tri Tip advice?

    Yeah, at $10.99 it doesn't have quite as much appeal as it does out here for anywhere from $4.99 to 6.99 per lb. (I've purchased it as low as $2.99 a lb. on sale) When I can buy it on sale it's sometimes cheaper than hamburger meat. Would I buy it at $10.99 a lb. over Rib-Eye? Probably not but then I really wouldn't but even Rib-Eye at that price.
  15. KJ is having a Warehouse Sell

    Us poor unfortunate souls out on the west coast can only dream!!