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  1. Copycat paella from DerHusker

    Shuley, Bravo on a fabulous cook. I wish I could've tasted it as I remember just how delicious this was. I'd make it way more often if my wife would eat any of it. (She won't eat seafood) The rice absorbs all of that the delicious goodness from the seafood, sausage, chicken, veggies and the shrimp, chicken and saffron broth and stores it there for you to enjoy. We had company over that night (4 other couples) and everyone raved about it. If I was to go to all that prep work again, I'd make it into another paella party to make it worth it.
  2. Chile Relleno Sunday

    Sorry but I don't understand el Mexicano Languageo.
  3. First Tritip and...

    TT's are my favorite cut of beef to cook. Yours looks delicious. Here's a Youtube video that helps explain how to slice a Tri-Tip.
  4. Chile Relleno Sunday

    Thank you Joe. That is very kind of you to say. I know it may seem as if I drink a lot of beer but in reality I have less than 1 a day. I just love trying lots of different craft brews with my meals. Coronado Brewing is another local brewery here in San Diego County. There are over 70 of them and many of them have a great reputation both locally and nationally. Normally I would've went with a Mexican beer (such as Negra Modelo) with this but we had some friends over and he brought this with him. I'm glad he did as it was excellent.
  5. Chile Relleno Sunday

    Thank you K'man Thank you KK. I'm kind of sad there is only one left to eat today.
  6. Since Pasilla peppers were on sale I just had to make Chile Rellenos. I’ve made these before and posted the recipe and method so I’ll keep this a little short and just post some links to the recipes for those that care about that. Rellenos: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/9934-chile-rellenos/?tab=comments#comment-106251 Rice: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/24634-mexican-rice/ First on I made the relleno sauce. Here are the ingredients. I roasted the all veggies and then put them in a large blender and gave it a spin. After this I made up some Mexican rice. Ingredients: Sautéed the veggies and then added the rice for 5 minutes and put this in the rice cooker with the liquids. Here are the ingredients for the Chile Rellenos. I roasted the chiles and put them in a plastic bag to steam for 15 minutes. I then then skinned them, sliced them and seeded them. I stuffed them with the Queso Oaxaca, dredged them in flour, dipped them in the beaten egg mixture and the fried them up on both side for 3 minutes. While I was cooking the rellenos my wife cooked up some frijoles. Here it is everything plated up with some tortilla chips, some pickled carrots and a Coronado Brewing Sting Ray IPA. Muy Delicioso Thanks for looking.
  7. Dutch Oven Bierocks (aka Runza)

    Thank you Panchango. Thank you Rob.
  8. Dutch Oven Bierocks (aka Runza)

    Thank you Jack. They were. Thank you rchang. According to the Lodge briquette formula chart, for a 12" D.O., it would've been between 400 and 425. Next time I will reduce the number on the bottom to 7 as the bottom was just starting to burn. I was lucky I checked on them when I did.
  9. Dutch Oven Bierocks (aka Runza)

    Thank you tch0ck. Yep, a hand held meat pie is correct. In the link to the recipe I stated "Bierocks are meat-filled pastries originating in Eastern Europe. German and Russian immigrants ended up bringing them to the Americas and they are enjoyed all over, especially in areas with large Eastern European populations." Thank you KK. They're not to hard to make and are really good and very filling. Thank you SmoovD. Amazing enough I never had one when I lived in Nebraska but have had them since while vacationing there.
  10. Baby Back Maniac’s thread about visiting Nebraska and having a Runza reminded me that I hadn’t made these in quite a while. I had to remedy that and made another batch today to enjoy watching the Husker’s game. I followed Cowgirl’s recipe with very little changes. Here’s a link to a thread of my first attempt making these where the recipe can be found. https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/23518-dutch-oven-bierocks-or-runzas-or-whatever-you-want-to-call-them/ Started out making up the dough. After prepping all the ingredients I took them all out to my gas side burner. Sweated the onion and added the hamburger. After the hamburger was mostly browned I added the salt, pepper and cabbage and cooked until it wilted. To say the dough had risen was an understatement. Rolled it out into a log and cut it into 7 roughly equal pieces and formed each piece into a ball. I then rolled each piece into an approximate 7” round and placed 2 giant spoonfuls in the center. I folded up the edges and pitched them together and placed each into my camp Dutch Oven that I had already smeared with butter flavor Crisco. I repeated this process until it was full. I then lit some briquettes in my chimney and waited until they were ready. I prepped my kamado as a Dutch Oven table and placed 10 briquettes on the bottom and 20 briquettes on the top. I then closed the lid with the vents fully open and let this bake for 35 minutes. And here is the result. I carefully cut around each one and plated one up with 1/2 a pickle, some pickled carrots and a Stone Brewing Xocoveza Mocha Stout. Yum! Even though my game didn’t end the way I would’ve wished, we ate some delicious food and drank a really great beer. Thanks for looking.
  11. Looks like you had a great time. You were in my old stomping grounds up in Nebraska. We've eaten at Runza's before and liked it but liked it better when I made them myself. (aka Bierocks) Your video reminded me I need to make them again as football season is upon us.
  12. Bacon Chile Cheeseburger

    Thank you bel4 Thank you Ted. Thank you sk.
  13. Buffalo Buffalo Burger – Take 2

    Thank you dianlonyc. I'm very serious when I declared it the "Best Burger Ever" This may not be a traditional burger cook but the combination of flavors IMHO just works. You do have to like the heat and the savory parts but for me it was perfection. Oh and yes I sometimes do a watermelon salad instead.