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  1. Thank you Josephine, Thank you Dan. My accountant will appreciate me letting him in on this. Thank you Ted. Thank you very much!
  2. Thank you Herman. Thank you KK. A calendar? Hmmm! Thank you Rob.
  3. Yesterday I inched closer to retirement as I had my 61st birthday. In the morning my wife blessed me with some nice gifts. She said these were all to help me enjoy the outdoors more. (Not sure I needed more things to do that but ) First thing she had me open is this Landman fire pit. Next thing I open was a cover for the firepit. Next thing I open was a nice insulated shoulder bag. And finally, I opened the last gift which was and assortment of frisbees for Frisbee (Disc) Golf. As a youth we used to play Frisbee Golf a lot at La Mirada Regional Park. She thought I might enjoy getting out and doing this again. The rest of the day we spent it at home doing a few redecorating chores that we had been meaning to get to and generally taking it easy and enjoying ourselves. Towards dinner time I fired up the Akorn Jr. and made us some cheeseburgers. Here’s my burger with a slice of watermelon, some Pringles and a Stone Ruination Double IPA. A very relaxing day that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for looking.
  4. You get an "A" for effort and it still looks like it was very tasty so it wasn't a fail in my book.
  5. The Guru Moderators Challenged me to create a “Weave Your Way Through May”. I thought long and hard at what I could create. Create something delicious by weaving ingredients together? At first, I thought I kept thinking and then came to the “point” where an idea “stuck” with me. If I had the correct ingredients then I studied up on my past cooks and if you will I’ll provide you with a little educational reading and show you I assembled most of my ingredients Greased up my CI pie pan with some Crisco. Did my crust weave in it but it looked a bit (Not my best work. I should’ve done this on the glass pie dish like last time but since the crust won’t show this was no biggy) Now I placed the glass dish in the CI dish to try to control shrinkage and keep its shape. Now place it upside down on the kamado to let the bacon grease drain. I let it cook this way for 30 minutes. While that was cooking I whipped up the egg, milk, sour cream and Bisquick Once the bacon crust was cooled I placed in a layer of thinly sliced potato. Now some slivered onion and then the Hatch Chiles. Now I added half the egg mixture and 1 cup of cheese. I repeated this process and placed it on the kamado for 50 minutes at 300 degrees. Here it is after 50 minutes. I thought we could clink our glasses in a toast but alas it still wasn’t alive like I wanted so I threw a little temper tantrum. It needed one last ingredient So I added a bacon weave on top of mostly already cooked bacon and cooked it an extra 10 minutes. (Didn’t want to deal with the shrinkage or the extra grease) and in a last desperate attempt, I yelled out Here it is after the additional 10 minutes. IT’S ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!! Close-up with flash. Without flash. Today I cut a slice and heated it up for breakfast. It was so delicious it had me dancing! THE END!
  6. Decided to make Chicken Enchiladas again on Sunday. (One of my wifes favorites) Started out making up the verde sauce. Here are most of the ingredients. Roasted most everything. Tomatillos go straight into the blender. Other items need to go inside to be cleaned up. Everyone into the pool for a spin. Add the cilantro and lime juice and spin some more. Now I prepped the chicken breasts to shred. Took 2 boneless skinless breasts and butterflied them, covered with plastic wrap and pounded them flat. Seared them for approximately 5 minutes each side and proceeded to shred them. Now I made some Mexican rice. Most of the ingredients are here. While the rice was cooking I made up the enchiladas and put them on the kamado at 300 degrees for 15 minutes. Here they are plated up with the rice, some frijoles and a Modelo Negra. Muy Bueno! Thanks for looking.
  7. Ham / Cheese burgers are just so easy and delicious to make on the Akorn Jr. that I made some more on Saturday. Plated with some watermelon, potato salad and a Modelo Negra Thanks for looking.
  8. Afraid yes but if they want to follow the law they have to do it regardless of fear. The problem is the list of known carcinogens is so long, (and I mean loooooooong!) basically everywhere and everything now has to have a “Disclosure” statement posted on the business or product. Here's are some examples: Aluminum is on the list of known carcinogens. Most businesses have windows of some sort which are made of aluminum. Since aluminum is on the list of known carcinogens one would conclude you will need to disclose your place has a known carcinogen on the premises. How about aluminum foil? Most forms of grease are on the list. Most any machine will have some grease in it. Do you disclose? Many many chemicals are on the list. Plastics are made using chemicals and so will have trace amounts. Do you disclose? Paper is made using chemicals and so will have trace amounts. Do you disclose? The list is so long that a business cannot begin to know if they are supposed to disclose or not so they disclose to comply even if they don't have to. Again I say, a well-meaning law that ended up having no practical benefit.
  9. There is a law here in Cali that requires you "Disclose" if your place of business or product contains anything that is a known carcinogen. Since the list of known carcinogens is so long, (and I mean loooooooong!) basically everywhere and everything now has a similar “Disclosure” statement posted on the business or product. I’m unsure if I’ve entered any business (Including Restaurants) where the “Disclosure” wasn’t posted near the entry. If it’s not there, these businesses would be subject to a lawsuit quicker than you could blink. A well-meaning law that ended up having no practical benefit.
  10. Wanted a quick cook tonight so I broke out my neglected Akorn Jr. that I haven’t used for a few months. Put a small chimney of lump on the side burner for quick ignition. Dumped it into Jr. and put 3 frozen Kirkland patties’ on with some seasoning. After approximately 5 minutes they were nice and juicy so I flipped them. After approximately 4 minutes they were ready for the cheese. After cheese had started to melt I toasted the buns. Served up with some BBQ tater chips and a Modelo Especial. Very tasty. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thank you Al. If you every make it out to San Diego let me know and we can remedy that.
  12. To celebrate my new patio cabinets we invited some friends over so I thawed out a 2 1/2" ribeye steak I had in the freezer. I unwrapped it and seasoned with Primo Chicago Stockyard steak seasoning. I wrapped it up and let it take a 6 hour get happy rest. I now prepped some heirloom carrots and sliced them up so they were ready to steam right before we eat. Also washed and prepped some small potatoes so they were ready. Around 45 minutes before our guests arrived I started up the kettle. I tried my new Vortex out for this cook. Around 30 minutes before our guests arrived I put on the potatoes and the steak. It rode right about 330 degrees for the next hour. My friend had brought a Belgian Ale with him so we drank a glass of that while the meat and potatoes were cooking. Here it is once the meat alarm went off at 113 degree I.T. I remove everything and tented the steak with foil. We then cooked up some shrimp marinated in lemon juice and garlic that our friends had brought. I then opened open the vents and let the Vortex go nuclear. Once I thought it was like the sun I put the steak on for 60 seconds. Flipped it and let it cook another 60 seconds. I brought this in the house and let it rest for 10 minutes. I then cut the rib bone off and sliced it up into approximately 1/2" slices. I now placed the slices onto a wooden cutting board for serving and squeezed some blue cheese and herb compound butter on the top. I took this out to the table and we all served up a plate with the lemon garlic shrimp, baked potato and the heirloom carrots. So good! Thanks for looking.
  13. Well I finally got around to putting in the upper cabinets. I just purchased some stock cabinets from Lowes. The first step was to find the studs and draw in some layout lines. Next was to put in a level 1 x 2 to rest the cabinets on. Notched it for the under-counter electrical. Next I transferred the measurements and drew a line in the cabinet that would line up with the studs. I then drilled the holes for the screws that would attach the cabinet to the wall. I then lifted the cabinet up and rested it on the 1 x 2 and transferred the hole locations to the wall. I drilled out the stucco with a masonry bit and then predrilled the stud for the cabinet screws. I lifted the cabinet back into place and attached it to the walls and then installed the shelves. This side is done. Now onto the larger cabinet side. I opened the larger double cabinet and thought I would have to take it back due to the doors being uneven. Luckily there was some adjustment in the hinges that allowed me to correct the misalignment. I repeated the process used on the single but with two rows of screws. Almost done. Now cleaned up and ready to be loaded with miscellaneous patio dining and BBQ stuff. Thanks for looking.
  14. Boeuf Bourguignon (aka Chucky 2 - The Sequel) With Biscuits Link:
  15. Breakfast Chile Relleno Pie with Bacon Crust Link:
  16. Smoked Jalepeño Bacon Cream Cheese Pie w/ Raspberry Chipotle Topping Link:
  17. I don't know if this is possible for you to do this but if you can it should solve your problem. Mount a ceiling fan above your prep area to blow downward on it. Fly's cannot fly thru the downward air stream so you should have peace under the fan if it's on. Restaurants are required by code to have a downward fan on any door from the exterior leading to the kitchen / prep area for this reason. My $.02 and good luck.
  18. I was just at Costco And they were having a KJ Roadshow. I believe the classic was going for $979.99. (In SoCal)
  19. John, Congratulations to both you and Tonya. I know you're a grown man and can make you own decisions but I'd be inclined to agree with what CentralTexBBQ stated above. On a day that's supposed to be about Tonya and yourself, having to also cook for so many seems to be very ambitious. I suppose if you had everything already cooked / prepared the day before it could be done and still allow you to enjoy the days events as one of the honored quest instead of one of the workers. Just my humble opinion and again, congratulations and I hope the day is everything you both wish for.
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