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  1. I have a Big Joe, Timberline 1300 and an Akorn Jr and is't the perfect combination for me.
  2. That is why I have SS pans, as well as my CI. I don't have any CS pans because my combination of CI and SS cover all my needs.
  3. Welcome to the forum! Jump on the Classic I, for that price and don't look back.
  4. Beermachine, this is one of my favorite skillets https://www.all-clad.com/Cookware/Skillets/d5®-STAINLESS-Brushed-11"-French-Skillet-w-Lid/p/8701004555 it's not 12 inches but it's close. I also have an All-Clad D7 12 inch pan and it is close to a cast iron pan for cooking, the multiple layers really retain heat well, like CI but gives you the advantages of SS, although I think they may have discontinued the D7 lineup. Just checked and they still have the 12 inch D7 https://www.all-clad.com/Cookware/Skillets/d7®-STAINLESS-12"-Skillet-/p/8701005321
  5. I switched to SS pans a few years ago and haven't regretted it. I have a mix of SS and CI pans and griddles, the only non stick I have now is a small ceramic coated pan for doing scrambled eggs. If you decide to stay with non stick just get the cheapest pans available, as the coating will wear off fairly soon, even on the very expensive sets, so they are not worth the cost. As far as getting a set, as opposed to individual pans, if you find a set with the pans you think you will actually use then it's much cheaper to get a set. You should also look at carbon steel pans, they do a great job and are usually less expensive then SS.
  6. Great looking pizza, especially for a first attempt.
  7. I have the same problem with my CyberQ WiFi and I just seal it in a plastic bag. I have never had a problem from doing this, just make sure the unit is upright and not on a surface where water can seep inside.
  8. Nice, looking forward to your pizza cooks with this box.
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