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  1. One hour per inch of thickness is a good rule of thumb for steaks. For an 3 inch thick steak I use 3 hours for a minimum, a little longer doesn't hurt.
  2. I have also ben using Sous Vide for several years and I agree with the others and never salt meat before the bath. I don't really like steaks done sous vide, for the reasons stated but for the tougher cuts it does a great job. I can take a piece of "London Broil" , just top round and cook it at 130º for 10 hrs, then sear it, either with a torch, or on the grill and it will come out almost like prime rib. I like the way boneless chicken breast comes out and also cook them at 140° but for a little less time then John, depending on the thickness fo the breasts. Sous Vide, like any other cooking method, has it's benefits and drawbacks. When used properly, it is a great addition to your cooking arsenal.
  3. Amazing talent, glad you enjoy doing something others can also enjoy.
  4. I've had this Victorinox knife https://www.victorinox.com/us/en/Products/Cutlery/Chef's-Knives/Fibrox®-Pro-Boning-Knife/p/5.6603.15 for many years and I think it's the best bang for the buck available. I like the shape of the blade and it sharpens very easily. You must keep a knife sharp, especially a boning knife.
  5. I have a Timberline 1300 and it sits outside on an open deck. I have had it for several years now and although I do use the Traeger cover, I have never had any issues with the pellets getting wet.
  6. Why not spend $50 more and get a real Kamado Joe? https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kamado-Joe-Classic-Joe-18-in-Red-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill/1000707764
  7. That hinge would not be recommended for a gen 1 BJ. KJ makes a replacement hinge for the gen 1 that is better than the original hinge but not an air hinge like that one. You will need the new gasket for this hinge also.
  8. Hey John

    My CyberQ controller died and I am planning to order the Fireboard 2 from Atlanta Grill Company. Do you know if they have any current discount codes for the Fireboard 2?

    1. John Setzler

      John Setzler

      None that I am aware of

    2. retfr8flyr


      Thanks, I didn't really think there were any but just thought I would check.

  9. If you have an older BJ you will also need the new gasket to go with the new hinge. The gap in the rear, with the new hinge, is too large for the old type gasket to seal.
  10. I think most of the variation came in the early models and was from changing suppliers. My BJ is an early model from back when they were having shipping problems, due to the LA Longshoreman's strike.
  11. Not the same but I have a gen 1 Big Joe and when I got the Joetisserie it was too large to fit inside my grill, so there are variations in grill sizes.
  12. Sorry for your problems. I also ordered the 4 bag deal and received mine without any problems. although surprisingly it came 2 bags one day and the other 2 bags the next day.
  13. If I were doing a move like that I would break the II down, by removing the hinge and separating the top and bottom, then fit in in the SUV with lots of padding. The ceramic on the KJ is very fragile, especially after it has been used for a while and I wouldn't trust trying to ship it in one piece.
  14. I have had the opposite experience. I have had the Buletooth IBT-4XS for a long time and it has been a great unit. It still works great and the range is very good, for Bluetooth. I wanted a second setup, for when I am doing multiple cooks, so I got the new Wifi IBBQ-4T last year. It is even better than the 4XS, due to the Wifi and it's probe connections are designed to be water resistant. I think the build quality is good and you get a lot for your money. Everyone's experiences will be different but I think it's well worth considering for anyone looking for a good remote temp system.
  15. The soapstone will give you a better sear than the CI but is much less fragile and as stated takes a long time to heat up properly.
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