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    Welcome to the forum!
  2. I have an Inkbird IBT-4XS https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-Wireless-Thermometer-Grilling-Rechargeable/dp/B076QDC5VL/ref=sr_1_5?crid=B1B2CSVFI99T&dchild=1&keywords=inkbird+thermometers&qid=1596130784&sprefix=inkbird%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-5 and it has been excellent for me. I could never get my Maveric to work inside my house, large all brick building and I ended up giving it to a friend. This Inkbird is Bluetooth but the range is great. I can have it at the grill and it reaches upstairs, at the other end of my house, without any problems. They have a newer version, https://www.amazon.com/Inkbird-Waterproof-Bluetooth-Thermometer-Rechargeable/dp/B07WXQWD3Y/ref=sr_1_10?crid=B1B2CSVFI99T&dchild=1&keywords=inkbird+thermometers&qid=1596131048&sprefix=inkbird%2Caps%2C149&sr=8-10 that is waterproof that I just got as a Birthday present for my son. They also have a new WiFi version but I don't know anything about it.
  3. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Since this was brought back to life, this year I got the EGO 21" Select Cut mower. I got it to supplement my ZT mower. I have some slopped areas in my yard that are very difficult to mow with my ZT if the grass is damp, or the ground even a little wet. The ZT will just slide out from under me in those conditions. The EGO has been great this year and I can now mow at anytime. The EGO has just as power much as a gas mower and I don't need to mess with gas and oil, or storage in the winter. I have the several other EGO tools that I am very happy with and they have really figured out the cordless system. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a push mower to check out going cordless with an EGO.
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