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  1. That's why I love my Stainless Steel pans, even heat distribution. I still use my CI for lots of things but I switched to SS this year and absolutely love cooking with them. The only non stick pan I still have is a small 8 inch pan for dong quick eggs, my wife doesn't have the patience to let the SS pans heat up first, before adding food, so she is always having things stick.
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  5. This is very sad news to me. I am grateful to John for all the work he has put into this site and it is my favorite site, hence the "Lifetime Member", turns out it will be a short lifetime. I have been on several forums that converted to Facebook and not one of them was any good anymore, way too many trolls on FB and impossible to find anyting. I have a FB account but I hate using it and mainly am just on it for my children's posts. I will try the new FB version but I am pretty sure it won't keep me very long. I will also miss all the long time posters that are stating they will not make the switch. Charcoal Addict, if you really try and get a new forum up and running I would love to become a member.
  6. I couldn't find any smooth interior surface CI pans that were not outrageously priced, so I got a lodge and polished the interior smooth. It works as well a nonstick pan, after seasoning and it isn't hard to do. It's very smooth and eggs and such just slide around in it. There are many videos available, including John's, on polishing CI skillets. I have a 6 inch skillet, 12 inch skillet and 10 inch griddle that I have done.
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    Will I be happy with a Classic II after owning a Big Joe?

    Have you considered getting a griddle instead of another grill. The Camp Chef 600 https://www.campchef.com/flat-top-grill.html would give you a regular gas grill with the advantage of having a griddle top as well. I know I use mine almost as much as my Kamaod's for small meals, I just fire up 2 burners for smaller cooks. The griddle top removes, by just picking it up and you have a regular grill underneath. I really like the additional ability to cook with the griddle top.
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    Cast Iron Griddle for the Joe Jr

    As kismet said, I also use the Lodge 10 inch with the handle cut off in my Jr. https://www.amazon.com/Lodge-Griddle-Pre-seasoned-Pancakes-Quesadillas/dp/B00008GKDN/ref=sr_1_10?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1534688542&sr=1-10&keywords=lodge+cast+iron+griddle+pan I cut the handle off and then drilled the stub, so that I could stick and old screwdriver in it to handle the pan when it is hot. Works great for me on any of the grills but fits the Jr just fine. You don't want to go too big, or the grill will not draw air correctly.
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