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  1. Thanks for the help!

    Easy conversation of my The TipTopTemp I had for my AKORN to the Vision.

    Didn't even need the high temperature silicone sealer I had bought.

    Looks a little funny but works great & easily removable for storage.





  2. My 6 y/o chargriller AKORN has finally rusted out.

     I now have a Vision classic.

    For the last 3-4 years have used a tip-top-temp & it’s amazing how well it works with the AKORN!

    can you convert to use with the Vision or is their another inexpensive temperature control anyone suggests

  3.  Just didn’t like the cost or fragility of the standard spider and ceramic plate heat shield on a Komodo. Decided I would fashion my own . Found a camp chef to 14 inch cast-iron pizza pan ,fashioned a hanger out of some baling wire I had and now have a combination heat shield and drip pan for less than $20 ! Sofar seems to work well, used it as a heatshield for pizza last night and now I’m using it as a combination heat shield , drip pan for cooking butts, found a freezer package with two 8-9 pound butts. I cut them in half as I don’t like cooking them that big. I believe cooking them smaller gives you more surface area for both Smoke and rub.



  4. I’d gotten used to a cast iron deflector with my Akorn.

    the Academy griddle & Weber grate From the Akorn didnt work?

    looked at a lot of options, here  is my solution.

    A Camp Chef 14 in pizza pan ( about $18 .supported with bailing wire ( about $2 if you don’t already have )

    Fits perfect, no drilling, no cutting off handles, just a little bending with pliers.


  5.  First cook on my new Vision from Sam’s. Cook a chicken that I had simply brined in salt water and sugar. Seasoned with a store-bought poultry seasoning. Smoke/roasted at about 300° with Applewood. Had forgot to bring the meat thermometer  but got lucky and pulled it  before it was over done. Was really juicy and tasty with a good light to medium smoke flavor. 





  6. My Vision B from Sams ( $399 including shipping) is due for delivery tomorrow.

    in my AKORN I use a round cast iron griddle from Academy Sports for my shield, can I use the same on the vision?

  7. I use the 14 inch diameter griddle from Academy sports as a heatshield. It's weighs about 12 pounds it's very heavy cast-iron it should last forever. It does have a small lip That tends to pool Grease so I have always covered it in aluminum for oil for easy cleaning.

    Well I was out of aluminum foil the other day when I cook two butts. The cook went fine but I forgot to clean the griddle and it had a good bit of pool grease on it when I fired up for the next cook. The smoke came out black when I started the fire and put the heat shield it smelled terrible didn't even get to do the cook. When I hadn't burned off all the grease On the heat shield but that killed enough time so I had to go to plan B for the cook .


  8. The Weber Summit solves all my cooking problems

    Forget about the price!

    It really is a neat cooker!

    Solves many of things about ceramic Kamodo's that bother me.

    1) limited capacity, with the expander shelf & 24 in grate will smoke the same amount as a 22 WSM

    2) weight & inability to move, roll around on performer cart.

    3) ceramic being fragile , & prone to crack.

    3) ease of use , propane lighter & ome touch ash system.

    4) save money by using on sale Kingsford

  9. FoodSaver Professional

    About six months ago I bought a food saver professional. This is my third food saver my first was a manual model that lasted about 10 years, my second was a automatic model which still works but I've never liked.

    The automatic model worked fine if you use the food saver bags, never worked well with generic bags.

    The automatic model also after ceiling 3 to 4 gallon bags overheated and requires a 20 minute cooling time.

    Food saver professional model is simply the food saver game saver silver model without the 12 V adapter system. It was about 40% cheaper. It's supposedly also came with a larger vacuum motor .

    She supposedly is good for up to 25 vacuum and seals without a resting period.

    Found on sale for $112, food saver always run sales.

    Well I like it, is small enough that it sits on the counter easy to pull out and use. I've never used to seal 25 bags, but it'll seal 6 to 8 bags without a problem.

    Works great with the generic bags.

    Of course I'd a chamber vacuum sealer, I have a friend who has one. However it's such a bother to get out he only uses it for really big jobs and ended up buying a smaller food saver like sealer to supplement it. I think this is a good model for most of us.


  10. My AKORN had its first cook 3 years ago today (my birthday present in 2012)

    Holding up pretty well.

    On my second cover , sits in the sun & the Mississippi UV earts grill covers.

    The wooden handles on the ash pan burned up & on my second set of gaskets ( operator error)

    Has survived 2 grease fires !

    Interior still in good shape & nothing has rusted other than lip on ash pan .

    Wooden shelves aging but good for a while.

    Should be good for a few more years!

  11. Jambalaya is the Creole/ Cajun version of the Spanish dish paella modified for local products.

    Its simply the holy trinity ( onions, bell peppers,& celery) garlic, +- tomatoe, sausage, other meat , +- seafood, seasoning, cooked with rice & a chicken broth.

    I often cook in a crock pot, can be baked, or cooked on stove top.

    Start with Emerils recipe, & use as a beginning. I usually use whatever leftover meat I have, usually smoked pork butt, smoked chicken, andouie sausage ( regular smoked works fine)

    In NOLA its like gumbo. If you eat 10 cooks jambalaya their all a little different!


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