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  1. Any will work, kingsford comp produces very little ash.
  2. Take off the "wings " & it's easier to tailgate etc.
  3. A secret about kingsford, it doesn't make any more ash, it's just so compressed it doesn't fall through the grates as easily
  4. For my birthday last week got a monster HD mini speaker. Bluetooth, rechargeable, 6 hours on a charge plays unbelievably load considering the size! Cost $40-$60
  5. Over the years in my WSM , I went from water pan, sand in water pan, 14 lb cast iron diffuser, to foiled shallow pan. My daughter an engineer told me that other than the water the rest just block the direct heat , they are not "heat sinks" I'm cheap, after reading johns posts , I'm using a grate & pizza pan I had lying around. Pizza Stone I'm conflicted, I've got a 14 lb cast iron one, but stone may be better?
  6. Most of my butts are overnite or during work as set & forget cooks on WSM. See above post, Im not brave enough to cook without knowing what a cooker will do ,so I did a 8-9 hr butt cook & didn't adjust the cooker, but watched the cook, came out fine & I'm comfortable doing it in future.
  7. John after owning a chargriiler super pro /SFB for ten years I was very worried about this cooker. My previos Chargriller was so poorly built I had to put a brick on the SFB door to keep close. Saw this at Lowes & showed my wife, & it looked pretty well thought out & much better build. My wife surprised me on birthday last week with it. She got one from Kroger as all the lowes were sold out. She told me she got last one in city! I'd wholeheartedly recommend to friends but my past experience with chargriller makes me a little concerned.
  8. Most kamadoes require lump because of ash problems . The ash catcher is small, hard to empty, the charcoal grate gets clogged. Many people believe food cooked on lump tastes better. Well, after looking at the cooker after getting for my birthday, I noted the ash catcher is big, & the charcoal grate has big openings. Seasoning cook for 3 hours , no food , briquittes worked fine. First short cook 1 rack ribs , burn about 5 hrs, worked fine. Emptied ash catcher after the second cook & with 8 hrs burn time less than 1/4 full. Cooked a butt , for 8+ hours worked great, could easily do 3 cooks without emptying ash! By the way, since most of my cooking done on a WSM or vertical/ Horizonal offset hybrid , I have 300 lbs Royal Oak briquittes in garage.
  9. At smoking temps the items prone to burnout in this cooker are the charcoal rack & charcoal insert. The insert is porceloin coated so should be corrosion resistant except under extreme heat ( where the lit charcoal touches the insert,) so made a fence to keep lit coals from touching the insert.
  10. Cook came out great, butt was a hit. Never touched vents after getting going , temp range 250F to 290F ( 260F) 80% of time. Burned very little fuel & only burned 1/3 wood chunks. More wood next cook. Ash pan less than 1/4 full , didn't empty.
  11. Pulled the butt @195F after a little more than 8 hours. Got home from work & watched temp this afternoon with adult beverages & Stevie Nicks Temps mainly about 260F but short spike to 290F when wood chunk ignited. Butt looks good ,in pan for a couple hours.
  12. One of the reasons I love my Double-Chef & WSM is they function great as set & forget smokers! Put on, get vents set & come home from work 9 hours later & temp is within 15 F of when you left! After two smokes, I thought I'd try a "set & forget" cook on CGK, ( if wont do set & forget do I really want it? Cooking 7 lb pork butt. Loaded with 8 lbs of Royal Oak briquittes & 3 big chunks apple. Got loaded up temp went to 350F before put meat on( no I didn't plan, it gets hot quik) got settled in at 250 F @ 8:00AM. Vents barely open!
  13. Long time outdoor cooker , noticed Johns posts on Brethern, & in an unexpected way got my kamodo for my birthday. I'm a 58 y/o empty nester who used to hunt & fish a lot , now function as the "camp cook" Looking forward to learning about this type cooker!
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