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  1. I've done both & have both set-ups. For frying you need a burner, a 30qt tall pot & oil. These usually go on sale around thanksgiving, good place to buy Acadamy Sports. The biggest hint, the turkey must be completely defrosted! It will also trash $15-25 of oil! I have a Charbroil infared cooker. It's not exactly the same as a fried turkey , more like a high energy rotisserie. I & the family actually like the infared better.
  2. This weekend had a combination work day / dove hunt & outdoor cook @ LostArrow hunting camp! Lucy & I were in charge of cooking pork & boiling peanuts! Camp cooker is made of 1/4 in drill pipe, single chamber, 40 in X 24in. Fire on one end food on the other. Start with charcoal base & use wood after. Pics of weekend! Lucy directing Splitting mini logs Cochon au leit
  3. First time fishing on kayak a year ago
  4. Raining hard , had to wear the rain boots to go out, so went to the Rusty Nail, the only safe place to cheer for Bama here in NOLA!
  5. Some spellchecker substituted flugelhorn for glug!
  6. I'm old , kneeding dough ain't gonna happen. My kitchenaide 45SS is over 50 years old & still keeps going! My recipe is simple, 3 cups flour, ( either all purpose or bread ) 1 & 1/3 cup warm water 1 pack yeast 2 pinch salt 1 spoon sugar 1 flugelhorn olive oil Mix with dough hook & Adjust with added flour till makes dough ball & mix on low speed for 10 min. Divide , cover with damp cloth & let rise for 1 hour. Use what you need , store remainder if using in 2-3 days in fridge ( 1-2 day old tastes better) freeze rest. Makes 4 crusts
  7. For a Memphis pellet cooker, a great high end pellet cooker I might be tempted to open an account!
  8. Easy dough recipe made in mixer with a 1 hour rise. Simple pizza , light tomatoe sauce , sliced ripe tomatoes, mushrooms , & a little proscetto. 1/2 pizza with anchovies A little mozzarella cheese . New pizza stone , 15 in square to work in oven or on cooker. Didn't quite fit but a little minor surgery fixed. Dome temp cooked one at 515F, one at 550F , & one at 615F. At 600+ cooks real quick, 3 & 1/2 min! Tops were done without crust charred. The vote was for a little over 500F more smoky flavor. Served with romaine mixed with Parmesan , Italian dressing & olive mix.
  9. When set-up for pizza with diffuser & stone how long does it take your cooker to heat to 500F
  10. I've used a heavy cast iron griddle but limited to about 12 in pizza What have you used?
  11. Small bird , 6 hours in simple salt& sugar brine. Rubbed with oil & seasoned with "chicken rub" Put on beer can holder /with out a can so juice can flavor veggies. Put in 12 in skillet with small red potatoes , purple onions , carrots , corn, seasoned with Lawry's & pepper. On Akorn on low for 30 min the to 375F to finish.
  12. A kamado is an insulated vertical grill/smoker. They all cook the same , major difference is build quality, availability of aftermarket parts, durability , ability to move & appearance . They cook the same!
  13. Both my Akorn & Cover are two years old. The cooker has survived lots of cooks, two grease fires ( my fault) with only two firebox & 1 top gasket burned ! The interior fire sleeve is in good shape, the fore grate OK. The wooden tables a little wear. The cover has faded but still waterproof ( cooker outside not under a roof) All in all two years in I'm thinking my last a long time!
  14. Ok here's the kicker, although the gaskets are "crunchy " the thing still is well sealed! Found out a new gasket set is ( ash pan , dome , & top vent is $31, but S&H $13 for a $44 mistake! I'm cheap I think I'll postpone the replacement.
  15. Well it cooked fine with charred gaskets! The rubber gasket around the top air vent leaks a little but no leak anywhere else! Still will get some new ones.
  16. Well my Akorn is two years old & first time I let go thermonuclear!! Very little damage, grate is spotless & needs reseasoning, the wood handles on ash pan are charred, but main thing bottom gasket fried & top damaged. Hoy much are gaskets & can you order online or have to call?
  17. I've wanted to try this but hesitated in buying something expensive that might end up on a shelf!This was $99 , not cheap , but willing to try. I mainly plan on using in cold weather, like a gas grill. For searing I'm going to use a cast iron skillet to keep simple. Veggies & lots of seafood won't require. I'm not sold on the idea, got 45 days to return if I hate, but giving it a try.
  18. I live 1/2 mile from the whole foods in highland village. Great produce
  19. So easy to set up simple fill a crockpot with hot water plug in unit & plug crockpot in unit, set temp & go. Cod filet with butter, lemon & Greek seasoning sealed & cooked at 132F for about 20 min. Served with a tarragon , dill & lemon aioli . Spaghetti squash with olive oil, garlic salt & pepper.
  20. Have you even considered a Ruger mini -14?
  21. What are you using for heat shield in the akorn jr.?
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