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    Just ordered a Dork-Food sous-vide controller It's the poor mans controller You need a manual controlled crock-pot ( check got an 8 qt.) & a vacuum sealer ( check) & your good to go. Just plug in your pot into the temp controller & cook! Doesn't circulate , BUT , is $99 delivered Should get here Tues, or Wed. Ill season something & have ready to go that day.
  2. Unless you use a water pan the heat shiel should not make any difference in max temp.
  3. Remember it's a roaster, like cooking in an outdoor oven. No smoke or charcoal flavor.
  4. Big pot gone like a hoard of locusts came through! Served with garlic toast & rice
  5. Big pot gone like a hoard of locusts came through! Served with garlic toast & rice
  6. Andouille sausage added about 30 min before serving otherwise the sausage becomes tasteless.
  7. Getting close! Roux goes in about 1 hour before serving Before you boo , think of a Kamodo , really good food & so easy
  8. 1:00 Deboned the now cooked chicken & added the smoked pork
  9. Yes , they were $16 think I So far love um
  10. Easy way to make gumbo, I'm making 2 pots today so I thought I'd post along. The roux is added toward the end so it's made already . Two pots my 6 qt. & my new big boy 8 qt. We've had problems with electronic controlled pots @ hunt camp so I purposely use the old fashioned type.( also cheeper) 7:30 AM pots on to heat on high filled about 1/3 with water while coffee brewing Next steps about 8:00 after awake Cajun mirapoux ( onion, celery, & bell pepper replaces the carrots in French mirapoux ) Whole frozen okra. Partially cooked smoke chicken thighs Well that's in for a while tune in later for updates.
  11. I use 3 types of gloves for outdoor cooking. Most commonly disposable food service. I also use high heat silicone gloves for handling hot meat & pulling meat with my hands. Been using a set from Academy Sports $10 , for several years but just recently got a pair from amazon I like because they are not as slick & dishwasher safe. I also have fireplace gloves I use to more or add logs when I use my stick burner.
  12. I usually cook to about 160F , chill then Vac-Seal. When reheating in foil I want some of the fat & juices left cause I mix in when I pull!
  13. Use foil only if nothing else available. The aluminum will slowly vaporize at the temps a heat shield will see. Cast iron, SS , or stone are much better for long term.
  14. I use a 14 in cast iron griddle from Academy Sports , was about $12
  15. Yes You jest need something to block radiant heat & some airspace between heat shield & food
  16. Seasonings Fresh butts On the cooker Ready to foil
  17. Planned on a big cook on the offset to fill the freeze. 4 small butts & 4-6 racks of ribs on the offset. I partially cook the meat to the temp I usually foil, pull off chill & freeze in foil & vacu-seal. I then finish on a gas grill when I want BBQ. Can't really taste the difference ;D Well the weather changed ??? , 80% chance of rain this afternoon & an uncovered offset is a difficult cook in the rain! Well my cheap-a!! Kamodo chugs right along in rain , wind & snow! Got to be flexible , scaled back cook to 2 butts (5lb) & 3 racks ribs , coulda cooked all 4 but only defrosted 3. Butts rubbed with homemade rub & ribs with Tim's FSB (BBQ) rub, with charcoal & 3 chunks oak. I'll post pics of cook , but remember no pics after foiling.
  18. Gumbo is a cajun thick soup/stew with a spicy brown gravy usually thickened with okra. When invented the purpose was to use meat & seafood that was inexpensive & hide the " bad " Cuts. I use just about any meat in gumbo , the only constant is smoked sausage. For years I used smoked poultry as the main meat easy to smoke ahead or use leftovers. Recently I've been using left over pulled pork! Thought I had leftover pulled pork but my freezer search was in vain. Cooking gumbo for 15-20 for Sunday, so a 5 lb butt on the smoker. Oiled, then rubbed with salt & pepper.
  19. There is a 3/4 in gap for airflow around the circumference. Plenty of airflow
  20. One of our members is the county agent ( nothing like Hank Kimble) & helps with the 4-H kids. He got a small 60 lb pig & we cooked half of it on the cooker at camp. Cooked with oak & seasoned with a homemade rub. Cooked a ham & a butt also. Supplies ready for cook & helper Pig hanging Rubbed & on cooker Ready to rest
  21. A 22 in carbon steel wok works perfectly on the Akorn
  22. The classic from Sam's looks good, nice stainless nest with wood table shelves , has cast aluminum top.
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