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  1. This just started , I'm directed to a ad area area & unable to get to forum?
  2. Well cleaned out my CGK and examined it. Empty ashes each cook but haven't cleaned in 6 months, looked especiallyl at fire grate , porceloin coated inner sleeve , inner wall & gaskets. Holding up way better than expected Fire grate good shape, as best I can tell no cracks in sleeve & no rust , gaskets & wall in great shape! I've replaced 1 gasket ( grease fire ) some of the cheap screws were rusting but a spray of Pam helped. I replaced some nuts that were loosening with lock nuts. Otherwise in great shape! The wood shelves show some wear but should have 2-3 years left. This years model is $289 @ Kroger , they did improve the air intake with a gasket this year. Think this could be a 10 year cooker ?
  3. Some of you should have had your CGK for a year. How's it holding up? How's the fire grate & inner sleeve holding up?
  4. I have basically all 3 Use the thermometer all the time. I like my maze smoker better than the tube. The CRST is a POS, it tries to do 2 things & is poor with both
  5. Cooked a small whole wild hog, a Boston butt, & added a couple chickens in the afternoon @ hunting camp. Homemade barrel smoker cooked with charcoal base & oak after. About 3 hours into the cook started raining hard, the adult beverages came out & no more pics!
  6. It works good on the forum , just did a test!
  7. It depends on whether the pics are hosted on tapatalk or the forum
  8. Amazon has a large selection of expanded metal sheets if you can't find locally
  9. I use a bolt 17 hornady as a varmint rifle. Very accurate I'd explodes a varmint.
  10. I has seen photos of that and it looks ridiculously hard to stuff a loin. I guess what I am buying is a pork loin not a tenderloin. I always thought they were the same thing. I'll put itin good ole boy terms. The loin is like a deer backstrap , the tenderloin is the inside loins . I prefer pork tenderloins & foran outa $1 a lb more than loins buy them preferentially. I smoke to temp of 110F pull, ramp up fire & sear them tilltemp about 140F. ROLL TIDE
  11. One of the problems of a highly insulated cooker is that it takes very little heat production to make it hot. The temps vary more with only a slight heat increase . Plugging the airleakswill not change this. What I do is open top & bottom vents for 15 min after I light my paraffin cube ( till I'm sure it's burned out ) & then set bottom vent to 1/4 top vent to 1 , and leave alone. Temp usually will slowly climb to 250-290F over an hour. I put meat on when temp crosses 200F & I leave it alone. This type cooker smokes better around 275F than lower temp.
  12. I had 1.25 lbs leftover so the cook used 5lbs. I don't believe the KJ brand lump is quite as effective on a long cook as some of the other brands I have used, so I'll be switching back. WOW!!! I am going to have to jot this down for future reference : Ability to conserve fuel: >>>>>>> CGK 1 Ceramic kamado 0 If your cooker is too well insulated very small changes in heat production cause large swings in temp. The CGK may almost be too insulated. Irvin F. King Griller w/Auber PID
  13. The brine is my standard 4/4/4 brine. ( 4 cups water,1/4 cup K salt, 1/4 cup sugar) 3 quarts covers the 12 lb bird in a 2 &1/2 gal ziplock.
  14. The southern boys will recognize my reuse of my insulated hunting stool as a brining ice chest. The turkey & 3 qts of brine are in a 2 &1/2 gal. Ziplock down in the bucket covered by ice. Keeps it cold & afterwards just rinse it out. The stool is insulated to keep your beverages cold while hunting
  15. Got a fresh supply of tennis ball sized oak chunks last weekend & most are in a wire basket in a backyard storage building . Last nite Lucy came in with a chewed wood chunk in her mouth! There were 30 -40 chunks strewn around the backyard!
  16. That's not a bad price delivered to your house for $15 Unless you buy spices in bulk that probably cheeper than you can make yourself. I've gotten lazy & use BBBR as a base & add turbinato sugar for my rub.
  17. "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow!" Most of you have had your turkey defrosting in fridge since the weekend. A frozen turkey can take up to four days to defrost. What about us idiots who wait till the last minute. If you can find one pay the extra money & get a fresh turkey, although often partially frozen they aren't hard frozen. If all you can find is a boulder( been there) a water bath at 40F will defrost much quicker than in a fridge. Take an ice chest & fill with cold water& put the turkey in ( don't worry we'll sterilize the chest later) Chech the water temp an hour later , you want it to be 40 or below. Wednesday open the bird & pull the giblets. The bird doesn't have to be completely unthaw end. Put in a 2 & 1/2 gal. Zip lock with your brine overnite, that'll finish the defrosting. Season & cook bird T-Day & you're golden. Wash ice chest with soap & water & rub with a weak bleach solution It's safe for use again
  18. I use a simple 4/4/4 brine 4 cups water / 1/4 cup K. Salt / 1/4 cup sugar . I can remember it!
  19. Lowry's seasoning salt. Tony Chachere's seasoning. Bad Byron's butt rub. Greek seasoning from spice barn ( absolutely killer on lamb& seafood.)
  20. It's easy to OVERSMOKE on an insulated smoker. Too little smoke flavor is still very good , too much not so good. Couple hints, the hotter the fire the less the smoke flavor. Consider smoking at 275-300F instead of lower. I thing briquittes give less of a smoky flavor than lump. Foil the meat earlier into your cook. Let us know if this helps.
  21. Acadamy sports had this 11 lb , 14 in griddle for $12! Use for my heat deflector & as a griddle
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