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  1. One of my friends is the paid fundraiser where my 3 children went to school. Called me up a month ago & wanted to know if I'll smoke some pork tenderloins. Called me sunday & thinks head count will be 150 Twenty packs each with about 3 .5 lbs with 2 tenderloins / pack We fiqured about 3 servings / lb, there will be a lot of other food. Simple cook, marinate in Italian dressing, sprinkle salt pepper & garlic. Smoke till 150F , & chill overnite. The next day after work I sliced thinly on a meat slicer & served with a sauce of 1 part mayo, 1 part sour cream , 1 part BBQ sauce & a pinch of cayenne . Served with mini rolls. Had to smoke after work so that's the reason for 2 day cook. Lower rack Upper rack
  2. Jeff I'm pretty sure that with a little care & maybe replacing the charcoal grate & the inner slave this is at least a 10 year cooker.
  3. Ive had my inexpensive Kamodo ($300) for six months & have cooked a lot of meals on it. The cooker is an insulated steel kamodo. It has an interior fire sleeve that protects the wall of the cooker from direct heat & the sleeve & the interior wall of the cooker are porceloin coated. It's built onto a cart with wheels & 2 side shelves. It has a 20 inch cast iron main grate & a 14 in upper grate. It will cook a lot, 40 lbs of butt, or 5 whole chickens , a whole brisket & a butt, or 8 racks BB ribs. It's a good smoker , will run 15 hours without refueling.. It " likes " to run about 250 - 290 F , their is a fine line trying to run 225F between keeping the temp there & the fire going out. The insulated cookers require so little fire torun 200-225Fthat the fire may not be self sustaining. It's a good grill gets plenty hot to sear & cook quickly. You can smoke then sear on it ( my favorite way of cooking steaks, burgers & chops) but takes a little gymnastics , not as easy as my Horizonal cooker. I took the insides out to clean & inspect the firebox sleeve & interior & no signs rust, chipping of porceloin etc. only problems I've had we're a couple bolts loosing & replaced with locking nuts & burned up a gasket with a grease fire, took 2 minutes to replace & they sent me one free. I like this cooker & I'll probably use a lot in cold weather. I could easily use as my only cooker if space or other considerations kept me from having specialized cookers.
  4. From an engineers point in an ocean side area with corrosive sea spray. Get a Weber Q-220 or Q 320 series Cast aluminum body, SS burners easy & cheap to replace, grate/ heat diffuser heavy cast iron ( seasoned will last forever) Also the Q220 is very portable for tailgating etc!
  5. The flaking is pure carbon . Just brush off, but won't hurt you if some gets on food.
  6. I mix Bad Byron's with turbanado sugar . I like turbanado ( sugar in the raw) as it doesn't clump as much as brown.
  7. Ross for smoking the two probes that come with the I-grill are fine. I think regular probe good to 450 F & ambient good to 600F
  8. First cool front came through & high went from 95F to 80F today Sittin on the deck with Lucy smokin two butts @ 6:30 PM & it's breezy & 76 ,I'm almost COLD! Forcast next ten days all in the 80's , maybe the 90's gone till next year! Best time of the year to cook, pleasent weather , mainly dry, & still Daylight Savings time
  9. They made a number of improvements from last year to this & kept thr price stable. I'm optimistic
  10. A pork loin ( what she gave you) is so lean it doesn't lend itself to low & slow. A better technique is to brine, rub then smoke for a short while & then sear & finish about 140-145F
  11. Lots of pellet heads use them because pellet smokers may not give you the smoke flavor you want! I have an original sawdust maze that I use for cold smoking & it works great in a gas grill! The CGK produces plenty of smoke flavor with 2-4 wood chunks.
  12. I'd use charcoal with wood chunks for flavor when smoking Wood works well in an offset because you are burning the wood. In a kamodo the charcoal/ wood smolders because they are so efficient you need little heat production to keep them at smoking temps When grilling its OK
  13. I cook both BB ribs & St. Louis style. Usually what I can find on sale as a rule St. Louis style on sale is cheaper than trimming your own spares.
  14. Two racks BB ribs indirect smoked in the main chamber of my New Braunfels cooker. Small fire on one end & ribs on other. One rack with homemade rub & other with BBQ seasoning purchased from Restuarant Depot.( it smells & tastes good ) This is how I smoked for my first 20 years & if I'm around the house still like to do it. I was taught to add a few briquittes every 45 min. Or beer whichever comes first With my charcoal basket I only have to add fuel every 3 hours or so.
  15. Well I did try to see if the "5 second rule" would come into play but when I picked it out of there it looked like a small furry and dirty animal so I just dropped it back in. :( LMAO
  16. My 18V batteries on my cordless drill have died & replacing them with newer lithium batteries was $99 Home Depot had this kit a 12 V drill & 12v impact driver , 2 Li batteries & case for $99 A no brainier! Even picked up some charcoal on sale while there. This is a bargain
  17. The ability to roll it a few feet so easily is a really nice feature.
  18. A 325F cooking temp will use from 1.5 to 1.75 times the charcoal as a 225F cook
  19. Royal oak makes many store brands, Kroger & Best Choice are the ones I buy.
  20. My stock was 210F in boiling water & 34F in I've water. The problem is the air temp in the dome may not be the same as grate temp ( sometimes lower, sometimes hotter & the grate temp varies from front to back & from outside to center.keep temps in a reasonable range & stick a thermometer in your meat.
  21. When you plan to smoke then sear ( or reverse sear) you have to stop the smoking before the meat is cooked. After resting your meat was already 125F so you couldn't sear without overcooking. I pull mine about 105F stick in freezer while heat ramping up then quik sear.
  22. I made this for tailgating ( pic) My son has a Q- 220 ( Red) on rolling cart & between the two we are set for both Bama & the Saints.
  23. I could have cooked on my CGK but a little easier on my Horizonal . Marinated two tenderloins for 4-5 hours in balsamic vinaigrette & a little Hoover sauce. Dried them put the two tloins together with grilling bands ( high temp silicone "rubber" bands)then coated with awake a steak & a spray of canola, fire on one end the t- loins on the other for 90 min then directly over the fire . Pulled @ 140F & rested. Very tasty.
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