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  1. I think that with replacing the charcoal grate once & the firebox liner once & several gaskets it will easily last 10 years. I'm hoping all these parts will be realitively cheap!
  2. I have a 20 y/o weber rib rack/ roaster, I use it a lot , will allow 5-6 racks BB ribs .
  3. DOUBLE OUCH! I freely admit I use briquittes in my Chargriller Kamodo. So does John Setzler
  4. The best store bought rub I've had was webber KC rub. I bought at SAMs
  5. It's going to be fun! Smokin will be a short learning curve . Grillin should be even shorter! Just post what you want to cook & help will arrive.
  6. Not your post. I'm confused how its hard to control temps in a well insulated cooker that holds temps. When a chunk of wood ignites it produces more heat, since it takes so little extra heat To raise the temperature, the temp goes up. Inan uninsulated cooker it takes a lot of extra heat to cause a temp rise.
  7. I use these & like better than weber cubes or oiled paper towels.
  8. There actually are many things the CGK is superior to a ceramic kamodo. 1) the 20 in grilling surface allows whole briskets & racks of ribs where the normal 18 in grate of a large ceramic does not, also will cook a lot! 2) the cart rolls well, easy to move cooker. 3) works well with lump or briquittes. 4) Very easy to clean out ashes. 5) I have a small grate just above coals for searing , John also has a different mod that accomplishes the same thing. 6) gets plenty hot enough 600F to burn a pizza crust so fast it'll scare you. 7) the only thing it won't do is go nuclear temp to "clean" the inside. You don't do that to cast iron grates anyway .
  9. A couple options. Rub, then smoke to med- rare, & slice across the meat grain very thin. Smoke till 160F , the put in pan with onions , peppers, & a dark beer . Cover or foil & cook till falling apart , serve on rice .
  10. Kamodo cookers because they are insulated are not as good as keeping a steady temp as some other cookers. With my WSM it a takes a significant change in heat production to change the temp. It'll run 235-250F for 10 hours without adjusting! A kamodo will change temp with a minimal change in heat production. My CGK will run from 230- 290F for 10 hours without adjusting. Many kamodo chefs will get various temp controllers because of this. My New Braunfels Horizonal cooker loaded to the max with 16 lbs of charcoal & wood will run for 8 hours from 200-325F & back down to 200F as it runs out of fuel. ( Goal was a good nItes sleep) It cooks the best butts I've ever had inspite of the temp variation! My personal opinion is within reason temp variations don't matter! CHIME IN IF YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE!
  11. You'll love it, the learning curve is fairly short. I like the KJ I like RED!
  12. Found a discontinued Q-220 on eBay for tailgating & my son took as his main grill! The rolling cart makes it easy to drag into events!
  13. Captndan I resemble that remarK! My post are short & sweet because I can't type! I'd love to write long cooks otherwise! As any good ole boy will tell you " you can talk bad about me, my wife , my cookin , but don't talk bad about my dog "
  14. The seasoning from the escaping smoke tightens up the vent.
  15. Parboil , remove the mucous membrane then smoke. It's very fatty meat, use a mild smoking wood.
  16. I had a chargriller super-pro for 11 years till literally the wheels fell off!
  17. Welcome! I think you'll like it. I've got some friends in Memphis & collierville.
  18. I've got the 2 probe model & love it!
  19. Larry Wolfe's Pepper Stout Beef « Reply #-1 on: January 21, 2012, 12:11:46 PM » Quote This is the original recipe: 4lb - Chuck Roast 2 - Big Bell Peppers sliced 1 - Big Red Onion sliced 3 - Big Jalapenos Sliced seed and all 6 - Garlic Cloves mince 1/4 - cup Worcestershire Sauce 1 - 12oz Bottle Guinness Extra Stout Kosher Salt and Black Pepper Heavily season Chuck roast with salt and pepper and cook on a grill or smoker indirect in the 245º-260º range. You can add smoke wood if you prefer, I did not. Cook until the internal temperature reaches 165º. While the roast is cooking, add the remaining ingredients in 13 x 9 or similar aluminum pan or oven safe pan. Once the roast hits 165º, place into pan directly on top of vegetable mixture and cover tightly with foil. Cook roast in smoker or oven at 350º for 2.5-3hrs or until roast is fork tender. Once meat is tender, shred all of the meat in the liquid and mix thoroughly and continue to cook until the liquid reduces by half. Serve meat on hard rolls with your choice of cheese. We used pepper jack on some and gorgonzola on some and liked both, but provolone, swiss, etc., would work perfectly fine. Horseradish would be another good condiment.
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