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  1. From my personal experiences you can't go wrong with B&B, Big Block, or Fogo. I just found out yesterday that my local butcher that's less that a quarter mile from my work now stocks Fogo, so now I have access to Fogo and Big Block locally.
  2. Let’s see your cooks. This is for those that don’t want to start a new thread and just want to drop a quick post. I’ll start with last nights chickens. The bottom chicken was rubbed with olive oil and then some honey hog and honey hog hot, it was ok. The top chicken is rubbed with olive oil and coated with Plowboys Yardbird and that one was a big hit. This is the first time I used Yardbird and I’m sold on this rub.
  3. Here’s the before and the time to wrap pictures, after is still to come.
  4. So this happened today, it was buy one get one half off so $37 for both. I think I’m going back to buy two more bags next week.
  5. Just bought some boneless beef short ribs and I’m not sure how to cook them. Low and slow? I was thinking kind of like a Boston butt, cook at 250 until internal temp in the 160s then wrap, idk. Thank in advance!!!
  6. I didn't even know about these grills until now and after watching youtube videos on this I have the want itch.
  7. I bought mine at Lowes and I recommend you get 95% UV block or more, I brought home the 80% UV block first and it just wasn't near enough shade so I returned them and got the 95% and I'm definitely satisfied with these. They do blow in the wind so you will have to think about a way to prevent that, I use bungee straps on the post.
  8. You're a lot better off with a gas engine, lower maintenance expense and way lower repair bills. A diesel is only good for those that need it for work or are pulling a heavy trailer daily, I know because I've been a mechanic for over 21 years. I laugh at these morons driving a diesel just for a status symbol, the truck stays on pavement, they never haul anything in the bed, and they never tow anything.
  9. Made some upgrades since I posted. My wife added a mini fridge for me and we added lights, ceiling fan, and sun shades.
  10. Basically the same path for me also, went from a gasser to a weber kettle, then a Akorn, and now have a pellet grill and Big Green Egg.
  11. Shooting (USPSA) Slow Pitch Softball
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