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  1. When I was looking to replace the daisy wheel on my Egg I looked at the smokeware cap and I read where they will seize up so I went we the rEGGulator and I am very happy with it. It stays in place and basically no maintenance.
  2. I agree with John, Camp Chef had features I was looking for and that's why I bought it.
  3. I did my first cook with Big Block yesterday and initially I’m impressed. I will see how I feel about it after I use up the first bag and determine if it’s worth the extra money.
  4. Interested to see the videos, post some links here when you get them ready to view. Thanks!
  5. My lump charcoal criteria is not a lot of small pieces and not a lot of sparks. I was once using lump that sparked a lot and one of the sparks hit me dead on the eyeball. A hot orange spark hitting you on the eyeball is not a pleasant experience and while it was healing it felt like a dry spot on my eye.
  6. I'm a B&B fan but I needed more lump last night while I was at Lowes and picked up Big Block because they don't sale B&B there, never used Big Block before.
  7. I put the rEGGulator on mine several months ago and love it, it’s a big upgrade over the daisy wheel. I cook under a covered porch so no use for the rain cap for mine.
  8. Made some upgrades, new rEGGulator top vent and acacia egg mates.
  9. I prefer B&B and it's readily available in my town, I'm not going to drive to another town just to get a certain brand of charcoal.
  10. I'm really loving the BGE, I wish I would have upgraded sooner to the BGE sooner. For anyone on the fence about spending the money like I was my advice would be to buy it, I figured I would regret spending that much but it's been the opposite, I look at as money well spent.
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