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  1. @Baby Back Maniac posted this to his Youtube channel
  2. I did some testing with whole chickens this weekend and figured out what I'm going to do with the turkey. I did 2 brined (bird bath brine) chickens one rubbed Honey Bacon BBQ and the other with Cattleman's Ranchero and one not brined but injected with creole butter and rubbed with Honey Bacon BBQ and the brined chickens were a lot more moist and flavorful. I will be using Meat Church Bird Bath brine and Meat Church Honey Bacon BBQ rub, it was the winner 3 among the people that sampled it. Side note: The Meat Church Bird Bath brine is basically a salty Honey Hog if you're interested in trying it.
  3. Should I use a sweet rub like Honey Hog to balance out the salt from brining or use whatever?
  4. We have fried a turkey for years but this year a smoked turkey was requested.
  5. I've been nominated to do a smoked turkey for Thanksgiving and I'm thinking about using Meat Church Bird Bath brine and spackcock method. Thoughts??? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!
  6. @ckreef did I miss where you posted the conclusion or is it not posted yet?
  7. @ckreef How many more lumps left before the final results? Maybe a top 10 list?
  8. The Made in Mexico Cowboy isn't terrible, look on the bottom of the back of the bag and see.
  9. Here is link to Man Cave Meals Akorn cooking----->https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=man+cave+meals+akorn
  10. I went from a gasser to a weber kettle, then a Akorn and finally a Big Green Egg. I have nothing but love for the Akorn, at the time I didn't have the funds for a BGE and the Akorn served me well for years. When I got the BGE I passed the Akorn on to my Dad and he's not much of a griller but he's producing some good food off the Akorn. If you have the funds get what you want, if it's a KJ or BGE or whatever but if you don't you can't go wrong with a Akorn just make sure you get the smoking stone for indirect cooking and check out youtube for Akorn cooking tips. The reason I ended up buying a Akorn is because I stumbled across "Man Cave Meals" Youtube channel years ago when @John Setzler was cooking on a Akorn and it sold me on it.
  11. Jealous Devil looks to be nice sized, not too big and not too small, I might have to give it a try. As for me I tried FOGO Maruba this weekend and it was hard to get started and took a lot longer than normal to get up to temp, after one cook I'm not impressed but I will do several more cooks before I make a final decision on it. I'm still on board with Big Block for low and slow and FOGO black bag for high temp cooking.
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