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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Max temp of the KJ classic 3?   
    Take some time to understand how heat is applied to food and you very quickly LOSE THE NEED to take a grill over 700°F for much of anything.  People do it because it draws attention on social media.   It doesn't draw any attention to their cooking skills.
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    bel4_20 reacted to JeffieBoy in If you can have only one Portable BBQ Grill, gas or charcoal!   
    Love my Akorn Jr.  It goes on fishing trips across Ontario with me regularly. 

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    bel4_20 got a reaction from DerHusker in Repeat 4 bean Turkey Chili   
    Looks amazing! off to the freezer i go looking for my smoked brisket i'm so making this tonight.
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in First run with the Fireboard 2 Drive   
    There are two things I specifically DO NOT Like about the Fireboard...
    1 - you can't control the device from the device.  A smart device is required to operate it.
    2 - it doesn't come with any way to stand it up or stick it to something where you can see it easily.  They sell you an expensive add-on for that functionality.
    I have the original fireboard.  I'm really not sure if this fireboard is giving me anything that the original doesn't.  The graph on the device screen may have a 'cool' factor but what is that really worth?
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    bel4_20 reacted to JeffieBoy in My Turkey Might Be Cursed   
    We have stopped buying whole turkeys.  Just not worth it.  We will buy from 2 to 5 bone-in, skin-on breasts then marinade them for 48 hours in Buttermilk and Garlic Brine before smoking them.  Family loves the meat and plenty left over for sammies. Not a major difference in price per pound and everyone is happy. Win/win/win.
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    bel4_20 reacted to len440 in My Turkey Might Be Cursed   
    Only one way for turkey DEEP FRIED.
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Jealous Devil Maxxx Briquettes   
    I am curious to see the results.  
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Classic 2 with ikamand or classic 3 without   
    When you get ready to buy a controller have a look at the Flame Boss and the FireBoard as well.
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Classic 2 with ikamand or classic 3 without   
    If it's boiling down to the cost of the iKamand, I'd buy the Classic 2 with the iKamand.  As you can see by my tagline below, I am an advocate of temp control systems.  If it were ME, I would buy the Classic 3 and then add the controller later.
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    bel4_20 reacted to pmillen in Smoke-Baked Salisbury Steak on a Masterbuilt 1050   
    I use my BBQs and smokers like an oven during the hot part of the summer.  Not using the kitchen range oven keeps the kitchen cooler and adds a welcome smoke flavor if I want it.
    This is a pretty straightforward salisbury steak recipe.  I'm sure that your favorite one will be just fine baked in your smoker.
    2 pounds ground beef
    1 can (10¾ ounces) condensed golden mushroom or cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
    1 cup quick-cooking oats
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    ½ cup each chopped green pepper, celery and onion
    ½ teaspoon salt
    2 garlic cloves, minced
    ¾ cup water
    ¼ teaspoon pepper
    Preheat your pit to 350°F. In a large bowl, combine the oats, eggs, green pepper, celery, onion, salt and garlic. Crumble beef over the mixture and mix well.  Shape into six or eight rectangular patties.  (Use the baking dish upside down on the hamburger spread out on a cutting board as the pattern and then slice the whole into patties.)  Brown the patties on both sides in a skillet.
    Place patties in an ungreased 13-in. × 9-in. baking dish.  Combine the soup, water and pepper; pour over beef. 
    Bake at 350°F for 30-35 minutes or until the meat is no longer pink.
    Done and sitting in the center of the dinner table.

    Dinner is served.
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    bel4_20 got a reaction from Nnank76 in Once you've had lamb on the spit...   
    I cannot agree more lamb on the joetisserie is a game changer! i've done both boneless leg and bone in as well! tastes so good! 
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    bel4_20 reacted to Lesta80 in Big Steel Keg Forum   
    Hey all.. Just glanced over at the other forum and they have announced it will be closed down on March 3rd...
    if there are any good posts on modifications or recipes that you wanted to keep, better head over there and save an offline copy.
    I had signed up to it when I bought my Keg, but never used that site... Cheers!
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Pellet Joe   
    There is a very good reason for this.  Pellet grills, unlike charcoal grills, must use the pellets to produce the heat as well as the smoke.  All wood are NOT created equal when it comes to producing heat.  Apple, for instance, just doesn't burn well enough and it produces significantly more ash than oak.  Pound for pound, oak carries more BTU potential than apple.  Mixing the two to make pellets is the right answer.  I have bought some 100% flavor wood pellets from a few specialty companies to try for this very reason.  After experimenting with them, I am quite happy to be using blended pellets.  When I was doing this comparison testing on the Yoder YS640, I could not get the grill over about 400 degrees using apple pellets while 550 was easily achievable using an apple pellet that was blended with another hardwood.  The results are much better.  My GO-TO pellet for everything is a B&B brand blend that has oak, pecan, and cherry.  I pay $20 for 40lb bags of it.  It's cheap and I love the smoke aroma it produces.  
    That's a good bit subjective.  I prefer the pellet grill smoke profile to almost everything else I have.  I have gone to great lengths to replicate it with my Kamado grills.   People who make the claim that pellet grills are terrible at smoking are GENERALLY people who have had a smoker in the past that produces more and dirtier smoke.  It's like taking a person who eats habanero peppers right off the vine every day and switching them to jalapenos.  The will notice that there is still a pepper flavor and aroma but it just doesn't have the same punch as the habanero.  
    I like to make a few good cases as to why pellet grills are BETTER smokers that most other systems.
    1.  It's always a perfectly CLEAN smoke.  The wood is fully combusted and not smoldering and producing creosote and volatile compound laden smoke.  
    2.  Smoke intensity results are easily reproduced from one cook to the next.  
    3.  Foods that are easily over smoked such as poultry and fish do EXTREMELY WELL on a pellet grill.  They come out with a beautiful smoke flavor and aroma every time without fear of over smoking.  
    It just all depends on how you choose to look at a pellet grill.  Since I come from a heavy background of charcoal and kamado use, I am used to seeing this audience writing off pellet grills for these reasons.  All I can say as a person who loves cooking on different systems is that my pellet grill is a side by side competitor on my deck.  I know where the pellet grill weaknesses are and I stay away from those when I'm cooking.  The only REAL weakness I see with my pellet grill is that it just doesn't sear as effectively as other grills I have.  That's definitely NOT it's strength.  It does everything else extremely well and has earned my respect as a tool I enjoy using on a daily basis.
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    bel4_20 reacted to bosco in Been a bit....   
    Paint was finished today.  Now they will start sanding and buffing.  Should get it back in two weeks I am guessing.  Then our work begins again 






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    bel4_20 reacted to freddyjbbq in Small Pizza ovens   
    that’s interesting, now I’m wondering if it was insulated but it couldn’t have had more than 1/2” insulation but the temp dropped immediately after fuel was consumed.  Anyhow, gas was great in the Uuni but I love baking on wood with an insulated oven

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    bel4_20 reacted to SmallBBQr in Small Pizza ovens   
    They are insulated, but it's inner metal wall / insulation (not much) / outside metal wall.  The heat dissipates very quickly if a fire is not burning - there just is not enough mass to hold it.  I think most of the cooking comes DIRECTLY from the heat / fire, unlike a "real" wood fired oven where the stone soaks the heat and radiates it back.  All these portable/small ovens are a bit of a cheat...  But you can't take your 1500 pound stone oven with you to the campground or park either.  
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    bel4_20 got a reaction from bosco in Been a bit....   
    That is amazing @bosco I love seeing this from one standpoint being a former Mechanic and also being in my mid forties i've unfortunately lost both my parents within the last 4 years so this hits home spend as much time as you can because a blink of the eyes and there gone. I wish I had more time with them. Love the VW love the colour! looking forward to seeing it finished!
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    bel4_20 reacted to freddyjbbq in Small Pizza ovens   
    I had the Uuni Pro with the same intention of loving idea of burning wood for authenticity & wouldn’t even have gotten the gas burner until @ckreef convinced me otherwise & I was sure glad he did.
    The ooni’s are not insulated & need constant fuel to maintain temp so I found the gas burner to be a HUGE advantage.  I sold the oven after adding a full size wood oven but if I were to get another portable, I’d want smaller than the pro and definately  gas so a Roccbox, Or Koda would likely be my choice (probably the Roccbox)

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    bel4_20 reacted to Jose Andres Zapata in Small Pizza ovens   
    I recently bought the Karu, and posted a video here: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/44352-ooni-karu/
    I am pretty happy with it so far. It is portable... and smallish so there is no expectation of a full blown WFO.  If you understand the limitations, it is still possible to make great pizzas.
    1) Does it get Neapolitan pizza hot? It does, but you have to keep feeding the fire constantly.
    1B) It comes to temp in 15 mins or less. The first time I fired it up and went to take a shower... expecting to find a raging fire and temp to be close to 900deg. When I came back (and was a relatively quick shower) almost all the fuel had been consumed!! Hahahha. Added more kindling and it recovered rather quickly. FEED THE FIRE
    2) Wood vs Charcoal? BOTH! Wood consumes super fast... I use charcoal to keep it going between pizzas so I can eat with guests But Wood raises the temperature quite a bit more.
    3) Raise the temp to heat the stone. I think probably the weak point of the Karu... raising the temp enough to get the stone hot. (feed the fire!)
    4) I can brown the toppings like I have never been able to on the Kamado.
    5) Kamado = hotter stone, Karu = hotter dome...
    Bottom line:
    For $329 + shipping I think it is quite a good buy. I was one of the Kickstarter backers at $239 plus shipping so even a better deal. The Ooni Pro seems a bit overpriced to me. I think this one is in a nice pricing sweetspot.  It is not a real WFO, but for the price I think it is hard to go wrong. You can make some delicious pizzas, fast. My wife said they were the best I've made....
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    bel4_20 reacted to Jose Andres Zapata in Small Pizza ovens   
    If it were similarly priced yes. It does have more room and the fuel compartment is substantially larger.
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    bel4_20 reacted to cmiller in Small Pizza ovens   
    I cook outside quite a bit in the summer at our RV, so I bought the Camp Chef Expedition 3x stove, then last year I added the 16" artisan pizza oven.  Although it is not wood fired, I love it.  The oven cost around $120 on Amazon, and you can get a 2 burner stove for around $160.  You may even find them cheaper if you look around.  I also set this stove up on my screened in porch in the winter and make pizzas a couple times a month.

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    bel4_20 reacted to SmallBBQr in Small Pizza ovens   
    I've got the Ooni Pro and love it.  Though it's certainly heavier and less portable than I would like...though I've lugged it around a few times.  I've made a couple mods to it over the last couple years as well.  I added a deflector plate to prevent the crust closest to the fire from scorching so fast (you can see it behind the chicken in the one photo...rippled metal edge).   I use it a lot for other grilling too...steak, chicken etc.
    I use charcoal, wood, and I have the gas burner.  Tried the pellets and gave up on that SH!T fast...PITA.
     For pizza, I detect no real difference between gas and wood/charcoal.  90 seconds in and out it just doesn't have time to pick up flavor IMO...so I use gas now most often for pizza...it's fast, more stable and I don't have to fire tend.
    Also, hardwood is a bit hard to come by around here, so I save it for the longer cooks.
    To be honest, for what I use it for now, I would probably get the Karu, though I do love the larger space as well....tough decision.  For the $$, and if you are using primarily pizza...I would do the Karu.  If you want a SEMI-portable option, which has more capability of a full blown wood fired oven (placing multiple dishes, moving some items close, some further away), the Pro gives you a bit more flexibilty.
    You can see below the two Ooni sizzer pans, side by side, with even more room if needed.  And more vertical space (that is two half-chickens on them).



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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Masterbuilt Gravity Series   
    I am about ready to set mine out at the street and let the garbage man come pick it up.  I'll admit I am not good at putting things together but this thing is by far the biggest pain in the ### on assembly I have come across in a long time.  The catch-22 on this is that, after trying to work through this process, I would NEVER buy one assembled by Lowes, Home Depot, or Walmart.  I don't think I could trust those folks to do this correctly.
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    bel4_20 reacted to retfr8flyr in Masterbuilt Gravity Series   
    I have a Big Joe, Timberline 1300 and an Akorn Jr and is't the perfect combination for me.
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    bel4_20 reacted to John Setzler in Masterbuilt Gravity Series   
    I will get one when they are available.
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