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  1. Dub I do apologize if you want only positive responses in a thread celebrating KJ service. I can say that I got excellent service also. It is what it is. Overwhelmingly people seem to have great experiences. Your photos are proof. I love to see posts about great service. Great service is awesome. I love to see it celebrated. It is also wonderful to see most posts are overwhelmingly positive. I do think that people who do not have such a great experience should be allowed to share what they have had happen also. Bashing and having tantrums is another thing-- as is re-posting the same thing over and over. Perhaps knowing the best way to resolve things with specific e-mail addresses and phone numbers would be the best response. Tracking and documenting the whole process is also good.In the end fixing the situation with appropriate action is the only thing that will resolve a situation.This is what I see John saying. Crying is just wasted energy. It has been noted even by those who are not happy--- that in the end it does get resolved. . I have not ever seen any case where the KJ customers were just abandoned like RJ Kamado owners were. As you note we are primarily here to share cooking experiences and get ideas. Your posts are always fun to read and full of great ideas and inspiration. I also like your pictures and how you develop the story. I can't wait to see your next cook.
  2. A company is an organization made of people. Some may perform to high levels and with the intent to deliver the highest service. Some my not. Having the right facility is important and moving an operation will certainly complicate things. Any one who has moved and can not find what they need know that story. However even with everything set up perfectly there are some people who just are not a good fit. Finding the best people and keeping them is also part of the game. Finding people like Meghan is not easy. It may well be that the service section in Canada has some poor members. That box is a joke and it was missing pieces. He has every reason to be upset. However if the unit is still working then there is no catastrophic immediate problem. I have cooked on a cracked fire box and ring for 3 years with no difference in operation. I do have replacements that I hope fit LOL. The thing is to some how get the right person to do what is required to resolve it once and for all-- and in this case quickly.
  3. Ribs three ways

    I bought some rub from Texas BBQ.Com. It is almost all brown sugar. I can see some spices mixed in. It makes great ribs and yes almost all rubs have salt and pepper. i agree that you can not go wrong with Amazing Ribs. I bet you make an excellent rub.
  4. So what is unseasoned meat tenderizer?
  5. Used Primo Grill Kamado

    A good solid place to start is 1/2 of new or less. The warranty on cracked ceramics does not transfer and this is an important detail. Looks like the mini version. They do make a cradle for some of these that make it an easy carry for two people for mobile events.
  6. Joe tisserie failure

    Not sure they have a 50 pound motor 13 watt motor and a Heavy Duty motor that can handle 85 pounds unbalanced or 100 pounds balanced which runs $145. They only have the two for the upper end product. I do think both have the anti back lash gears. I did have a Grand Hall all metal gear rotisserie fail. Got noisy and eventually stopped spinning.
  7. Joe tisserie failure

    I used to wonder about this my self. Thank goodness the mounts are universal.
  8. memory foam mattress?

    Interesting 4.5 over all and 89% five star rating. Any thing on Amazon that rates like thing has been a good purchase for me.
  9. Joe tisserie failure

    I recently had my second rotisserie motor fail on my Blackstone pizza oven. FWIW metal gears can strip out just like plastic gears depending on what they are made of. My guess is that when it falls backward the gear is missing teeth and then the area with teeth comes around. I now have the 50 pound rated One Grill motor. Time will tell.
  10. At least you do have other cookers because I have seen them on here. As they say life is too short--LOL. I an sure that some people do turn out good stuff on them--I just have no desire to try.
  11. I having ne ver tried it do thing coking in a pit should produce great results. As for those foil pans--I did feel a bit better after those who are doing this said how much they enjoyed it.
  12. I do not see any negative at all with the KAB. If you have a KJ then the basket can be put in the ring of the D&C and is much closer to the grate for high heat cooking. Often in this case you can use a divider and use half of the charcvoal and still get a hotter fire than lighting the whole basket sitting on the bottom.
  13. I liked this a lot. Titling it BBQ if you go by the definition is a stretch. The one thing that almost each segment had in common was how much they loved cooking with live fire with their vastly different methods. Many insisted that their style was part of their blood or genetic make up. Most insisted that cooking with wood fire made people happy. Sounded just like what many say in the USA. I had never seen things cooked by stuffing them with rocks that have been heated in a huge fire before. Perhaps this should be the next challenge LOL. I have to say that seeing the huge stacks of self contained aluminum pans full of fuel and with a built in grate made me sad. They said some thing like Sweden the land of Ikea has mass produced the single use BBQ grill. People filled the park with these and did seem to love cooking on them. They said that essentially no one has any other cooking grills. I also like the Chefs Table series and Cooked.
  14. It looks like fun!! You now have something that truly almost no one has. I do not know any one who has one. LOL
  15. Yoder YS640 Butt with Live FireBoard Feed

    +/-25 degrees would not bother me. The only time i have had trouble was when the plusses kept on adding LOL.