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  1. Marty

    Propane vs MAP Gas

    ????? Arent we saying the same thing??????
  2. Marty

    Propane vs MAP Gas

    Your case in Canada may be different so do what is best for you. With mapp my sense is the lump does not respond to the extra heat by lighting quicker but by producing sparks.For me propane is 97% less than mapp sopthe choice is clear.
  3. Marty

    Propane vs MAP Gas

    The Mapp replacement costs me $9 and the propane $2.75. I actually prefer the propane because with fake Mapp I got a lot of sparks IMO much more than the propane. I have never had any problems lighting the lump and the propane works great and lasts about the same. If I were soldering where the heat was imperative then that would be a different situation. Since I went to propane I have never thought about it.
  4. Marty

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    John What would it cost a year for each member to cover the cost of staying on line. A contribution is a bit vague. There is no way that you should be coming out of pocket to cover cost and do all that you do in addition. As the costs keep on coming, a one time fee will not do the job. Perhaps an annual membership fee? I for one greatly appreciate this site and all you do to keep it stress free and non confrontational. I also respect the guidelines that you set with the exception of accurate information about real world performance issues that fall short of ideal. I do get it that some do not keep an even head and go way too far and do not know to stop. Your perspective and knowledge are what to help make this site. Wait can not forget all the solid members who in combination and in harmony with your efforts make this site what it is.
  5. You and I see things very close to the same. I also use the CI half grate extensively. The GG are by far the worst of any thing to clean and their performance drop's off when gunked up in the troughs. Fish would be something I might do.
  6. Marty

    Western Brand Lump Charcoal

    They had around 10 bags of 30 pounds at Walmart for$7.98. If I had known how good it was, I wound have bought all of it. It is listed as 100% hard wood. The distributor is listed as in Texas and Mexico as country of mfg. It reminds me of Fogo. As of late I have been disappointed in RO. There is raw wood and bark covered with soot or a thin layer of charcoal over a wood center. and it smells of lighter fluid. All said ,the food is OK but the lump is not what it once was IMO. The quality is varying bag to bag for me.
  7. Marty

    Top vent rain mod ideas?

    I do use and love it,As to size, it was the one that fit my Big Joe.The only bad thing I know of is the it gunks up inside, however it pulls off easily and a quick scrape with a scraper does the job.
  8. Marty

    Was does no one do lamb?

    I am sure a lot of it comes down to the place on lives in. I would love to play with lamb but only see it at Easter and Frenched . The Frenched ribs are priced like gold by the pound. LOL.
  9. Marty

    Kamado Joe Charcoal Baskets

    Nice baskets! My initial reaction is I would want two of the clips made wider like the KAB for handles,but to know I would need to try the clip-to-rack system. However it looks llike my Big Joe KAB will last for years but not being stainless not as long as the new baskets.
  10. Marty


    As noted ,you will get two opposite views. I do get awesome grill marks. I personally find them hard to clean as compared to cast iron and for me CI works better- I leave them in the deck box and use the CI half moon mostly. Possibly for fish that I did not want to stick or where I wanted to moderate the heat. On the other hand, if I were cookin on my gas grill, they would be my go to. As far as CI- I find that I get much better and more even browning with steaks by using a weight. Not sure what took me so long.
  11. Marty

    Dalstrong Knives - Shogun Series

    I have been looking at the Dalstong Shogun also. They are very highly rated and made of good steel. I believe they are one of the best values for a good looking high quality knife. From what I have seen comparable can run two to three times the price. The question is do I need another knife? LOL But that is just my personal opinion for what it is worth.
  12. Well that is a new one. I agree with the others than must be one for the Classic.It seems that most people have good fit with the Joetisserie. I am very sad that I did not have that luck as it hit at the rear and propped open in the front. It appears that I am out of luck preeminently. I would measure your OD and ask some one who has a Joetisserie for the BJ what theirs measures.
  13. Marty

    Advice for first BBQ

    aithough the price is in a different wold of the mentioned products . The sold cast aluminum Blaze will fall off the back of a a truck and live to cook the same day. A Weber kettle fitted with a slow-N-sear is something that I want.
  14. Marty

    Backpack Leaf Blowers?

    Our Echo after 15 years of heavy use ran fine but with parts replacement--(separation of rubber shock absorbers) and the rubber arm that allowed movement cracking and falling apart among other things would have cost nearly as much as the one we bought. The good news is our new Echo is much lighter and twice as powerful. Sorry do not remember the model. My only strong recommendation is to put stabil or the Brigs and Straton version into the gas can before filling. After 10 years of not doing with no problems this all of my equipment--weed wackers, blowers. hedge trimmers and our two year old Toro push mower had to have the gas metering parts re-built. The shocker was pitting in the float bowl of a two year old Toro float bowl. Previously all were used for the season and ran dry in the fall and they started up first try in the spring. Now I treat the gas can for two year storage before I put the gas in the container. It is a bit shocking what spoiled gas looks like , with slimy chunks floating in the gas looks a bit like jelly fish in the gas, Do treat the fresh gas as there is no way to restore spoiled gas sadly. This is cheap and small engine sites on you tube say that one can easily leave gas in over the winter but I just do not have the nerve to do this.
  15. Old news to our seasoned pros however I liked this and think it does a goose job of laying out the trade offs.