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  1. I have always cooked on pavers. I do get sparking from time to time when lighting and at times when the charcoal is something that I have not tried. I do have a jacket with holes in the arm from lighting the kamado. I do agree that the likelihood is small. but sparks getting under the deck and lighting something is a concern. All it would take is one time. I have decided to assemble my grill gazebo next to the deck steps. I just could not sleep at night if doing an overnight nor leave when cooking. Silly I agree but as a kid we would hear of a fire cased from a wood stove. I have read that at Christmas time there are more fires because of candles and flammable trees. I have been present once when a coal jumped out from the bottom vent on to my pavers. I am careful but even with the odds in my favor, I just feel better on the ground. I regret posting this but thanks for the reply.
  2. I see that the vast majority of these amazing grilling areas are pavers or cement floors. My question is should one be concerned about a charcoal Kamado on a raised attached wraparound wooden deck? If our deck were to catch fire, it likely would burn down the house. Any thoughts??
  3. I see that the vast majority of these amazing grilling areas are pavers or cement floors. My question is should one be concerned about a charcoal Kamado on a raised attached wraparound wooden deck? If our deck were to catch fire, it likely would burn down the house. Any thoughts??
  4. John that looks like a very nice sealer. One of the things that I found for sealing liquid is home made sangria. It will transform into a poor tasting liquid in 24 hours if left open to the air in a refrigerator, but will keep a couple of weeks if sealed and refrigerated. It tastes almost like fresh made.
  5. That is why they are used for wood stoves, they hold a lot of heat for hours after the fire is out. The time to heat is why I prefer the half moon CI and use it mostly.
  6. I know nothing about the propane aspect but the gasohol is terrible for small engines. I used to just run all the gas out of the grounds care equipment and store for the winter. One year I had to rebuild all of the carburetors. Now I automatically treat all fuel when I buy it. Knock non wood so far so good. When I researched this apparently gas can spoil very quickly if it gets hot. I do know that many remote site campers have converted their Honda generators to propane because of problems with gas Quality. Grounds care people pay as much as $45 for ethanol free gas to store their equipment for the winter.
  7. When I bought the extension rack for the Big Joe that sits on the top grate at felt line I thought that I would not use it much. It turns out that I use it frequently for the extra 5 to 6 inches you get. I like to cook chicken direct with no diffusers. The extra height allows cooking at as much as 400 with no problems. Cooking this way has its down side because the fat goes into the fire and coats the inside much more than indirect and catching the fat in a drip pan. So the down side is it needs frequent burn offs. Admittedly I probably am a rare example.
  8. At $2,700 there are a lot of choices. It would be fun to play around with. It would be nice to see it in action Interesting having a round surface surrounded by a square with built in probes. They seem to imply that you can set the temp and fans will maintain the temp. Upkeep? Parts?
  9. One thing that I have done with the Big Joe is to put my kick ash basket in the bottom ring of the divide and conquer and you can put the split grates right down next to the coals or use a deflector and grate combo or the half moon cast iron If you want heat up close. This has worked well for me.Perhaps this is possible with the CGS rig. The kick ash basket is not much money and well liked by a lot of people.
  10. Harry Soo recommends burying the wood under the lump in one of his kamado "basics" you tube videos. When I did this, I did get a cleaner taste but less effect for the wood volume that I used. It does increase handling the unburned lump before cooking.
  11. Wow !! The main reason that I never used my Traeger 060 was that it ate pellets. On smoke it used almost none but at 300 , I could almost watch the pellets go down. But it is a single layer of metal with a rounded door where the smoke just flowes out. I used to smoke the pork but and finish it in the oven. I agree but that is a bit of a problem because buying a good quality grill is not cheap and one just does not know until one has it. A place with demo models would be the perfect solution. LOL I can not agree more that getting a grill that suits one is important. For me it has to be reliable and QUALITY $$.
  12. LOL, I was having a had time imagining you chewing up two hot peppers.
  13. Top right. Are those hot peppers??????? Sounds like my life story. My motto now is keep the end goal in sight. At least I do think some version of Keto will be the solution.
  14. One has to wonder are they really that deceived and blind?? Sad story--my family doctor had to close his business because he did not bind his patients to him by prescribing" life time " required medications. The last I saw him he told me he did not have enough patients to keep going. He was an excellent doctor who always brought us back to an ongoing state of health but not dependent on him.
  15. I absolutely agree that monetary interests are driving a lot of what we are exposed to. IMO the information age is the control of what we are exposed to casually and constantly until we as a group just accept it as fact. It is not the iron fisted dictator locking us up and torturing and killing us but that which entertains us that has invisible power. As you imply many people make their living from the diet we consume. This runs from the farmer up to the entire corporate structures and even national tax breaks. Any real change would cause intense change and real life challenges for those living off of the lie. Jillian Michal's you tube tantrums and misinformation on Keto are a good example. If Keto were to take off she would loose big. Funny that you mention the huge variation in the Keto community. I was looking at this today. As I see it how we eat can take almost infinite possibilities just like any art form. However i do think fat metabolism, eating a reasonable amount of meat and consuming large amounts of green vegetables and avoiding sugar and fast metabolizing carbs is a solid basis from which to live. They list they list many main forms of Keto and say the list is only partial , SKD (standard Keto diet), RKD ( Restricted Keto diet), TDK ( targeted Keto diet), CKD ( cyclic Keto diet), HPKD ( high protein Keto diet), PSMS ( protein sparing modified fast) The video that you linked to makes a good point. What are they --the video-- ultimately marketing? My guess is life coaching on a version of Keto. Talk is talk but results from our national diet is that as a nation we are obese for the large part and dependent on medication to keep us alive. I do think that the glucose spike and the resulting extreme hunger in short cycles is something that we all can easily feel with in our self.
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