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  1. I just thought there might be some interest in this if it is not already posted. It is different than anything that I have come across and certainly adaptable to the kamado. Hope you like it.
  2. I was did not read this when you posted this because I was in rehab from a stroke but I find this facinating. Sadly they now have me on six medications daily now and I can not find any one in the medical field interested in lowering my medications. I realize this is an old post but fasting and a healthy diet are timeless so bumping this during the holiday season is potentially a good thing. Lewis Howes has IMO an interesting you tube post on you tube with Jason Fung on the topic of weight loss and preventing cancer that some may find worthwhile. The only down side that I see is the length.
  3. For what it is worth there is already a mod for a wind baffle for the masterbuilt as well as a firebox mod made from stainless after weeks of use, the charcoal chute was already rusting and flaking. I want one of these but am questioning the long term outlook but I guess it can be maintained.
  4. I have always cooked on pavers. I do get sparking from time to time when lighting and at times when the charcoal is something that I have not tried. I do have a jacket with holes in the arm from lighting the kamado. I do agree that the likelihood is small. but sparks getting under the deck and lighting something is a concern. All it would take is one time. I have decided to assemble my grill gazebo next to the deck steps. I just could not sleep at night if doing an overnight nor leave when cooking. Silly I agree but as a kid we would hear of a fire cased from a wood stove. I have read that at Christmas time there are more fires because of candles and flammable trees. I have been present once when a coal jumped out from the bottom vent on to my pavers. I am careful but even with the odds in my favor, I just feel better on the ground. I regret posting this but thanks for the reply.
  5. I see that the vast majority of these amazing grilling areas are pavers or cement floors. My question is should one be concerned about a charcoal Kamado on a raised attached wraparound wooden deck? If our deck were to catch fire, it likely would burn down the house. Any thoughts??
  6. I see that the vast majority of these amazing grilling areas are pavers or cement floors. My question is should one be concerned about a charcoal Kamado on a raised attached wraparound wooden deck? If our deck were to catch fire, it likely would burn down the house. Any thoughts??
  7. John that looks like a very nice sealer. One of the things that I found for sealing liquid is home made sangria. It will transform into a poor tasting liquid in 24 hours if left open to the air in a refrigerator, but will keep a couple of weeks if sealed and refrigerated. It tastes almost like fresh made.
  8. That is why they are used for wood stoves, they hold a lot of heat for hours after the fire is out. The time to heat is why I prefer the half moon CI and use it mostly.
  9. I know nothing about the propane aspect but the gasohol is terrible for small engines. I used to just run all the gas out of the grounds care equipment and store for the winter. One year I had to rebuild all of the carburetors. Now I automatically treat all fuel when I buy it. Knock non wood so far so good. When I researched this apparently gas can spoil very quickly if it gets hot. I do know that many remote site campers have converted their Honda generators to propane because of problems with gas Quality. Grounds care people pay as much as $45 for ethanol free gas to store their equipment for the winter.
  10. When I bought the extension rack for the Big Joe that sits on the top grate at felt line I thought that I would not use it much. It turns out that I use it frequently for the extra 5 to 6 inches you get. I like to cook chicken direct with no diffusers. The extra height allows cooking at as much as 400 with no problems. Cooking this way has its down side because the fat goes into the fire and coats the inside much more than indirect and catching the fat in a drip pan. So the down side is it needs frequent burn offs. Admittedly I probably am a rare example.
  11. At $2,700 there are a lot of choices. It would be fun to play around with. It would be nice to see it in action Interesting having a round surface surrounded by a square with built in probes. They seem to imply that you can set the temp and fans will maintain the temp. Upkeep? Parts?
  12. One thing that I have done with the Big Joe is to put my kick ash basket in the bottom ring of the divide and conquer and you can put the split grates right down next to the coals or use a deflector and grate combo or the half moon cast iron If you want heat up close. This has worked well for me.Perhaps this is possible with the CGS rig. The kick ash basket is not much money and well liked by a lot of people.
  13. Harry Soo recommends burying the wood under the lump in one of his kamado "basics" you tube videos. When I did this, I did get a cleaner taste but less effect for the wood volume that I used. It does increase handling the unburned lump before cooking.
  14. Wow !! The main reason that I never used my Traeger 060 was that it ate pellets. On smoke it used almost none but at 300 , I could almost watch the pellets go down. But it is a single layer of metal with a rounded door where the smoke just flowes out. I used to smoke the pork but and finish it in the oven. I agree but that is a bit of a problem because buying a good quality grill is not cheap and one just does not know until one has it. A place with demo models would be the perfect solution. LOL I can not agree more that getting a grill that suits one is important. For me it has to be reliable and QUALITY $$.
  15. LOL, I was having a had time imagining you chewing up two hot peppers.
  16. Top right. Are those hot peppers??????? Sounds like my life story. My motto now is keep the end goal in sight. At least I do think some version of Keto will be the solution.
  17. One has to wonder are they really that deceived and blind?? Sad story--my family doctor had to close his business because he did not bind his patients to him by prescribing" life time " required medications. The last I saw him he told me he did not have enough patients to keep going. He was an excellent doctor who always brought us back to an ongoing state of health but not dependent on him.
  18. I absolutely agree that monetary interests are driving a lot of what we are exposed to. IMO the information age is the control of what we are exposed to casually and constantly until we as a group just accept it as fact. It is not the iron fisted dictator locking us up and torturing and killing us but that which entertains us that has invisible power. As you imply many people make their living from the diet we consume. This runs from the farmer up to the entire corporate structures and even national tax breaks. Any real change would cause intense change and real life challenges for those living off of the lie. Jillian Michal's you tube tantrums and misinformation on Keto are a good example. If Keto were to take off she would loose big. Funny that you mention the huge variation in the Keto community. I was looking at this today. As I see it how we eat can take almost infinite possibilities just like any art form. However i do think fat metabolism, eating a reasonable amount of meat and consuming large amounts of green vegetables and avoiding sugar and fast metabolizing carbs is a solid basis from which to live. They list they list many main forms of Keto and say the list is only partial , SKD (standard Keto diet), RKD ( Restricted Keto diet), TDK ( targeted Keto diet), CKD ( cyclic Keto diet), HPKD ( high protein Keto diet), PSMS ( protein sparing modified fast) The video that you linked to makes a good point. What are they --the video-- ultimately marketing? My guess is life coaching on a version of Keto. Talk is talk but results from our national diet is that as a nation we are obese for the large part and dependent on medication to keep us alive. I do think that the glucose spike and the resulting extreme hunger in short cycles is something that we all can easily feel with in our self.
  19. I agree 100% with all you said. A point that is often lost IMO is the difference between fast carb grain based low fat diets or starvation diets and intermittent fasting. A low fat starvation diet will work to loose weight but unless locked up in a cell, the weight will come back. The point has been made many times is most of the winner of the Biggest Looser gain all the weight back and that is why there will ever be show with the winners of the show. As a living diet one must feel full and nourished. With fasting after a point one is no longer hungry because the body is no longer trying to operate off a glucose metabolism but is on a straight ketone or fat burning metabolism. There many references to health benefits to fasting. In one initially a person fasted before chemo and did not get sick but the second time skipped it and got sick. That at least was the story. I like that Dr berg is brief and what he says is true and accurate as far as I can tell. I do have a bit less respect for him because of his supplements. Good point about an event often being the motivator. It is certainly no slight because as I see it we all can fall into less than ideal habits with out even seeing it. I certainly have many times. What for me proves the Keto concept is that if I eat a meal heavy in fat I just do not get hungry-- say 4 or 5 bacon strips and 3 or 4eggs. Often hours later I just am not hungry. To me this is proof. I do find that eating large amounts of cruciferous vegetables twice a day helps me feel satisfied and I feel positive results days later. A good layer of MTC oil on my coffee can carry me for hours if I use enough. I do like it, and do not get the panic hunger attacks. I got the cruciferous vegetables from Dr Berg and Dr Becky Gillaspy. Two large salads a day is from Dr Becky Gillaspy. But have not signed up for coaching. Eating large amount of vegetables is I believe key to Keto being a long term sustainable way of eating. A kale and carrot smoothie with some sun flower seeds and a bit of Craisins makes a smoothie works for me. I do know about the sugar int Craisins. The only caution is one needs a high power blender. For me kale is just too tough to chew properly. If I eat a low fat meal and fast carbs say two eggs and three or four slices of toast, I will get a severe hunger attack to the point that I feel that my hands could shake . It is the easily observed results that to me is the proof. If there is any mistake---I believe it is in not eating enough fat and enough vegetables daily. My wife has been in a denial stage following he colleagues thinking . She just got a call from her doctor as I am witting this. She just got a stern warning to loose weight and adjust her diet or she will be diabetic. She loves to start the day with coffee and a bowl of Honey nut Cheerios. Two hours later she can hardly drive the car she is so hungry. She keeps a stash of candy and sneaks it from time to time. As things are I am just finding my way. Another person that has lost a massive amount of weight and has their own channel said---no one is perfect but it one holds the goal in sight and keeps adapting then ultimately they will succeed and find a path that works for them, but it may take quite a few adjustments.
  20. I certainly claim no mastery of knowledge on this subject or have any direct instruction. As you say white flour is a recent invention and I have read over and over again that the main driver in separating the good parts out was shelf life. White bread is listed on the glycemic index as 71. Whole grain bread is listed at 51. A score of 55 or below is considered low so true 100% whole grain bread is much better but is nearly extinct at my grocery store . By comparison vegetables are very low like kale (15), Brussels sprouts (15), broccoli (15), collard greens (20 ), green beans ( 15), lettuce (15), tomatoes( 15), spinach (15), zucchini (15). To get a good over view. The glycemic index is made by feeding a certain amount of food and measuring the blood sugar change over time. Glycemic load is the total amount of glucose producing substance contained in what is consumed and its long term effect on the glucose over a time period or its density. For example a carrot has a GI of 71 but has a low load because of the amount we typically consume. Bread is another matter if we eat a lot of it and use jam or jelly on it, A person can easily eat enough to have a big impact on the glucose over a good amount of time or eat a heavy load. As I understand it flour used to be made by being ground by a stone rolling over it. Modern flour is many times finer for either white or whole grain so it breaks down into glucose much faster. For this reason Dr Weil recommends eating various whole grains like wild rice, barley, quiona, millet, and whole wheat berries. Many people that comment on grains say that some people are genetically suited to a grain based diet but many are not and humans ate meat far longer as a primary survival food. Grain cultivation is relatively recent. I do love good bread and caneasily eat a good sized portion. I often like it more than desert.
  21. I do agree totally about selling things. Those links that I linked to do sell consultation,books,programs. Dr Eric Berg even sells a calciferous supplement powder but he says it is best to eat the real calciferous vegetables like Kale, Brussels sprouts, parsley, salads, and so on. He promotes eating the real foods but does sell the powder. However the sites do give enough information about legitimate studies and the factual back ground. The do give a lot of high quality free information to help any one wanting to live healthy with Keto. I find it interesting to know the actual truth about Ancel Keys on the diet recomedations that are the basis of our national recommendations and the shocking statistically rigged cholesterol studies. The posted percent listed is derived by taking a percent and dividing it by another percent The way that I look at this is things will become popular or trendy because they are promoted. I think a Keto diet is a legitimate life style. As I see it the snake oil is being sold by the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies, their entire livelihood is built on it. Insulin , blood pressure medications, blood thinners, cholesterol lowering stains. Along with this are mandated checkups to renew the medications. Then there are the weekly visits from the drug company reps---usually young attractive women who are paying for lunch. I lost 40 pounds just by eliminating bread, sugar, pasta, potatoes. I ate meat and non starchy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cooked dry beans, and so on. Eating animal fat in enough quantity along with vegetables is a very sustainable way of eating. I had no hunger at all and the pounds just dropped off with no exercise at all. I do find Keto to require a whole new way of eating and a good bit of knowledge--that goes against the typical American diet of bread, bagles, doughnuts, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cinniman rolls, cookies, sugar soda and so on. My wife was a teacher and the breakfast buffet on appreciation days was all fast metabolizing starches and pure sugars.It would not have been possible with out Dunking Doughnut. Nothing but fast carbs. The American diet is so bad that that the reaction of the teachers has become---we are meant to be fat and we are the weight that we are meant to be. It is almost rare to see a thin person in the stores. I had a stroke on 9-11-2017 and they had no interest in what caused it. The just gave me pills and tested my blood to make adjustments. My current doctor has no interest in helping get me off the drugs. I badly need a doctor who knows how to test clotting factors as I taper the drugs down to zero, but that is blasphemy in American medical practice. The best that I can piece together is I had too much starch and sugar in my diet and I drank too much sweetened home made sangria. This was after I had relaxed my Keto diet. Sadly I had no idea that my sugar was running high enough to cause clots My theory is the sugar damaged the LDL cholesterol making it accumulate and clump together causing the stroke. I think treating symptoms with out understanding cause is the biggest snake oil of all. In a perfect world cause would be determined and advice given with out trying to produce an on going money stream.
  22. I I do Find Dr Becky Gillaspy to be reasonably brief, to the point, and helpful. I have found Dr Eric Berg on you tube to be very helpful and reasonably brief in explaining Keto . Some call him the go to for keto. I would be foolish to think that any single item presented could ever be beyond disagreement but I do think these videos do a good job in being helpful. Both Becky Gillaspy and Eric Berg recommend nonstarchy vegetables Eric says they do not affect insulin so they are a zero, he recomends 8 cups a day of non starchy vegetables. Becky recommends a huge salad mid day and another in the evening. Shey says eating meat without vegetables is pushing things into the danger zone.
  23. This makes me think of dinner when the kids were young. It seemed that each meal someone knocked over a glass. I finally noticed that they were putting the glass beside their plate and knocking it over. It stopped pretty much when I insisted that glasses go in front of the plate
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