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  1. I avoid the whole issue with worrying about bristles by using a Billy Bar. It isn’t fast, but it works and is safe. http://www.billybar.com
  2. I pretty much always use a heat deflector for anything 350 or less.
  3. I made these the other night. Fantastic!!
  4. Everything held together to get the distance done on race day. I was able to beat my stretch goal of 1 hour, 50 min.
  5. Ha ha ha...there will be no longer runs. This is a bucket list thing.
  6. Thanks. That is pretty much my plan - take the two weeks off an just go for it. I am rolling and stretching as many times as I can a day.
  7. A few years ago, there were some PT folks on this site, so I am looking for some advice. I am trying to run my first half marathon in 2 weeks. All runs have been great recently, knocking out 10 miles without an issue. On Saturday morning, I upped the run to 11 miles, which added significant hills. By the end of the run, I could feel things getting tight, extending from my rear, down my leg and across my knee. This was in both legs. I believe that I have angered the IT bands in both legs. I am rolling and stretching, but things are very sore. Any recommendations on what I should do up until my run? Should I stop running until then?
  8. The dough is from the Portland Pie Company out of Maine. The top one has a garlic crust and the bottom has a basil crust. Awesome pizza on a kamado is so easy. There may have been some home-brew involved in this cook, but since the site won't let me upload that, the world will never know.
  9. You won’t get a great seat on the second side. i make 6 oz burgers. Smash, wait till juice bubbles to the top, about 1.5 min, scrape/flip, wait about 1 min, melt cheese, done oh yeah, nothing leaner than 85 percent meat.
  10. Did you probe at multiple places? I would think that would be done in about 7-9 hours.
  11. The corn shaped cornbread is fantastic.
  12. If you want your stone higher, put it on top of the KJ grill expander. It is very stable and works well for pizza.
  13. Don’t give up on the big joe. You should be able to cook almost anything on it. For burgers, you should not need a drip pan.
  14. I hope the gasket comes soon. My old one is nonexistent.
  15. I use my gas grill. The kamado will hold the heat, which is not what you want.
  16. I know everyone will hate me, but I think that a gas grill is a better tool for this. They are more open by design which lets the heat out. A kamado will keep the heat in much more effectively, which is not what you want with cheese.
  17. A few quick pics from last Sunday's pizza dinner. Cooking dinner this time of year is tough for lighting. The good news for me is that between the flood lights and the Christmas lights, things aren't so bad. I thought the grill looked interesting against the darkness. I made 2 pizzas, but the site isn't letting me upload one of the pics.
  18. For the first time ever, we were home on Thanksgiving. We have never cooked a turkey before and my wife told me that I was in charge of the bird. It seemed like a good opportunity to fire up the grill. I read instructions from Dizzy Pig and watched many videos. There was one from BEER-N-BBQ by Larry that was quite helpful too. My process was a combo of both. The bird was a frozen Butterball, 14.8 lbs. It went into the fridge to thaw on Saturday evening. I did not brine. In the bird went two halves of a very small onion, a quartered apple and a halved lemon. If I did it again, I would put a little less in there to get a bit more heat in there during the cook. I had mixed up some butter with sage, thyme and poultry seasoning, since this is what my wife was using in the stuffing/dressing. I smeared the butter mix on the outside. Then dumped a bunch of white wine over the whole thing, letting the pan catch the runoff. All buttered up and onto the grill at 350 degrees... 1 hour in... 2 hours in, I pulled some of the items out of the cavity to try to move things along... It took a little longer than expected, but here it is off the grill at 3 hours and 20 minutes... Everyone was very happy with the outcome.
  19. My replacement firebox was packaged very differently. I am not sure why the one you received is so different.
  20. Same as above...for the $, I would get the II.
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