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    On 10/4/2018 at 6:40 PM, mike echo said:

    Tell us how it all worked outthe rehab and the half marathon. I'm hoping that all goes well and we will be discussing longer runs.:good:

    Ha ha ha...there will be no longer runs.  This is a bucket list thing.   

  2. A few years ago, there were some PT folks on this site, so I am looking for some advice. I am trying to run my first half marathon in 2 weeks.  All runs have been great recently, knocking out 10 miles without an issue.  On Saturday morning, I upped the run to 11 miles, which added significant hills.  By the end of the run, I could feel things getting tight, extending from my rear, down my leg and across my knee.  This was in both legs.  I believe that I have angered the IT bands in both legs.  I am rolling and stretching, but things are very sore.  Any recommendations on what I should do up until my run?  Should I stop running until then?  

  3. For the first time ever, we were home on Thanksgiving.  We have never cooked a turkey before and my wife told me that I was in charge of the bird.  It seemed like a good opportunity to fire up the grill.  


    I read instructions from Dizzy Pig and watched many videos.  There was one from BEER-N-BBQ by Larry that was quite helpful too.  My process was a combo of both.


    The bird was a frozen Butterball, 14.8 lbs.  It went into the fridge to thaw on Saturday evening.  I did not brine.


    In the bird went two halves of a very small onion, a quartered apple and a halved lemon.  If I did it again, I would put a little less in there to get a bit more heat in there during the cook.


    I had mixed up some butter with sage, thyme and poultry seasoning, since this is what my wife was using in the stuffing/dressing.  I smeared the butter mix on the outside.  Then dumped a bunch of white wine over the whole thing, letting the pan catch the runoff.


    All buttered up and onto the grill at 350 degrees...




    1 hour in...




    2 hours in, I pulled some of the items out of the cavity to try to move things along...




    It took a little longer than expected, but here it is off the grill at 3 hours and 20 minutes...





    Everyone was very happy with the outcome.  


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