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  1. ^^^Yup. Bottom vent is open as soon as I light it.
  2. ^^^^ Bingo. Do not try to run the grill with the heat deflectors in the lower position. It takes forever and risks damage to the grill. I do not have an ash tray, mine is old. The little ash removal tool is plenty, I do not need to shop vac things clean. You say that you stir up the old lump. When I do that, it breaks into small Captn Crunch size pieces. This is not the best for airflow. So, I push it to the sides of the grill and make sure the fresh lump goes in the center. I have found this to help airflow a bit. However, I have never gotten to 400 in 15 minutes. That is really short. If I needed to do that, would consider a 3rd lighter cube.
  3. 370 pounds?!?!? I can safely say that I will never be able to lift that much.
  4. I almost always grill my own food on my birthday. i prefer my food over eating out at most places. However, I don't make as many things as you did. That is a great looking spread.
  5. The pizza with the single piece of pepperoni in the middle is classic!
  6. Today nobody had any ideas for dinner. I sat down with the laptop and started going through John's videos. It didn't take long until we were off to the store for some ingredients. Turkey burgers: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/17156-grilled-turkey-burgers/ Offsetting the healthier burgers, we have pepperoni potatoes au gratin: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/30023-pepperoni-potatoes-au-gratin/ I debated on whether I should include the plated shot as it just looks like a hot mess. Combine a messy plate, poor setup and a crappy iPhone for a camera and you have this.... My family loved both the burgers and the potatoes. These are both keepers. Once again, I have to say thanks to John. He keeps my family well fed.
  7. You may have just solved part of my dinner quandary for Friday evening. This looks awesome. I enjoyed the fact that you mom comment on it on Youtube. Thanks for posting John.
  8. I don't even know how to vote. I already have a CyberQ, so I would not want to buy a temperature controller because I already have one. I generally use it for cooks that are going to be over a couple hours long. It lets my brain off the hook since I don't have to worry about the grill. I can be at a buddies house and check up on things.
  9. I am addicted to pepperoni, so I am in on this dish!!!
  10. Since the Road show hasn't discovered New England yet, I am thinking about pulling the trigger on this. Does anyone know if Amazon is considered an authorized retailer? I don't want to spend a grand and not have a warranty.
  11. As my gasket is degrading, it seems to make it difficult for my ATC to do its job. The overshoots have become fairly large since shutting the fan off doesn't clamp down the airflow - air comes in along the gasket. Other than that, my gasket is shot and I keep on going.
  12. Is 225 IT too high? I've read pull at 100-110 and sear it up. Got one on now, because this post gave me the idea. It looks more like 125 to me, rather than 225.
  13. I don't even know what to to say any more. Food is awesome, grill is awesome, pool is awesome.
  14. There are numerous threads in this part of the forum asking if the person should get the Classic or the Big Joe. Hopefully this will help someone out there. I am feeding a family of 4, where most would advise that a Classic is all that you need. However, tonight's cook is an example of why I went for the Big Joe. As you can see, there are 4 good size pork chops on there. In addition, there are 4 potatoes that have been cut into planks and spread around the grill. While there is a little bit of extra space, I don't think that I could have squeezed it all on the Classic. I might have been able to use the grill extender on the Classic, but sometimes it is difficult to get to the food under the extender. My preference is to use the Big Joe footprint. Like I said, hopefully this helps someone make their decision.
  15. Hold on a minute. I am crying foul on this post. You can't tell us that you made grilled doughnuts and not post a recipe.
  16. Great purchase. Is that real grass in you picture? Holy cow, it looks perfect.
  17. 52:23...nicely done John. That is two minutes faster than me and I thought I was flying.
  18. Looks like I need to place an order!!
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