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  1. Wow, I'm glad I bought my two last year when they were $299 I believe.
  2. They really frown upon me when I drink beer at work!
  3. OK so yesterday after seeing this post I went to the lunch room and found a vacuum sealed pack of brisket I brought to work a week ago and made me a sandwich. Not near as good looking as yours, but it sure hit the spot along with that good old fashion bottle coke! Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Frickin peoples kids! Unbelievable, that must just totally suck! Sure it's great that you have insurance, but there are some things that cannot ever be replaced. Seems to me that you are taking things pretty well. Welcome back and keep your head high bro!
  5. Oh ya sure add a cold beer why don't cha! I might have to quit work early now because of you two. Although hmmm that may not be a bad idea.
  6. Damn you! Now I have to go find something to eat. Those look amazing!!
  7. My cilantro has germinated! Yippee, I was starting to wonder. Now I'm waiting for my peppers to poke through.
  8. I agree with BOTH the PT-100 and the reverse sear. I have reverse seared several steaks and they taste and turn out NO different than a traditionally seared steak, but take a much longer time to grill. Reverse searing is waaaay over-hyped IMO. Grilling a steak is so simple, but all this reverse sear BS makes the simple grill a real PIA. Been thinking the same thing. Heat the grill to 600o throw the beef on, sear both sides. Eat like a king!
  9. Do some research here... http://www.twpinc.com/wire-mesh/TWPCAT_12 Looks like they would have exactly what you are looking for.
  10. I think the quality on my new Weber Spirit (made in China)is better than the 20 year old Genesis (made in the USA) it replaced. It's a great little grill and I do believe the only Weber model made in China. Sure lots of cheap stuff still comes out China but you're living in the past if you think they're not capable of producing quality products because they do. They have plenty of money and some of the most technologically advanced factories in the world. I've seen it. It pains me to see how lazy young Americans have become but lets not blame the foreigners for picking up the slack. That our own fault. Hmm I'm not sold. But having said that, I don't own a new one. I have just looked at them in Home Depot and personally not impressed with the quality from what I could see. Definitely one of the better gas grills at that price point as most are sh!t IMO. But I would challenge any of them them to hang in as long as my 17 year old Weber with 0 repairs.
  11. He totally loves it and it was around a $100.00 including the drywall screws. I thought about another board for the steps, but he's 55lbs soaking wet and they are more than strong enough. So we decided against the extra board just for looks. All four of my boys are headbangers LOL just like their ol man. Took my three oldest to a Maiden concert about three years ago, so they would have been 12, 10 & 8. When we first got there I thought what the hell am I doing taking these kids to a Maiden concert. Guitar Hero, Rock Star video games had got my boys hooked on classic rock. Well once the concert started my boys were standing on their chairs singing word for word all the songs. The people around us were chanting rock on little rock dudes LOL It was priceless and it turned out to be an awesome concert all around (no smoking arena).
  12. I see all the great wood working skills you guys have exhibited. i thought I'd show you some of mine or lack of. LOL Here's a bed I built for my 9 yr old a few months back and he just loves it. I drew it out and had Home Depot cut everything out and I was left with less than 24" of leftover wood. I assembled it in about 2 hours. kinda shocked myself, but it is kinda crude. Not finished well, just made sure there are no sharp edges or slivers.
  13. That's a really good idea. Too bad I read your post after I pulled it all apart! Whoops. Ah well, it'll be fine. Yup or you can do what I do (cause I have four young boys that seem to be always hungry) and that is freeze individual pkgs. I now have a vacuum sealer and I'll bet it has already paid for itself in unspoiled food. The boys just grab a pack cut it open nuke and throw it on some sort of bread. Wished I would have thought about this years ago.
  14. Pretty sure that wire is galvanized. You will want to stay away from that unless you want to make someone very sick. Zinc poisoning!
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