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  1. As always, i absolutely love tour post ! Very well done. Very inspiring.
  2. Hey ! Is it a "Poutine" on the side ???
  3. Nosferat


    Lucky guy !
  4. Nosferat

    Be Safe

    Is any crazy members will cook on his Kamado during the Blizzard ?
  5. Haha, "Smaug" : you too have a name for your Kamado ! I feel more normal then... Dog is good idea : i have to make some soon...
  6. Look vert well. Do you have recipe for the buns ?
  7. Hi ! Welcome. Believe me, after six month, I've never regert my buy. It,S BBQ over the top.
  8. Thx, Very instructive as usual. I'll try this soon. PS Is this your daughter ? Funny
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