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  1. The extra weight on the chicken cooks the flesh different, and the add contact with the grills transfers the heat faster. That was my take one when i did them. Heated bricks gets it from the bone side. They seam to come out ok, but I have not done one for a few years.
  2. That's correct. Instructions are for a brine or dry cure. 20grams per kg. The market has boneless well trimmed pork shoulders this week. Picked up two this morning and will get them started later today.
  3. I got around to making bacon for the first time. Started with just over 5lb of pork belly. I have not found any tender quick up here but did find this at a Polish market. To cold smoke I took at drip pan and fashioned this V trough to hold some wood pellets. It work real good, just went out on the first try, so it put one piece of lump on the starting end. Trick is to make sure it's really going before you blowout the flames. The results were super. The yield was just over 4lbs. The kids want me to make more already .
  4. They all cooks look great. We had some friends over last weekend and cook a spatchcocked turkey. My sou chef injected it with butter and did some spiced butter over and under the skin. The problem was it did not fit on my rig. So a quick operation and it fit nice. It was 14lb and I cooked it at 400, it was done in under 2 hours. Forgot to take finished pictures as we where all having to much fun by then. It turned out real good for my first turkey and everyone liked it. Looking forward to the next one.
  5. My breast hit 160 on Sunday and the thighs were 198. Wings who knows, maybe going in the pressure cooker tomorrow.
  6. Looks great. I did a turkey today to, but in the excitement forgot to take a cooked picture. It came out real good, I did it spatchcocked but had to remove the legs as it did not fit. I'll post a pic tomorrow of what looked like once it fit.
  7. I've upgraded my pots and pans this summer to good set of Multi-clad stainless steel. I waited a long time and picked them up when they were 70% off. They perform very well,and I am happy with them. Enameled Cast iron also has it's place, just like some good clay dishes . Some of my best Roast Chicken comes out of a clay roaster.
  8. Ok pics may work now rebooted, after eating the smoke'n crack potatoes . Before the cook After Shrimp, in some spice And then there was lunch. And the sous chef made a nice cake. For dessert.
  9. Yes Hazel is Mississauga from the beginning of time. Ford land is just next door. Not sure what's going on with my ipad, it's not letting me upload tonight. Maybe feds. Are blocking me.
  10. Just for fun I had to try a receipt for our local Mayor who's had a little issue lately. Modifying the popular Crack potatoes receipt I only used one container of sour cream, and drained the bacon fat from the bacon bits. We all need to watch what we eat,Mayor's included. Fried up a onion for the party,and added some herb Garlic butter. This was also used on the roasted Chicken , The smoke'n Crack Potatoes came out great, but people say some hot sauce in the mix would make them better. Pictures to follow, ipad is on crack for some reason.
  11. Bferne I know that place in Oakville , it's a very hight end butcher. That butt should be great. They also have some nice spatchcocked chickens, the peri peri one is excellent. Some stores are having the picnic shoulders on for 99 cents, which is about as cheap as we see up there.
  12. Ok now your making my mouth water. Going to have to try some.
  13. Looks great, I'll take a pound or two.
  14. I may follow recipies as a base, but may have to change it if missing an item or two. Like Marty says, start cooking and toss in things that taste good. Create not follow.
  15. Have yet to try the fatty. Looks so yummy. I would guess if there is some were for the cheese to go other than out it would. Maybe some bread crumbs with the cheese.
  16. Dub they look soooo good. Had some real crappy wings from a box last night. The pan job looks so easy. Have not been able to cook for a week. Trip on my slippers last weekend and hurt my arm and ego. Back in the game today. ABTs and baby backs are on.
  17. Good idea,gets the flavor right in them. Planning ahead for meals that's something me and my wife have never mastered.
  18. They look great. Anything special hiding in them?
  19. Good job Jrow, it looks real tasty.
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