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  1. Yeah we’ll I always try to be law abiding!
  2. Came out really good! Ran about an hour and 15 minutes at 300.
  3. 3 lb rump roast I decided to take for a spin. Rubbed with garlic infused EVOO, garlic powder and bbq seasoning then in a freezer bag with 1/2 cup of Worchestershire and 1/2 cup of soy sauce to bathe for awhile. Got Joe going with some pecan chunks. Since it’s illegal in Mississippi to grill without an adult beverage I had to comply. Using the rest of the Mari are for basting.
  4. They are really good! Try it you’ll like it.
  5. Thanks. It’s getting to be a Friday habit.
  6. Bacon wrapped filets, shrimp stuffed twice baked potatoes and wine! Nice start of the weekend. Ribs tomorrow for football.
  7. I hear ya! Been to Chalmette plenty times and fished lots in Delacroix. Buddy had a cup until Katrina. Now a home on wheels. Chuckie was really good. Po man’s brisket, although with the price they’re getting for chuck roasts now that is changing.
  8. Brined for an hour in pink Himalayan sea salt, rinsed, patted dry, brushed with melted butter and seasoned. On Joe at 425 for 40 minutes or so until probing 165. Rested 10 minutes. Served with seasoned butter beans.
  9. SEC football, 3 hour chuck roast and beverages! Damn I’m glad we dodged another one but my heart goes out to the folks in South Louisiana. 18 holes th# morning, soso, 44, 43. But there was beer on the 19th hole! Rubbed a Chuckie with blood Orange EVOO and Dorgnac’s bbq rub. Got th3 Classic up to 325 and Chuckie on. Opened a bag of Royal Oak. Lots of large chunks. on for an hour th3n in a Dutch oven with beef stock, taters, onions, mushrooms, carrots and love. After an hour in the DO for another couple of hours.
  10. Just opened a bag of Royal Oak I got atWally World for $9.99/15 lb bag. Lots of large chunks.
  11. The marinade I added to the stock really enhanced the flavor. I’ve started adding a packet of gravy mix when I put everything in the DO to help thicken the gravy. Seems to work but I also take the meat out to rest and crank up the heat to thicken it too.
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