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  1. Smoked and sliced after braising in a Dutch Oven.
  2. Last time I did two butts it took he same time. 6 hours or so at 325 then wrapped and in cooler wrapped in towels for at least an hour or in a 150 degree oven.
  3. I do CSR direct on the grill for an hour or so then in a foil pan with some thinned bbq sauce and diced onions and bell peppers the cover and back on for another hour and a half to two hours. Always nice and tender.
  4. Do you lump charcoal or briquettes? I always use lump, light it in the middle of the pile and usually see no. Heavy white smoke after about thirty minutes then the birds go on. Mine usually runs between 275-300 and the chicken is typically do e I 45-55 minutes. Lately I’ll put the chicken in a Pan uncovered
  5. 4.5 lb shoulder roast from Winn Dixie on sale for $14. On the grill for an hour then in my DO with a can of beef broth, onions, bell pepper, carrots and taters. Added a can of water with brown gravy mix stirred in too. On for another couple of hours and done! Round 2 is meals for the week. Skinless breasts.
  6. Boneless breast thawed so on Joe at 325 with some cherry chunks for an hour. Sliced a stick of butter, half on the bottom of doubled foil and 1/3 on top, wrapped and pulled 45 minutes later at 165. Juicy and good!
  7. My usual start up is to load the grill to the top of the fire bowl then make a depression in the middle, insert an alcohol soaked cotton ball with the top and bottom vent wide open. Once the cotton ball burns out (about 5-8 minutes) I put the deflector and grill grates in and leave the vents wide open until I reach about 200 or so then close the bottom vent to 1/2-1” and close the top vent to about a 1/4” crack with the daisy wheel open. When I reach my target temp (usually 275 or so for just about everything but chicken and roast) then I shut the top vent and leave the daisy wheel open. I adjust temp by the daisy wheel thereafter. Usually takes about 1/2 hour. Don’t sweat temp swings of 30-50 degrees. That wil just speed up your cook.
  8. Cored the cabbage and rubbed with butter. Placed some sliced butter between some of the cabbage. Salt, pepper, garlic powder. Chopped up three sausage links and stuffed some into cored out cabbage. Put in pan uncovered with small can of chicken broth. Smoked for an hour at 300-320 to get some smoke. Then add another can of broth, break apart cabbage, add rest of sausage, cover with foil and go another 2 hours or so.
  9. Blue is nice. I gave a friend who always has it at his house and he likes to share. My usual is Glenmorange or Glenlivet. My usual is either Glenlivet or Glenmorange. Good stuff there!
  10. I haven’t either! A Christmas present. Double smokey/peaty!
  11. Starting off traditionally. A pot of black eyed peas and sausage simmering for three hours while the cabbage is smoking on the grill and the ham is baking. Here’s hoping 2022 is better than the last two years! Now I have to make the hard choice before heading for my recliner and the football games!
  12. Good plan. When the bone wiggles it’s done….or ready to go!
  13. Great looking ribs! I never see short ribs like that at Wally World, Winn Dixie or Rouse’s. I’m jealous!
  14. Oops! I’ve always used Jiffy cuz that’s what Mama used. She always added a little sugar too.
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