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  1. Great looking cook! Did you leave the wrap on the turkey breast the whole time? Temp?
  2. I just noticed my topic title. Somehow New became Em. WTF! I guess that’s what happens when you drink and post!
  3. It’s a crabmeat dressing. I get them already made at a local seafood shop.
  4. Hahaha! Not quite. It’s a Glacier Drop, but Romulan ale sounds better! Vodka, Blue Curaçao and a little sweet and sour mix.
  5. Combo Anniversary/New Year’s Eve dinner. Filet, stuffe bacon wrapped shrimp and stuffed merletons. Great meal!
  6. Depends on how you want to serve it. If slicing it has to be medium rare at most or it will be tough. Works great sliced thin and make Philly cheese steaks. I have also smoked and put it in a Dutch oven with beef stock, taters, onions, carrots, sometimes mushrooms and covered for a couple more hours till tender. Makes a killer pot roast.
  7. Sure, why not? Experiments sometimes turn out good. Merry Christmas!
  8. Smoke it for a little bit then put it in a Dutch oven with a can of beef broth and veggies and let it go u til tender. Pot roast!
  9. That picture is certainly not Oxford Mississippi! Looks like a sci-fi or apocalyptic movie scene. I use cotton balls soaked in alcohol for starters and keep them in an old pickle jar. No melting or sticking together there.
  10. Well I’m no help since I have both. Started out with a Big Joe and bought a classic for a house on the river we have. Flood threatened and I moved it to my house and never moved it back. I use the classic more but if I’m doing three racks or something and a side in my cast iron skillet the Big Joe is it cause it all fits. Of course if you have a rib rack or another rack you could fit 3 in The Classic too.
  11. Fresh Gulf shrimp. Bacon, heat, beer. What a plan!
  12. Exactly! I start with the thin end then switch to the thicker end after several uses.
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