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  1. Mayhem in college football! Great day all around yesterday. Now it’s time for the Saints to win! Who Dat!
  2. I love the CI half moon. Flat on one side and ridges on the other. Great for searing steaks.
  3. Why not! Fresh halibut, skin on, and fresh crab cakes. On the Classic at 350. Sautéed some garlic in butter and drizzled over the fish. Crab cakes on my half moon griddle with butter infused EVOO then topped with the rest of the garlic butter mixture. Delicious!
  4. I did watch part of it but changed channels quickly. Mr Hoppy was really good! Original West Coast style IPA, not hazy.
  5. Excellent! Now it’s time for Rebels vs Tide!
  6. Well I have some Royal Refs, Brussels sprouts, onions bell peppers and bacon. Let’s see what happens.
  7. Small loin perfect for two. Seasoned and let come to temp while I fire up the Classic. Half hour to get to 335, small chunk of mesquite and an hour later, ready to eat! Easy Sunday meal, with leftovers for Cubanos.
  8. Wow! A buddy has a trailer down there where his house use to be before Katrina. Great times there. I hope everyone is okay. Are you back up and running? Keep smoking!
  9. Looking good! Glad you have power back. Hope you didn’t get too much damage. I bet Delacroix got torn up this time! Only flooding on local rivers here but 3 1/2 feet of mud is a bi**h to clean up. Labor Day weekend for sure, all 3 days. Keep up the good work!
  10. Yes it’s back down. Now just clean up and moving sand around. Got friends coming to help so I’m planning to grill some pork loins and maybe a butt for lunch during clean up. And of course a couple of ice chests of adult beverages! Now back on topic!
  11. Thanks daninpd. Crested last night at 16 feet. Every little bit helps! Katrina put water upstairs and Hurricane Georges in ‘98 got within a foot of going in the upstairs so we’re fortunate.
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