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  1. No 3 hours total. Just start probing when IT reaches around 200 then remove when probe tender. If you want pulled or shredded beef keep going to around 210-215.
  2. I like my chuck roasts to go to 165 then put it in a Dutch oven with a can of beef stock, taters, onions and bell peppers and go until tender. Try it. Usually done by 3 hours.
  3. Home Depot seems to always have R O lump $12.99 a bag.
  4. I really like the rub I used. Got a nice smoke ring too.
  5. 2 hours 45 minutes. Came out perfect for us! Not quite fall off the bone.
  6. About 50 minutes wrapped. Put the rack on and poured a little foil juice on the sauced with Sweet Baby Ray’s. another 15 minutes or so should do it.
  7. An hour and 45 minutes and looking good. Temp crept up to 290 but it’s all good. Wrapped with 1/2 cup of Cabernet. I’ll check again in 45 minutes or so.
  8. 78 degrees at 8 am, feels like 88 so rubs and suds today. Did a high burn yesterday after grilling some ribeyes so the bowl was clean. Loaded with fresh lump and buried a couple of chunks of mesquite and some hickory. lit at 8:30 and got to 260. Seasoned ribs with some Smoked Whiskey Lemon Fusion Funk, my new favorite. Rack on at 9:15. I’ll check in 1.75 hours.
  9. Get your temp between 270-290 dome temp. 1.75-2 hours bare. double layer foil and add 1/2 cup of liquid of your choice (I like red wine) for .75-1 hour. Remove from foil and back on for 15 minutes or so to firm up a little or add sauce.
  10. Smoke em at 295-300. Wrap in foil or put the lid on a Dutch oven at 150-160 IT. Mine are always done in 3-4 hours that way. Just be careful with rubs with sugar.
  11. Black fisH filets (Some call it Triple tail) salt, pepper, garlic infused EVOO and a little lemon infused EVOO. Couple of cold ones!
  12. Usually 25-30 minutes but that is a guide. When the thick white smoke is gone and the temp stabilizes to what I want is usually no more than 1/2 hour.
  13. On my Big Joe or Joe Classic I do ribs - babybacksor spares. - the same way and they always come out how we (notice I include the Admiral here) like them. Get to 265-275 or 280. Bare for 1.75-2 hours. Wrapped in foil with 1/2 cup of red wine to give the ribs an earthy flavor for .75-1 hour. 1/2 hour for sauce. Always moist and smoky!
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