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  1. I usually do BBs in 3 hours, 2 hours bare, 1 hour wrapped in foil with 1/2 cup of red wine the 15-30 minutes out of the foil for saucing. Last cook I did 3 hours bare with no wrapping. Don’t cook to a particular temp, just until they break a little when picked up with tongs 1/2 way done the slab. Next time i’ll Probably go 1 1/2 bare, 1 hour wrapped then bare until I think they’re done, probably around 3 hours. Look for pull back from the bones, like the rack on the right. You can see also how they break when lifted - the bend test for doneness.
  2. Also chop soaked cotton balls. Usually one in the middle for any cook, sometimes. 91% is the only one that works. Well I guess 100% would work too but that is usually in my scotch.
  3. Like John says, just go by the dome temp. On my Big Joe my dome temp is 40-50 degrees lower than the grate temp. The meat is usually done when it probes tender, not at any particular target temp. I’ve had buttstender at 200 and 220. All done at 275-295 dome temp in 4-5 hours. Just experiment until you get used to it and have fun.
  4. Why do you want to baste? The Kamado is a moist atmosphere in itself. I never baste. St Louis, baby back, I do them all at 265-285 or so whichever the grill wants to go to. Sometimes it hits 300. No worries, just cooks faster. I always let them go two hours bare, wrap in foil with 1/2 cup of red wine for an hour and then out of the foil for 15 minutes for saucing. Comes out great every time.
  5. Put in the pan after it reaches 160-165 or so. No need to add liquid, it’ll do that for you.
  6. 8-10 lb butt in 5 hours or so at 290-300 put in a deep foil pan and covered tightly with foil will give you plenty of juice to reincorporate when pulling. Resting an hour or so let’s it suck that juice back in. Usually probes tender around 215 or so but I don’t pay too much attention to temp, just probe tenderness.
  7. Another Joe vote. I have a Big Joe and noe have a Classic too. Can’t go wrong.
  8. I was really happy with this, especially the CPtain Rodney’s. It gave its little sweet kick. Definitely doing this again.
  9. Came out really great! https://i.imgur.com/KiowcSt.jpg
  10. Off the grill. Decided to glaze with Captain Rodney’s.
  11. Just flipped it to crisp up the other side.
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