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  1. Looks really good! Monday’s was red beans day at our house every week, except when Mama switched to big Lima’s. Always had corn bread either in the cast iron skillet or the corn bread sticks cast iron form. I can still taste them with melted butter running down the sides!
  2. Looks good! I’ve always done butts around 300, the first time unintentionally, but when it was done in 5-6 hours when all I read said 8-10 I was happy. Always moist and tender too. Haven’t done one any other way. Question, do you have a drip pan under it to catch the drippings? Most times I do not. I let it go to around 150-165 then put the butt in a foil pan and end up with a ton of juice/fat/goodness, then I wrap the butt and let it sit while separating the fat. Is this your method or something different?
  3. Sometimes just pan fried with SPOG, sometimes deep fried, sometimes in a pan or foil boat on the grill with thin sliced onions and thin sliced tomatoes on it and sometimes like I’ve had in Belize where it is wrapped tightly in tin foil, with a dB of Blue Plate, sliced onions, flavorall or similar seasoning and leave it alone until the foil pouch puffs up. Then it’s done. Of course broiled in the oven drizzled with a little EVOO, butter and chopped garlic is really good too.
  4. 20-30 degree temp swing doesn’t matter. Sit back, have a beer and enjoy!
  5. Sounds like what we have here - black drum. They have fu Manchu whiskers on their bottom lip. They’re pretty good too. Catch them and sheepshead around piling. They like barnacles.
  6. Redfish on the half shell caught yesterday. Bottle of wine, some tunes and relax.
  7. Yes! Hoping Saturday to drop the boat and head to the Shed!
  8. In need of a midweek adjustment. Meat and wine! Fire up Classic, season and drink. 1-2-3
  9. Well when you cook2 racks for 2 people sometimes you have a little left.
  10. Leftovers tonite - rib pizza!
  11. Maybe me were 1 hour 15 minutes bare, 1 hour foiled with 1/2 cup of Merlot the 15 minutes for sauce. Did the leftovers tonight as a rib pizza.
  12. Looks great! Did some “Thank God it didn’t come across Florida into the Gulf” ribs Monday. Kinda turbo since they only took 2.5 hours. Hope you’re safe.
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