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  1. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    I was really happy with this, especially the CPtain Rodney’s. It gave its little sweet kick. Definitely doing this again.
  2. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Came out really great! https://i.imgur.com/KiowcSt.jpg
  3. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Off the grill. Decided to glaze with Captain Rodney’s.
  4. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Just flipped it to crisp up the other side.
  5. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Fatty’s on the grill.
  6. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    I thought I could roll it up tight like it was in the package. The problem was the more I messed with it the bigger it got!
  7. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Ha! This is my first one.
  8. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Going on about 2:00.
  9. dman

    Non-Super Bowl

    Putting everything together. Spread out the Jimmy Dean, threw on some Belcampo Butt rub, added some whipped chive and onion sour cream, shredded sharp cheddar, jalapeños stuffed with Kalimanta olives and feta cheese and rolled up. Did a bacon weave and rolled it. Resting in the fridge so everybody can get to know each other. Going to smoke for a couple of hours or so to an IT of 155-165 then wrap and rest.
  10. 2 hours bare at 275-295, wrap in foil with liquid of your choice (I use red wine but that wouldn’t be good for a 7 year old) like apple juice with squeeze butter, etc. for 1 hour, then out of the foil for 15-20 minutes for saucing if you want sauce.
  11. Well we’re not watching the game but we’re still having a party! I have never done a fatty since I got my Big Joe but this weekend will change that. I have 2 Jimmy Dean sausage rolls, some jalapeños and two kinds of cream cheese along with a pound and a half of bacon. I’m thinking stuff the peppers with one type of cream cheese, spread the other on the flattened sausage, add some shredded cheddar cheese and roll it up the in a bacon weave. Any N.Y. other ideas fora first timer?
  12. Yeas but the Saints put the Gris Gris on everyone during the regular season and won. But you can’t win when you’re playing against 12 on the field. I think Nick Foley is going to make a lot of $$ and make a lot of fans happy somewhere else.
  13. Oh well, another season done. I won't Know who to be for in the Super Bowl now. hoping for a tie!