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  1. No bought at my local seafood shop. Great stuff. Usually I get fresh fish, oysters or shrimp but he does get these, filets, twice baked potatoes and other goodies.
  2. Excellent! “On the grill again, just can’t wait to get on the grill again...”
  3. Quick sear, 4 minutes a side then on the grill.
  4. Something new for supper. Got these two stuffed chops. On the griddle side first then the grate side for Mark’s. We’ll see...,
  5. Just my $.02, when I do baby backs, or spares for that matter, I get the dome temp to 265-270 (which usually means my grate temp is higher) and put the ribs on meat side up for 1.5 hours, then foil with a 1/2 cup of red wine for 45 minute or so, then out of the foil for 1/2 hour or until the bones pull back nicely. Always comes out great and I always have the deflector in.
  6. It was good. Just cook it enough to crisp it up. Damn what a shame. Great food there and here.
  7. Picked up 4 fresh soft shell crabs. Decided to do something different. Soaked them in milk, salt and pepper for 15 minutes. Meanwhile sautéed garlic, green onions, spinich leaves and artichoke hearts. Sprinkled flour over the crabs and brushed with melted butter. Broiled for 8 minutes, then flipped and brushed again. Added sautéed stuff to drained pasta, parsley and feta cheese and topped with crabs. Excellent!
  8. 9 bags of oak leaves, drain and clean hot tub. I’m tired! Time to relax. Tall glass of single malt and royal reds on the grill.
  9. Nice evening on the river. 65 degrees, beautiful sunset, thick filets and bacon stuffed taters. Meat and fire! Beers for the chef. Perfect!
  10. I would say the closest one to you but I ordered my Big Joe from BBQ Guys and have not been disappointed. Black. Got a Joe Classic a few years later, red. Both taste the same. Why not red?
  11. I have a Big Joe and a Classic. I tend to use the classic more since it is just two of us and I can get it up to temp and have meat on in 30 minutes, but I still love using Big Joe with multiple racks or cooking for more family.
  12. It really was juicy and very tasty. Next up is a bacon wrapped boneless breast.
  13. Haven’t posted in awhile but didn’t stop cooking. New Year’s Day smoked cabbage and ham Next weekend white bean soup with leftover ham and ham bone Filet with lump crabmeat sautéed in butter and garlic with crawfish stuffed twice baked potato Grilled triple tail and grilled oysters with butter, garlic and crabmeat I guess the diet will have to wait!
  14. Tried something different today. Injected a 4lb bone in breast with butter,hot sauce and butt rub after pulling the skin off. On Joe until brown then foiled with more butter. 165 and rest for 10 minutes. Came out really great!
  15. Great looking cook! Did you leave the wrap on the turkey breast the whole time? Temp?
  16. I just noticed my topic title. Somehow New became Em. WTF! I guess that’s what happens when you drink and post!
  17. It’s a crabmeat dressing. I get them already made at a local seafood shop.
  18. Hahaha! Not quite. It’s a Glacier Drop, but Romulan ale sounds better! Vodka, Blue Curaçao and a little sweet and sour mix.
  19. Combo Anniversary/New Year’s Eve dinner. Filet, stuffe bacon wrapped shrimp and stuffed merletons. Great meal!
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