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  1. Thank you! You should try these rubs. Made in the Delta and really good on ribs!
  2. After an hour out for sauce with a little Sweet Baby Ray’s. Came out really good. On at 10:15 off at 1:15.
  3. 10:00 this morning and it’s 88 degrees and feels like 99! Picked up a rack of baby backs Friday so I rubbed it with some Bootsie’s Whisket Lemon Fusion Funk, got Big Joe to 265 and let it ride for an hour and a half. Wrapped with a 1/2 cup of red wine and it’ll go for 45-60 minutes then I’ll take the rack out and add some sauce.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. How did your ribs turn out? I usually smoke ribs 275-290, 1.75-2 hours bare, 1 hour wrapped with liquid, then 1/2 hour for sauce. Works the same for spares and baby backs..
  5. I put lump like that in a plastic gallon ice cream bucket inside my charcoal storage bin. After loading larger pieces of lump I’ll spend the small pieces on top of that to fill the bowl. I have a stainless steel grate at the bottom of my Big Joe. Hate er falls through gets thrown away.
  6. Top on the whole time, just like I do chuck roast.
  7. Never tried this one before, only chuck roasts. Was wondering if it would turn out tender or not. Did the typical chuck roast method, seasoned and on the grill for an hour then in the Dutch oven with a can of beef broth, potatoes and carrots. Added a pack of brown gravy mix too. Total cook time 3.5 hours. Came out great and really tender. I’ll do this again!
  8. That looks really good and you did a great job! Yes I learned the hard way on my first one. Didn’t poke a hole in the middle and had a silo of grease!
  9. Sounds good! They’re really easy. You’ll have no problem.
  10. Well it does open with a gentle whack. I’ve been doing that and it works. It’s just aggravating!
  11. I have a Kamado Joe Classic with the top vent that has a daisy wheel. Lately when I try to slide the top vent open it is stuck, apparently on residue that has built up on the base that the top sits on and swings open on. Same with the daisy wheel. What is a good cleaner to use to prevent this? I do not have the same problem on my Big Joe that I have had longer.
  12. A little post rib snack with some cold ones.
  13. It doesn’t hurt to take a break from the Kamado once in awhile and get back to my grilling roots.
  14. Wrapped after an hour and a half and back on for 45 minutes. Came out really great!
  15. Let’s try that again..
  16. Giving Joe a break and going old school with my Cajun Grill. Loaded up the tray with lump and put a rack of spares and a rack of baby backs. Adjusted the vents almost closed since there are no gaskets anywhere. Settled in between 290-320. https://i.imgur.com/ScXSZNn.jpg https://i.imgur.com/3obY5t9.jpg
  17. I always bury 3 or 4 chunks of wood around the bowl about 3-4” from the center, sometimes a few closer to the sides, and use a single alcohol soaked cotton ball in the center. Top and bottom vents wide open with the lid closed after 10-15 minutes the dome temp is usually around 290-300. I’ll put the deflector and grates in and the temp drops to 150-175. After another 10-15 minutes temp is back around 275 or so and I’ll close the bottom vent at least 1/2 way, maybe more, and the top vent all the way with the daisy wheel fully open (I have the original version. 30 minutes from lighting I have the temp I’m looking for and thin blue smoke. I’ve found sometimes unburned pieces of wood chunks. This process works for me low and slow, which for me is usually 265, or hot and fast.
  18. S’mores! Double fold some tin foil and put graham crackers and apiece of chocolate down. Once the chocolate melts a little add the marshmallow and smoosh down with another cracker and close the lid for a minute or two. Fantstic! Also cut a watermelon into circles, put it on the grill and add a little maple syrup spread around. Also grilled pineapple.
  19. Had 3 boneless skinless breasts with a use or freeze by date of tomorrow. Decided to do something different....chicken cordon bleu. Never tried it before. Made a slit in two and wrapped some ham slices in Swiss cheese and stuffed the roll in the slit. SPG and rubbed with some garlic Parmesan wing sauce. The other breast just had SPG and some garlic infused EVOO for fajitas tomorrow for Cinco de Mayo. On the grill at 350 for 50 minutes until 165 IT. came out pretty good!
  20. Nice and crispy. Mostly at 300-325.
  21. Yes. I use parchment paper so it is easy to get it off the grill. Also helps contain the grease.
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