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  1. I don’t use a drip pan unless I’m trying to capture juice. I just flip the deflectors every other cook to burn off the grease.
  2. Well my dome thermometer is usually 40 degrees or so under a grate temp probe. I’ve stopped using grate temp devices and just go by the dome. I don’t really care about the grill level temp. The meat tells me when it’s done or my Thermopen does. Simpler.
  3. I foil after 3 hours (150ish IT) in a pan to catch the juice. Usually takes 5.5-6 hours to probe tender then 1–2-3 hours rest in cooler wrapped in foil and towels.
  4. I usually run 290-295. They just seems to cook that way on my Big Joe. I usually let them go to 150-160 IT, which is usually around 3 hours, them put them in an aluminum pan and cover with foil. That way I get plenty of good pig juice to mix in when I pull.
  5. I’ve done 2 10 pound butts at the same time. Took the same length of time as one, 5 1/2 hours with a couple of hours rest.
  6. P.S. it was cool seeing my newbie thread resurrected!
  7. I have found over the years that I leave my deflectors in for everything. I got a 1/2 moon griddle and use that to wear steaks, chops, etc. Guess I’m lazy and don’t feel like messing with the deflectors anymore so I just leave them in. Works for me.
  8. Crumpled up tin foil and/or wood shims. $1.58 for a pack of 12. When the thin end gets split flip it over and use the thick end then toss it when it gets gunned up.
  9. Easy laid back cook and meal. Plenty of time to relax with a few cold ones!
  10. I know, like over a year! Saw the sale and figured it’s about time..
  11. Wrapped and resting in the cooler in a towel at 4:45. 6 hours 208 and probing nicely. I’ll open it up in an hour or hour and a half. Came out wonderful! Got a pan full for Monday!
  12. Wrapped and resting in the cooler in a towel at 4:45. 6 hours 208 and probing nicely. I’ll open it up in an hour or hour and a half. save the pig juice for mixing.
  13. 205 and probing nicely. Time to rest.
  14. 8lb butt for $.88 a pound at Winn Dixie so picked one up. Played 18 holes this morning then fired up Big Joe at 10:00 am. Trimmed and rubbed then on the grill at 10:45 at 265. 3 hours later in a pan and wrapped with foil for 2-3 more hours.
  15. Exactly what I do! Of course I use my propane torch to light it just cuz I have it.
  16. I just ordered a Classic 1 from Ace Hardware to be delivered to my son’s house as a gift. Looking at what is included I do not see a heat deflector. Does anyone know if it comes with them?
  17. No bought at my local seafood shop. Great stuff. Usually I get fresh fish, oysters or shrimp but he does get these, filets, twice baked potatoes and other goodies.
  18. Excellent! “On the grill again, just can’t wait to get on the grill again...”
  19. Quick sear, 4 minutes a side then on the grill.
  20. Something new for supper. Got these two stuffed chops. On the griddle side first then the grate side for Mark’s. We’ll see...,
  21. Just my $.02, when I do baby backs, or spares for that matter, I get the dome temp to 265-270 (which usually means my grate temp is higher) and put the ribs on meat side up for 1.5 hours, then foil with a 1/2 cup of red wine for 45 minute or so, then out of the foil for 1/2 hour or until the bones pull back nicely. Always comes out great and I always have the deflector in.
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