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  1. Smokehowze

    Making Bologna at Home

    Love it! Homemade bologna is the king. Son and I just made a 3 lb roll of pork only (as that was leftover from another project and no beef was thawed) that we cooked in my round homeade "ham press" in the sous vide. Used mace instead of nutmeg (same family) but no coriander in this batch and I think it does need the coriander.like you did. How garlicky is yours with the one clove? Ours needed a higher garlic profile (using granulated) as we were seeking a "garlic" bologna and I am curious the difference using fresh. I like the turkey thighs idea....
  2. It is Good Friday and you are from New Orleans ... what to cook ... simple answer - a Shrimp Etouffee. Start with a traditional roux of flour and oil Add the the Cajun Trinity (onion, bell pepper, celery). Add the tomato elements and the other seasonings and good stuff you learned from your mama and your "May May" (grandmother) Cook the mixture for the flavor to develop and adjust seasonings until it is just right. Then at the very end when the rice is separately done cooking, add the peeled and butterflied shrimp that have been brined in a salt solution and crab boil seasoning mixture. Cook for a few more minutes.... Then say the blessing and enjoy with the family. Happy Easter!
  3. OK. I am hungry all over again! You win!
  4. Smokehowze

    Casserole hates me...

    THAT is such a classic and timeless photo. The green eyed glint and the green sweater... and the expression is pure Machiavelli. You MIGHT get forgiveness this one time but you had better not try that a second time!
  5. Smokehowze

    Detroit Style Pizza Pan

    And I just HAD to catch up on my reading with this post while in a self-imposed restricted carbs regimen ....must resist a cheat day... must resist...
  6. Smokehowze

    New knives

    The family (and me too !) is still enjoying the "Tojiro Family" I bought almost a year ago. Each of the 4 cooks in the family has settled into their favorite knife/style. No regrets on these purchases.
  7. Smokehowze

    LED Bulbs for Automotive Upgrades

    Speaking of headlights - Personally at this point in time in the development cycle of LEDs for headlight aftermarket replacements, I am of the view of stay far away. This person, whose web page I ran across on the net, whose business is lighting consultancy, seems to be knowledgeable on LED headlight issues and has some interesting observations - https://www.danielsternlighting.com/ and these articles in particular are quite interesting https://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/aim/aim.html and the ones on this page https://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/bulbs/blue/blue.html A funny but true story -- In the long ago past I had upgraded my 1978 VW Scirocco's four round headlights to PIIA higher wattage non sealed beam halogens (tsk tsk tsk - what would the guverment say! ) and added additional PIAA driving and fog lights - using the racing/off road versions of the time all the way around. Totally not NHTSA highway legit, but I loved that lighting. So, I remember driving on a super dark night on a empty unlit nowhere road with all my lighting fully on. That meant every bulb lit. Thought I was hot stuff. Pickup pulls up next to me and flips on his "lighting" and it looks like day time as if I never even had my lights on. Got the guy to pull over. He was a running a serious bank of aircraft landing lights mounted on his bed bar. Bulb life sucked but he could see to eternity and beyond if he needed/wanted to. I told him he won, I give up....LOL. Ah... back in good old days! Darn, I miss that car!
  8. Smokehowze

    Which pizza stone do you use?

    Cordierite "Kiln" shelves (new not used) for ceramic firing kilns from my local ceramics shop are my favorites. I said local shops as generally shipping is cost prohibitive. Comes in square and round shapes in full and half sizes in differing diameters and dimensions. I like to have the "pizza stone" air-gapped above the deflectors with 3/4 to 1 inch ceramic kiln posts. Prices used to be quite good on the kiln shelves in caparison to the retail pizza stones but prices have gone up over the last few years. The Cordierite shelves are also useful as heat deflectors due to their construction, material and thickness.
  9. Smokehowze

    LED Bulbs for Automotive Upgrades

    Topic: Replacing incandescent automotive bulbs with LEDs. I have done a LOT of web, Amazon & Ebay searching. And even the ' religious" wars in some of the auto forums. There are many sources of automotive LEDs with reviews and quality issues that vary all over the spectrum (excuse the pun). Any suggestions on a reputable source for quality & reliable LEDs bulbs for automotive upgrades with realistic lumen claims? I am not considering headlights or other exterior lighting bulbs except for back-up bulbs. Mainly interior and running boards and such. Have gotten a few LED assemblies for my "Toyota test vehicle" from www.superbrightleds.com and been well satisfied, but I now want to do multiple vehicles which gets into $$$$. Especially in the backup lights (921) and the number of 194 bulbs needed plus a few other misc types across the family fleet. So worth considering other sources of good bulbs that last - i.e., based on real feedback and usage experiences. Particularity looking at these: Type 168/194 in 90+ lumens in approximately 4000-4300 k color temp, 360 degree pattern Type (DE3175) 31 mm Festoon dome light bulbs in 90+ lumens in approximately 6000-6500 k color temp, - one sided ~ 120-180 degree pattern Type 921 Backup lights and cargo lights in 250-260 lumens in approximately 6000-6500 k color temp, 360 degree pattern Not looking for LEDs that have a bluish component. The superbrights I have used in the color temps above have no nasty bluish elements even at ~6000k, but overall the ~4000k are my favorites for interior but no one seems to make the festoon domes in 4000k range at decent lumens and cost. I do not necessarily require CANBUS compatibility bulbs. Upgrading from stock 921s at probably 100 lumens to the 260 lumen LEDs for the backup lights is an amazing difference with significant safety improvement - even at ~ $15 a "bulb". Interior lumen upgrades are similarly impressive in the one vehicle I have partially converted so far. If somebody is hiding in the vehicle you will know it when you hit the remote! As noted - I have no issues with buying more from superbrightleds other than my overall total cost for a number of vehicles in the family. I partially did one vehicle and now everybody wants the upgrades in theirs. Quality and reliability is the balance against cost. Just worth surveying the expertise and knowledge in this forum. Thanks,
  10. Smokehowze

    Rutland Fire Starters- 24 pack

    I also use the Rutland ones from Tractor Supply. Last time I stocked up, 2 packages of 24 each were cheaper than the 48 pack. Go figure! Regardless, they work well. And on sale, they are even a better bargain. I find that too much flame from the torch is not the best for lighting them, seems to start them carbonizing before the paraffin gets vaporizing - a gentler flame gets them going much better. Seems I should run down to my store and restock for 2018. LOL
  11. Smokehowze

    Fumoto Oil Drain Valve

    I am using the EZ Drain Valve. http://www.oildrainvalve.net/ I liked the features of the EZ Drain for my applications better than the Fumoto. I liked their approach to a screw in dirt cap on the EZ Drain. For an extra safety lock with the EZ Drain (if you think you want to add that) I use a small screw type hose clamp. Also on my vehicles the valves are well protected - if they were not I would not have gone with either solution from Fumoto or EZ Drain.
  12. Smokehowze

    Venison sticks interuppted

    If is is way too stiff to run thru stuffer (and I expect it will be after the proteins has set being both in the fridge and a day or two later) then roll or form the meat batter by hand into ropes on the counter and/or lay it on a sheet tray on parchment and roll it out flat as a sheet and the cut it into strips. Then smoke after that like it was a cased stick. Last batch I made of snack sticks stuffed into 19 mm casings was really tough on my 5 lb Northern Tool stuffer even as a fairly wet mix and did not play nice with the delrin drive gear on the crank shaft. Small casings and/or smaller tubes have a LOT of back pressure. Even the bit larger typical stick sizes will tax the stuffer vs. say a 30 mm casing.
  13. Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum Not sure how long this will last - 15 Degree edge sharpener. I have one. Works well. Amazon Cyber Deal: https://www.amazon.com/Choice-EdgeSelect-Electric-Sharpener-Platinum/dp/B0018RSEMU/ref=gbps_tit_m-7_8e08_daa761d1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_p=f17d0061-801c-461c-a8b8-950c9f188e08&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-7&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=5550342011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=EC2CENY332282W0F2J7E
  14. Smokehowze

    To Whomever recommended Academy Sports to me

    Apparently, it is only one of many such stores! Danger Will Robinson! Danger! Danger!
  15. Smokehowze

    Artisan Belly Bacon

    Artisan Belly Bacon using a 'Sweet Cure' For this bacon, I wanted to push up the sugar percentage in the equilibrium immersion cure more toward what some might refer to as a ‘Sweet Cure’ bacon at 6% sugars in the curing brine. Just to give us a taste comparison to belly bacon using lower sugar concentrations in prior bacon batches. I also slightly increased my typical salt percentage up to 2.5%. The bacon flavor after the final fridge rest has become quite uniform and well balanced throughout the meat. Quite good to eat freshly sliced (since it is fully "cooked") , but outstanding when carefully fried off at low to medium heat due to the higher sugar. It cooks and crisps nicely with the outer edges developing a nice caramelization. It has a much sweeter finish on the palate when eating a slice. Quite rich. Quite filling. Great for breakfast, outstanding on BLTs. This started out at just under 10 lbs. I utilized an equilibrium immersion cure approach at the higher sugar level. Cure #1, salt, brown/white sugar, and some fine ground black pepper in the brine. Smoked in my converted electric kitchen oven smoker using a graduated time/temperature profile starting at 130 and not exceeding 170 degrees heat. After immersion , a solid day in the fridge uncovered to dry. Dusted lightly with fine ground black pepper before hitting the smoker. A total cook time of 11.5 hours with 10.5 hours on the hickory smoke using pellets in my smoking maze. Internal meat temps were between 147 and 150. Yield after smoking was about 80% by weight from the initial meat weigh-in. A 3 day fridge rest wrapped in peach butcher paper equalized the bacon and it firmed up nicely. Chilled for a bit in the freezer and sliced on the Berkel 827A at a thickness of 1/8 inch. Finally the bacon was chamber vacuum sealed in a mix of 1/2 and 1 pound packages. Ready for future good eats. The family says this recipe is a keeper.