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  1. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    Also, a plastic home canning jar funnel works well for filling the bags without getting the seal area messy. They have a large opening and you can gently gather the bag (don't crinkle the bag) around funnel spout/base for (almost) a one person filling operation. Good for liquids in that regard. Also works well for dry free flowing materials to assist in getting them into the bag and not everywhere else. Just take care when removing the funnel.
  2. Need a guide for vacuum sealing

    This is one of the best equipment investments I have made. VP215 chamber machine. I also have a Food Saver external bag machine and it never gets used any more for obvious reasons. I even figured out how to do a manual vacuum marinade sequence by vacuuming stuff in an open container to some vacuum level, then turning off the power - at which point it holds the vacuum. Then after a period of time I turn the power back on and it goes through its normal initializing clearing cycle which releases the vacuum.. Repeat as desired. Great machine - not cheap but worth it to me for all that we use it for.
  3. Cost Co Ribeyes

    The whole vacuum packer approach also makes for cutting really nice roasts that are wonderful on Kamado. I do both for the vacuum packed whole ribeyes. I still buy the individual cuts that are tenderized (why they do that is a mystery to me... stupid on those quality cuts) and we cook to 120 or 125 then rest and we have not had any issues. It may well be because the blade tenderizing may be done in local store versus at a central dispatch location many many days before placing in meat case. I need to ask my COSTCO meat manager about this.
  4. Red fish filet

    Oh my, oh my, when can I stop by? It's only about 7 hrs drive.
  5. Table Steaks

    Table Steaks These steaks were grilled at 450 degrees because Big Joe was tired that night - needing a good clean out, charcoal was pieces from bottom of the bag, and airflow was clogged up... and man they were great. Proves you don't need to go blast furnace hot to have a really nice steak cook. Dad handled the eggplant and zucchini direct heat grilling as the first shift and cranked tired Joe up to whatever he would deliver. Son took over and did the perfect steak cook simply seasoned using salt, pepper, and a dusting of imported Spanish Chiquilin brand 'Pimenton Picante' (hot paprika) on the meat. Plus a small chunk of hickory wood in the coals. Daughter pulled together a nice salad. Wife enjoyed sitting back, watching the production with a glass of wine, and offering sage commentary on how slow the count down timer for the 'resting period' for the steak was running. But when it all hit the table - well that is where the title for this post comes from... And a few more photos to round out the post.
  6. A Definition of Southern Love: Tender moist hickory smokey pulled pork with my Smokehowze Carolina style spicy red sauce mixed in, piled up on plain bread, and a couple of our homemade fermented garlic dill pickles for fun.
  7. Blue Flames from the buttocks of hell

    Two points to consider on a "burn off" - 1) anything put in there with a powder coat finish (like the top vent) will lose the powder coat. 2) extra high temps may kill the stainless steel characteristics and it may then rust and might not recover. Here is an article on that regards stainless https://www.polymersolutions.com/blog/why-does-stainless-steel-rust/ And an excerpt from the article: .....A less common form of rusting in stainless steel is after the stainless has been exposed to very high temperatures, often in the 750-1550°F range (400-850°C)1. This type of corrosion is often seen in welding applications in which stainless is heated and then cooled. If this happens, “sensitization” can occur which is where the carbon and the chromium bond together in the stainless steel and form carbides. These carbides situate themselves at the stainless steel grain boundaries, and the grain boundaries become deficient of chromium. With lower chromium concentrations at the grain boundaries, the chromium oxide protective layer can become discontinuous and rusting becomes possible. “Sensitization” can ruin stainless steel forever; however the damage can sometimes be mitigated with complex heat treating....
  8. Blue Flames from the buttocks of hell

    Just wait till you do that again (hopefully only accidentally) and the color of the red ceramic changes. That is the point where shut the vents with a stick (bottom first) and run is an appropriate response. I tell ya you only go there once!
  9. Temperature Control 101 Video - In the Making

    I hold to the approach of approximately balancing upper and lower vents settings for equivalent effective opening areas and then fine tuning with one or another. Even then I tend to synchronize them. Just my personal approach and preference. I also (without having necessarily done "scientific type testing") have the opinion that you can (somewhat) control the smoke intensity if you primarily moderate the heat with the lower vent and use the upper vent from a balanced or somewhat choked down setting for more smoke retention to fully open for less smoke retention. I mostly use this when for whatever reason the smoke is more intense than I would prefer. And yes, total airflow through the coals in a fire starvation mode and the rest of the Kamado interior is what sets temperatures and such but I think for some Kamados how the air flows and circulates internally as the lump is burning does matter and vent openings top vs bottom can influence that and one system/approach or another could be better or worse. It can also be influenced by the amount of "bypass" in the Kamado in terms of air that goes thru the lump versus what flows around the firebowl. And it could also be different for low temp and very high temps. Bottom line... figure out your personal system and what works for you in you brand of Kamado in order to build up your voice of experience database so that setting vents and temperatures become second nature as well as what adjustments to make during heat up and then during a cook.
  10. Joe tisserie failure

    Also consider an adjustable counter weight on a rotisserie to balance certain foods to reduce motor strain especial with something like a turkey. One like this, for example... https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007JWFBNI/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza Search around on the web for additional info.
  11. As has been mentioned - Thin to thick and tie them up - that's the trick. And don't over cook.
  12. Grilled Sword Fish

    Swordfish is a great fish for the grill. BTW, the leftovers work really well in fish tacos.
  13. Smoked Beef Sandwiches

    Work for me!.
  14. My new SV container

    Thanks for the detailed info and the extra photos with the jars. Very helpful.
  15. My new SV container

    Great Idea and not much more expensive that a similar non-insulated poly carb cambro and lid. Can you tell me the inside dimensions of the cooler (L x W x H) ? I have some perforated racks I like to use on the bottom to aid flow under some things that I SV in jars plus I also need to figure how many of the jars could fit. Are the sides straight vertical or do they slope inwards very much? And if you put the Anova at one end - how much net distance from the submerged side of the Anova to the other end of the container? I see some interior dimensions posted in the Q&As on Amazon but how reliable those are is often an issue. I find it frustrating that into today's digital information age most products list things like exterior or just some major dimensions but not interior or other dimensions which are often just as important when "remote" shopping. Why not just post a simplified CAD picture or equivalent and then all the data is available??? Thanks