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  1. Here are the Excel files 1-Smokehowze Beef Loaf (Chuck Roast) (V3 5-1-20).xlsx 1-Smokehowze Boiled Ham (Pork Butt) (V3 5-1-20).xlsx 1-Smokehowze Chicken Ham (V3 5-1-20).xlsx
  2. In response to a number of inquiries... Here are 3 ideas for formed and pressed meat cold cuts ... "Boiled" Beef Loaf (using chuck), "Boiled Ham" using pork butt, "Chicken" Ham (using thighs and breast meat). I have probably tweaked these making different batches but I lost some computer files and do not have the full track record. So I cannot say these are my optimized recipes. Sometimes it is good with just meat, salt and pepper and any usual flavors like the Cure #1, sugar and smoke for the ham , for example. A beef loaf could eliminate the Cure #1 and h
  3. Another operational point on a thermocouple based system. While the thermocouple sensor itself can have wide application range based on the dissimilar metals used in its construction (i.e. the (range of the probe) a real practical issue in its application comes back to how one gets from the microvolts electrical signal generated by the thermocouple sensor to a "temperature" reading. A major consideration for a thermocouple measuring implementation (in the typical measurement applications and also in the case of a controller) is the reference "cold junction" that the
  4. yumm yumm yumm .. it is the waiting that is the tough part! I still every now and then do some of the simple cheese you had posted over the years. Since you have to wait on your nicely aged product, you should try my New Orleans Creole Cream Cheese to tide you over, by itself or in a homemade ice cream. See this link for the cream cheese and the ice cream recipes.
  5. I use this as a side table sauce and even as a finishing sauce on the pulled pork (use sparingly as finishing sauce (to taste) - enough mixed in with the batch of pulled pork to add some brightness/flavor accent but not turn it into a batch of pulled pork with heavy wet sauce all over it) Smokehowze’s Spicy BBQ Sauce for Pulled Pork This sauce work well with pulled pork. It is especially good as a side sauce for pulled pork reheated out the freezer. It is spicy/flavorful but not too much heat. Increase the red pepper flakes if you like it hotter. Decrease cane
  6. Looks tasty. Pretty on the plate also. Seem like a lot of us may be doing the "cook with what I have on hand" meals. However, if the cook looks too tasty we may have to restrict the postings as unfair to those of us that cannot get the same/similar ingredients. We have a definite shortage of chicken and pork butt. However, I did run across two 11 lb+ prime brisket flats at Costco on my last supply run today for the next couple of weeks at only $2.99 a pound. And this Costco does not normally stock any brisket. Stay safe! Oh PS. My wife wants her
  7. Here is one for a Beef Cotto - similar ingredients to yours already. Using the gram weight and percentages is the more accurate approach over the volume measurements which are there as the "well how much might I need for X grams". It is also more easily scaled with the % factors. This is 6 mm (1/4 inch) grinder plate using single grind. For the corn syrup solids(CSS) you could probably use dextrose or clear Karo syrup at a moderately adjusted rate. Maybe 80% of the calculated amount of CSS if using dextrose or alternatively 10% more if using the Karo.
  8. If you are handy with tools and have the equipment..... it would be possible to cut a disk out of aluminum sheet (1/16 thick) and then on the slicing blade side of the new round disk JB Weld an appropriate nut to terminate a length of 5/16 threaded rod. The rod would extend through the blade hub out the bottom rear of the machine like the original rod and as it exits at the bottom have a larger diameter fender washer and wing nut for (gentle) tightening to avoid popping the JB Weld joint. Between the rear of the new disk there would need to be washers and/or a nut (or equivalen
  9. I see, smell (imagined !), and taste (imagined !) that you were eating good in the 'hood...Beautiful meats.
  10. Thanks. Oh, not to mention the "juice" left in the jar either in liquid form, cooled off a bit after removal from the bath, or chilled to a jelly is delicious... and of course the liquid is a great health food ! One of my favorite bonuses of the straight sided or tapered mason jar method. One challenge with the jars is packing it tight to avoid air pockets in the finished product. I see from your result you mastered that. You need to make some pressed meat cold cuts next. Especially a "cured" beef loaf using chuck roast. Or a "cured" & "boiled"
  11. Now you are making me hungry! Glad some of the ideas were useful.
  12. You would really need to have a wiring diagram to do it correctly and safely. And some basic electrical and wiring skills. If one of the ovens with electronics it gets even more tricky and might not even be doable using the internal controls. Old style mechanical thermostat is potentially easier. And it is not just a plug and play thing. You cannot just take the wiring coming out the back of oven meant for 230 volts and wire 115 volts right to it. It must be analyzed and will need some rewiring of the internals. To get to 300 - 375 or so degrees and be able to preheat in
  13. Try this as a reset. Use choice grade and not a select grade brisket. Angus works nice if available. Trim fat as desired but don’t remove all fat. I mainly just remove the hard and knarly fat and tissue matter. To me the nice fat is a good and delicious part of a brisket. One can always remove fat off the served slice easily if they don’t prefer to eat it. Slather meat with yellow mustard. Just squirt on and use your hand. You really won’t get a mustard flavored brisket but it adds a nice undertone and helps hold the seasonings on the meat. Moderate to medium sprinkling of Montreal Ste
  14. As others have pointed out... I have found that prime rib and other beef roasts (especially the lean cuts) suck up smoke flavor more than other cuts of meat and I no longer add any smoking wood (or maybe just a very little like a pecan or even a touch of oak for a short duration) when cooking these cuts. You still get a good wood fired flavor but as an enhancement to the meat even with no added wood.
  15. Creative approach and nice result. Functional too!
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