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  1. Fyi .... this showed up quickly from amazon and i have been using for a few weeks. Very heavy and solid construction. Works well for cooking steaks, but not as well for burgers (the cutouts on the grate are not huge and not enough of the meat is exposed to the heat and kinda builds up ... regular grate works better). just wanted to share ... the supplier seems like a good option.
  2. Hi all .. just wanted to share a site that does great work. They are based in Indiana and have done grates that fit Kamado Joe, BGE, Akorn, etc and very quality work. They also do a Masonic version and are working to add more schools. I’m not affiliated with the site at all (but am a Purdue alum and ordering one). I have several friends who have and love his work. Direct website ... plantersandfire.com
  3. I went ahead and ordered it. Will post an update after i get and try it out (probably next weekend ... slower shipping times these days).
  4. Just curious if anybody had tried this one from amazon? Need a new half moon grate for KJ classic. Any other suggestions? Don’t want cast iron. Skyflame Half Moon Stainless Steel Cooking Grill Grate for Large Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CCFX8ZJ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_1PmQEbJBSVH60
  5. Thanks ... yeah, i see the err of my ways. I left the lid up way too long messing with the maverick temp probe. I finally got it back down after 45 minutes or so .... so it became a 2-2 cook. lesson learned ... first cook after a couple of years away from the kamado. I will learn!!
  6. So I’m doing ribs on my joe. Planned to do a 2-2-1 at 250. First 2 hours went fine. Went out and wrapped them in foil and put them back on. I’m using a rib rack and noticed after i closed the grill back up, the temp shot up over 300. I went back and looked and the temp probe from the Maverick was touching the rack, so i readjusted everything and put it back on ... but i still cant get it lower than 340 right now. I don’t know if my maverick is screwed up (the dome thermometer shows much lower). i closed down the vents really low trying to get it back down, but I don’t want to kill the fire. if i cant get it back down, any ideas on how long to leave them on there?
  7. Thank you both ... i will give a brush and some Crisco ... or i might use it as an excuse to order one of those snazzy chrome ones!
  8. Hi all. Ive been away from Kamado cooking for a bit and now have more time on my hands (due to covid), so I’m getting my Kamado Joe back up and running. I ordered a new cooking grate and cleaned up the interior last night (just ran a high heat cook and scraped away any gunk). My top vent has some rust on it ... I’m assuming there’s no need to worry about that ... right? It’s just ugly but shouldn’t impact anything?
  9. Totally agree with the posts above. Leave them as is. Everybody had a chance to read the rules on the site for their league and we've already begun the season with those rules. I don't see any competitive advantage for either league regarding the big prize.
  10. Got it. I see that now in the pics. Thanks Ron.
  11. Hi Ross -- throw me on the waiting list as well. I was in the league last year and had a great time. I'm also open to being commish on a 2nd league if you get enough interest and want to go that route (have done commish duties many times ... going way back to when we used to have to wait for USA Today to come out on Monday morning and manually calculate scores!!) I would think you could run 2 concurrent leagues with identical rules and then crown a grand champion by comparing the scores from the championship games from each league for the overall winner. I also understand if that's too much of a pain to manage.
  12. John (or others) --- just double checking that the half moon CI grill will fit in the lower position of the divide & conq. system?
  13. Yup. Just noticed that and it is working for me now too! Thanks Ross.
  14. John -- one minor point is I don't think you can direct message somebody via Tapatalk (at least it didn't work just now for me on my iPad). I will try later on my iPhone and report back.
  15. Ross -- I'm in ... I'm having trouble direct messaging you via Tapatalk .. but John has my email address I believe (I'm already a site supporter). Thanks for organizing.
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