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  1. Congrats, John! Sounds like quite the opportunity. You've definitely earned it.
  2. I got a couple bags from likely the same guy a few weeks back and have been really happy with it. Burns nice and slow and clean.
  3. Home brewer here as well. Keep 4 beers on tap most of the time and have a pretty sizeable collection of commercial bottles in my cellar. Currently have a Session IPA, Belgian Pale Ale, Chocolate Milk Stout and Rye Saison on tap.
  4. Welcome from Nova Scotia. Actually used to live out your way. Spent 5 or 6 years living in St. Albert. Have lots of great friends out there.
  5. Another vote for the shopvac method. I find it the fastest and cleanest way. Just be sure you have a filter installed in your shopvac or you'll find ashes getting sucked into the motor.
  6. I'm interested in this as well. Looks like it might make a nice upgrade to the Vision.
  7. I've an extreme at the heart of my home network. A second one extending the wireless signal upstairs and an express at the other end of the house for transmitting music. Easiest network I've ever setup!
  8. Agree about the AppleTV for sure. We have a couple of them in the house and use them all quite a bit.
  9. Exactly, though with newer versions of OSX, the operating system is smart enough to suspend apps that have been idle for a while if memory becomes scarce.
  10. I own a few iMacs for my work and have a 3 year old 11" MacBook Air for personal/family use that I couldn't be happier with.
  11. That's likely me! I have lots of hobbies that I really don't have time for.
  12. You could try adjusting the shock absorber a bit. There are just the two bolts holding it on, and I believe there is room for a bit of adjustment. Similarly, you could do the same for the shock absorber pocket on the lid, likely.
  13. If I remember correctly, Ceramic Grill Store sells wok packages for Kamados.
  14. Got mine 2.5 months ago and same.
  15. Looking forward to seeing you put this together. Some great looking material you're working with there!
  16. My Classic doesn't pass the dollar bill test either, even with my new Nomex gasket installed. The gaskets seem to be pretty plush (both wool and Nomex) so I'm not sure that's a valid test really. I have no problem at all maintaining low temps for extended cooks. I think you'll be fine with the gasket that came on it. I've only replaced mine so soon because a family member decided to fire open the lid for a look without burping while I was cooking a pizza. The resulting fireball pretty much scorched my entire stock gasket.
  17. I have my temp up around 550 for pizzas and my new gasket is none the worse for wear.
  18. Director of Operations/Web Developer/Accessibility Consultant Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 2
  19. Great looking wings, I follow a similar process when I make them here as well. Hard to beat home cooked wings!
  20. I would say bottom position with grate on and then CI pan on the grate.
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