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  1. I think that only applies to BGE. A KJ purchased at a Costco road show comes with a warranty, and I know the Vision I purchased at Costco for $299 at the end of the season also came with Vision's warranty intact. I know this because I've registered my grill and used the warranty for a new dome thermometer. That was why I mentioned to check. Sam's club is their own warranty only. Or at least was when I was looking. I don't shop at Costco
  2. One other note on buying one from Sam's/Costco. The factory warranty is null/void from everything I've read and stated from 2 different club workers. You only get the clubs warranty. So check into that before you buy to make sure if there is a factory warranty or not. There is a reason they have the left overs on sale at the end of the season every year for $299.
  3. Depends on your preferences. A little bit of expanded metal, wired to the coal grate makes lifting out all the coals extremely easy. The ash pan should be dumped/cleaned after every use just to make sure no water+ash mix ends up in your ash pan and rusts out your ash pan at an early age. Those 2 make lye. Also with the coals removed, installation of the ash pan is much easier IMHO since you can see the bracket that holds the ash pan while standing without having to get down low to see well enough to install it. If that makes sense. Also, I doubt you will ever find a time where using a basket will not hold enough coals/wood to smoke 20+ hrs on one load. And if you want dual heat zones, put the coals on the inside/outside of the basket depending. The basket also gives a more complete burn of the coals since they are stacked (even more so using lump).
  4. A 17" coal grate from a Weber 22.5" is the proper grate. And either a 15" or 16" cheapo pizza pan. Your choice.
  5. The original slider won't install reversed. There are compound curves in the intake slider due to the shapes of the ash pan. Once removed you will see what I am talking about. As far as the aluminum flashing, you can cut/trim it with regular scissors, exacto knife. No special tools required. If your intake slider is loose in the channel, it should easily fit/slide over top of the aluminum flashing. Trace the shape of your intake slider onto a piece of the flashing, trim it to slide into the channel easily. Then you can cut out your wine bottle shape. This mod just makes it easy to adjust temps to where you want and repeat. And have the exhaust vent 1/2 way open running low temps not open to just the "D" shape. I always closed the intake before opening the lid to help stop temp spikes. Then reset the intake after closing. With the original slider/intake adjustment, 1/32" difference you can gain/drop 75-100*. Mine was extremely hard to set/maintain/repeat temps before the intake mod. Not saying you have to, just if you would like easier temp control. This works. Cheap and easy.
  6. FYI the aluminum flashing will handle 700+ degs in the intake location. And in another cooker exhaust location without a problem.
  7. My wind bottle mod using aluminum flashing from HD works great. I sold my Acorn to a friend who is able to control temps very easily, his first try and loves the Acorn. And you don't have to choke down the exhaust to get lower temps which give a better/cleaner burn IMHO. Since you have Kapton ( not sure that that is) try it, you have nothing to loose. And with that mod, you can keep from going over the 700 degree threshold (nuclear) since it does restrict the intake by maybe 1/3. But a lot of folks on here are resistant ( to put it mildly) to doing any mods to anything. It is your cooker, do what you want to improve it.
  8. I wonder why there always sooo many posters saying to NOT modify your Acorn when the original posters never even asked that question? What matter is it of yours what anyone wants to do or not to do with something they paid for? Now if someone asks a question looking for answers, then sure post your opinions. But to keep coming out with posts like that where no questions were even asked. You guys can have it.
  9. Oh Man you didn't eat that did you? You should send it to me and I will dispose of it properly! Great job!
  10. The pizza pan can act as a drip tray, but depending on what your cooking, I'd suggest an aluminum pan covered in foil to catch the drippings if the meat your cooking is fat heavy.
  11. Yep, I just thought I'd try this just to see if it will work. No problem with the sarcasm
  12. My plan was a cheap electric ( probably from salvation army) hot plate, what you posted would probably work but I don't see how to control the temp with that one. I'd still use a drip pan etc above it. With how well insulated the Acorn is, I think it would work great for smoking fish and or jerky at 120-150 degrees. Just another experiment to try. As far as fire and brimstone, if this works it would just add another plus to any Kamado for those that like to cold/colder smoke stuff. I think doing this would make some awesome jerky and smoked fish. I'm just waiting on the piles of snow to go away and the weather to warm up.
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