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  1. Yes it did. I was a freshmen in college when that album broke big. It was the theme music of many an adventure. Killer tunes !!!!!!!!!! When I was younger, this was the game. I love it still.
  2. You might like this, hope you do x
  3. Agreed, they are amazing. I want to get some from a heritage breed, see what meat tasted like before we bred all they fat and flavor out of the pig. The best breeds are a cross between http://www.britishpigs.org.uk/breed_la.htm and http://www.britishpigs.org.uk/breed_du.htm If you don't believe me try em yourself... These were as moist as a Muslim's sock
  4. I've found the best Pork chops are at least 2" thick I reverse sear them, never going back to those skinny rascals...
  5. Bought one and it's Fantastic First pizza, off the bat. Awesome, what a fantastic thing this is!!! It's in the garage because of the wind today, also, a learning curve. Don't need too many distractions. If you want pizza, done quick, no fooling around. From cold to cooked in less than 20 mins. And it's beautiful! www.uuni.net
  6. Congratulations on having a wonderful Wife! Just like mine Sorry, and congrats on your new Joe!
  7. Has anyone got any suggestions for using 'Achiote' Seen it mentioned many times on Diners Drive ins and Dives, searched on Amazon and now own 1Kg of the stuff... Help! http://www.amazon.co.uk/MexGrocer-El-Yucateco-Achiote-Kg/dp/B00GJFSCXC/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1403701684&sr=8-2&keywords=achiote
  8. we did buy the Habanero Honey Mustard which is fabulous http://www.hotsauceemporium.co.uk/ http://store.davesgourmet.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=DAHHM
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