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  1. Here's this year's bird. It's an 18lb Butterball which I brined starting Tuesday night and put on the Akorn this morning at about 10:30. My concern is that it is now 1:15 and my instant read thermometer is showing 160 in the deep breast. How has it cooked so quickly? My dome thermometer has read just around 300 almost the whole time, and I realize that it has always read a little on the cool side, so I'm guessing it has been in the 325-350 range the entire time. It looks great, but the average cooking times I've been seeing for a bird this size is around 4 hours or so. Guests won't be here until 3 so I tamped the grill down a bit in a holding pattern but I'm afraid it will dry out if I leave it there too long. What to do?
  2. I just got my Akorn last month at Lowes and picked up a bag of Cowboy while I was there. So far this bag of lump has plenty of nice pieces. A nice mix of big and smaller chunks along with limb shaped pieces as well. Haven't noticed any foreign matter. It seems to burn evenly and there is always leftovers to add to my pile for the next cook. I haven't had the need to try another brand yet, but if the Cowboy is always as good as this bag, I probably will stay with it.
  3. Hi everyone. After years of propane grilling, my most recent gas grill finally succumbed to age and wear. Granted, it did last over 10 years so I feel as though I more than got my money's worth. I was able to pull off a lot of good recipes with it but in the long run, its limitations became evident. I wanted to be able to do more with charcoal and smoking and toyed with the idea of a combination gas/charcoal grill. Every one I looked at all had mixed bag of reviews, None of which gave me much confidence. In my searching, I came across the CharGriller Akorn. The reviews all were fantastic, and the price couldn't be beat, so I decided to run over the the local Lowes and grab one. In the few weeks I've owned it, I've cooked beer can chicken, london broil, bacon wrapped tenderloin, chicken thighs (hooray, no flare ups!), grilled squash and have roasted Anaheim peppers. Wow, I really dig this bargain kamado kooker! I've been able to maintain 300 - 325 easily for the indirect chicken, and have fired it up for grilling the steaks and thighs. Since then, I've discovered kamadoguru and the wealth of information here. I am positive that with the resources in this board, I'll be able to cook just about anything, and overcome any problems that I may run into. Looking forward to the good bbq in my future!
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