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  1. Someone just posted one for sale here locally. $475 with the table and everything. Says used once. Worth that? If it's a vision/brinkman, can't you buy those for $600-700 new?
  2. I've got two 8 lbs pork butts getting ready to come off to rest. They went on at midnight.
  3. On the topic of bacon, any of you guys ever try those high end special bacons? I bought about 5 different flavors from Bespoke Bacon. It's a whole new world of bacon. I did not care for the Caribbean jerk flavor, but I still ate it. Everything else was phenomenal. But I agree, you can really ruin a good piece of bacon by putting it on some of these strange concoctions.
  4. I do Babybacks 2-1-1 @250-275-300. Mainly because my temps creep from opening to wrap and glaze, but I also find the sauce glazes better at a higher temp. Personal preference though.
  5. Also of note, a weber 22.5 kettle grill fits a 55 gal drum perfectly. I'm building one of these now. Weber lid allows me an extra cooking level. I also use the ball valves on a pipe, but I add a 90┬░ elbow at the top to keep water out if it's raining. The valves can go at ground level, but I too am lazy. Plans are nice guides, but it's fun to use your own ideas in the build.
  6. I use a bbq guru digiQ dx2 on my Akorn, mainly because I mostly cook overnight. I sleepy way better now when I have a cook going.
  7. Tuesday I bought butts for 2.49/lb they're usually 1.79. Baby backs are usually 2.99/lb, they were 3.89 this week on sale! Gettin expensive to eat well.
  8. I'm going to pick one up tomorrow. Was waiting for it to go under $100
  9. Bbqwizard, I like guy's Carolina #6 a lot. Haven't tried the others. But that Carolina sauce is the best bottled Carolina style I can find in my area and it's on par with many I've tried in the south.
  10. Mine sticks from grease build up from the previous cooks when it's cold, but any heat it moves freely, you may have a piece with bad fitment if it's sticking while hot.
  11. I agree with toe, that recipe has got to be close, I never would have guessed vanilla though, interesting.
  12. I bought some last night, great price.
  13. Blues Hog is good, not spectacular but I do enjoy it and keep a jar on hand. Bone suckin sauce is the wife's favorite (no pun intended) too much apple cider vinegar flavor for me, but I have a jar of bone suckin spicy that I have yet to try. Dinosaur Sensuous Slathering Sauce is by FAR my favorite.
  14. Was at HD last night, they had pallets of the red 17lbs bag. $12 though. They had a lot of other RO products as well. Menards (also there last night) also has many types of RO products.
  15. My wife just upgraded her phone with Verizon, they have a plan where you basically finance the phone similar to ATT next plan. Those plans are a rip off overall. More money in their pocket. If you want the newest phone all the time you should get that plan , but if you take care of your phone the 2 year contract is cheaper at renewal and cheaper per month. The catch they get you on is if you do a family plan on the "finance a phone" plan, the more lines you add/share the bigger discount per month. Bottom line, 2 year regular deal, you still are better off. Ask lots of questions, if not they're selling you the plan that makes them the most money. I agree with the OP though, family plans have gotten way cheaper (even on 2 year deals) and they won't lower your price unless you ask. Anyone with a plan that's a year or more old, can probably get it lowered just by calling and asking.
  16. I've read much about this topic as well, the beef is a big issue, I much prefer the taste of 100% grass fed beef, but have trouble finding a reliable decently priced source. I expect to pay more, but sometimes it's insanely more, other times it's reasonable. On the chicken side, there are much more stringent laws on the raising and labeling for sale. You are gaining very little besides an expensive label when you buy the other types of chicken. USDA regs on chicken already produce a very high quality "clean" (from antibiotics, steroids, etc) meat at the basic standard level. From my readings (and taste buds) I wouldn't waste money on the organic and free range chickens, you're mainly paying for the words on the label. But don't buy the frozen pre-packaged stuff, it's full of salt water. Beef, I'd buy grass fed, free range, every chance I had, I truly feel you are getting a superior product.
  17. Jlogan, you're in Wisconsin, go to Menards, Royal Oak green bag lump.
  18. We have a family owned grocery chain in the Midwest (mainly Iowa) called Fareway and they have very high quality meat. I buy everything there. Never been disappointed.
  19. I loaded the firebox all the way up, I'm not sure what the problem was, maybe the lump is too dry? If that is possible? I replaced the temp probe a few times and it was always the same, it was 30 degrees outside while reloading, I still thought that was too big of a drop though. Both butts came out fine, one had a bit too burnt of bark in parts, but maybe only one sandwich worth of meat was wasted there. I'm using royal oak in the green bag, I'm going to assume I got a bad bag. That's all I've ever used and this is the first one that's been inconsistent.
  20. I'm not worried about bacteria, was wondering if tenderness wise I need to get them back to 200, or I'll be fine with the first trip to 192 ish? They're back up to about 183 now
  21. So I've been fighting my fire most of the day on the Akorn, loaded it up at midnight last night, 2 10lbs butts on it. Burnt fine all night. Fought the fire to get them to about 192 internal, finally couldn't get any more heat out if it. Opened it all up, all the charcoal was burnt up, gone. Loaded some more charcoal up, meat dropped to about 175, fire holding steady at 300 now with the digiQ. So do I need to bring them back up to 200 like I normally do? I know they're safe to eat as they hit 192-193. Any help?
  22. Packer, I use 1/4" mild steel 15" circle that I sand blasted and seasoned, works great. No need for stainless or any other special alloy.
  23. I know this isn't my own, but this is a very good recipe. I use habanero Rotel, drain the kidney beans, double the meat, double the tomato juice, add a jar of drained jalape├▒os (sliced) and add cayenne and chili powder to taste. I guess I make it my own. And I brown the meat with onion and spices then everything in the crockpot on low for 4-8 hours. http://www.food.com/recipe/firehouse-chili-46596
  24. K-ville I tend to stay away from celebrity branding too but I tried making my own Carolina sauce from a recipe and failed, was having people over for a pulled pork dinner, grabbed guys Carolina in a pinch and it turned out to be exactly what I pictured my failed recipe was. Good stuff. I like that Blues Hog too, one of the bottles in the fridge. When I make bbq pork for a pot luck I usually grab a couple Jack Daniels sauces. Good stuff.
  25. I like Bone Suckin sauce and Dinosaur sensuous slathering sauce. Keep a Guy Fieri's Carolina #6 on hand too, that's a good spicy vinegar sauce. But there's about 12 different bottles of stuff floating around here. If I see something different I buy a bottle to try.
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