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  1. I like to change it up now an then but Bourbon is my favorite liquor,
  2. It is the Stokelog for Rock's Stoker authored by Amir Majidimehr.
  3. You are welcome and happy it worked well for you.
  4. Thanks for your post about the efficiency of the Akorn. The Akorn is the most efficient cooking machine I have eve used. Here is the graph showing a time of 28 hours with four pounds briquettes which is more than long enough for an overnight cook. :D
  5. Here is a rub I put together over the years. Also have a brine if y'all want it. Savannahsmoker's Mohunken Butt Rub 1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup white sugar 1 cup paprika 1/4 cup garlic powder 4 tablespoons kosher salt 2 tablespoon chili powder 2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 4 teaspoons black pepper 2 teaspoons dried oregano Or Italian seasion 2 teaspoons cumin 1 tablespoon Mustard Power Lots of Yellow mustard Mix all the rub ingredients, except yellow mustard, together until combined. Remove the meat from the fridge and brine. Dry the meat
  6. Stack the wood and use it next year for smoking.
  7. NICE, corn, potatoes and chicken makes for a great meal.
  8. Chuck roast is a more expensive cut of meat and brisket is on the low end. When I worked part time in a German Butcher Shop back in the 50's they put brisket into hamburger. BTW, my main job was tending the smoke house.
  9. Man O' Man that looks delicious. Nicely done. What Pit Temp did you use
  10. Sounds like you have a nice system. The only time I plan to use my Rock's Stoker control system is when I will be away from home and I need to monitor and adjust temperature using my Smart Phone or computer though the internet.
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