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  1. Couldn't you use the mandolin to make a zucchinni sheet style noodle for like lasagna?
  2. This is probably a good question for someone more knowing than me... I would have been ok putting 6 pounds in brine I made but I would probably double the brine volume for 12 pounds. I'm no expert on this, so it is all anecdotal observation as opposed to scientific fact. Once you have a good cure ratio, it becomes more about time to penetrate the thickness of the meat. Generally, it is 1 day in the cure per 1/4" of meat. If you have a very long loin, I would divide a 12 lb loin in half, so that the cure can penetrate the ends better, as well as cook from the ends more consistently. For me and my friends, i go lighter on my salt ratios and cure for a little longer. For pork loins and shoulder, I'm usually brinning 11-14 days, with bellies 9-11 days. Nitrates provide the pink coloring to the meat, as well as kill a lot of harmful bacteria, which is essential to cold smoking, but not as important for hot smoking. Nitrate prepared meat can sit in the fridge a few days longer. You can go nitrate free, but purists don't consider it cured meat. Anecdotally, I've made over 300 lbs of bacon from belly, loin, and shoulder. So far, sriracha lime seems to be the fan favorite.
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    Ya know, I never understood this. I grew up eating tofu, so its just something to eat. But then I discovered how most American's prep and serve it... and just laughed... and laughed.
  4. On mine, the stainless steel cap had 4 spot welds. If the dome was sticking, cold temp and or grease, it took a lot of force to move it. Over time, the spots welds would break. In theory there is a tension spring on the inside that can be loosened, but I never played with it before it broke. The cast iron one is more durable. and worth the upgrade. If covering is a concern, I just remind myself the birds and yellowjackets tend to hang out around it if I don't cover it.
  5. I use mine to punch holes in pork belly skin. Lets the fat render out "fry" the skin as it cooks.
  6. I recently gave away my KitchenAid Blender / Food Processor combo to a friend who needed kitchen stuff. I seldom used either function. However, I've started making my own hummus, and chickpeas take quite a bit of work. Also comes in handy when I'm trying to mince pork for sui mai. Granted, if I had a heavy duty chopping block and two balanced heavy, Asian meat cleavers, I could do it.
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    We had snow... then it melted. El Nino strikes again... We are not amused up here.
  8. According to Academy's website Q&A, the applied the warning label because it was too hard to test for all the chemicals.
  9. I swear when I opened my Food Lab book I smelled rosemary. I'm hoping he posts his kimchi brined fried chicken recipe soon.
  10. Squid, halibut chunks. I'm guessing most white fish will take to it.
  11. I backed... I'm betting on not seeing it till Christmas of 2017.
  12. Hmm... 1911 shoots correctly, so I'm guessing from correction chart, the Glock is causing too little trigger finger.
  13. And this: http://concealednation.org/2014/10/fbi-decides-on-9mm-as-their-1-choice-and-have-tons-of-science-behind-their-decision/
  14. Get your mechanics down, precision first, speed will come with training. More importantly, if you are shooting hostiles, its probably closer to 7-15 yards than 25 yards. That really means you are not spending a lot of time focusing on super precision. Front site and trigger is all you have time to focus (no pun intended) on. Begin Rant: IMO: "Knockdown" is not as important as knowing that when I send Mr JHP, his brother, and his other brother to introduce themselves to Mr. Dangerous Threat, that they communicate well. It doesn't do me any good if Mr. JHP says hi while his brother and other brother never introduce themselves. End Rant About a decade ago I read an article from one of the nationally known defensive handgun instructors. Can't remember who, but it was a great article and exactly what I had hypothesized. JHP are pretty much equalizers in calibers. 9mm advantage 1. Easier to control, which leads to... 2. Faster back on target, which leads to next shot 3. Which also leads to more trigger time 4. Which leads to more practice. 5. More practice is more expensive, so its nice to have ammo that is affordable and available. This was something that took him decades to evolve his opinion on. His opinions may have evolved since then. At the time, it hit home cause that was the mentality I was using. Steel plates have a recommended safety distance of 25 yards, because ricochets suck, and they like to go where it is inconvenient. Always good to have them angle down just a bit to make sure spatters don't go everywhere. Also important to make sure spinners can't spin back at you.
  15. Just realized I have access to another fridge that I could do this in... Matter of fact, I can cure more meats....
  16. The cover is plenty fine. Potential problem would be things being blown into or falling onto it.
  17. If you do end up needing a gap in a few years, you can run your circular saw along the seam and open it up. I would definitely wait till the wood has dried a lot before doing this though.
  18. Based on my irrational cooking habits, get a kamado that is at least 25% larger than your last one. Something about running out of room once too often...
  19. if you have a good naan recipe, please share!
  20. You can warm age your meat. http://stefangourmet.com/2012/02/27/sous-vide-to-the-next-level-tenderizing-beef-by-warm-ageing/ Something I hadn't thought of, but in theory, you could drop enough ice in there to keep it in food safe zone, then at the appropriate time, you just let it do its thing. I'd have to research if people have done that and what the results are.
  21. ***sigh*** Regarding the issue with soy and male fertility, it was based on a survey of recollected information, not clinical study, of 99 patients with fertility issues. So the stats were already skewed. http://www.webmd.com/infertility-and-reproduction/news/20080723/soy-foods-sperm-concentration-link
  22. I have two scales, but the Kamenstein is my preferred. The offset display is handy when you have big bowls or food on top of it. On the first scale I bought, I went a stir crazy cause I forgot to remove the spacers.
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