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  1. Ordered mine last night!!! Free shipping was only available to Prime members... (rage)
  2. Was searching around for one and saw the 10 liter discounted to $300. Thought it might be interesting for others. http://amzn.com/B003AYZIB4 List Price: $479.00 Price: $299.95 & FREE Shipping. Details You Save: $179.05 (37%)
  3. beer, salt, fresh garlic and onions and bell peppers, and other aromatics. course I never use the right amount of salt... typically I only do this on chicken when I want to significantly alter the flavor.
  4. Haven't had to do it here. But CLR is very good at dissolving calcium buildups. I use it to clean up sinks
  5. By chores, we mean drink beer... Once things are stable, I'll run errands and come back in 90 minutes or so. I try not to leave my grill unattended, but I have no pets, my back yard is fenced in, and the grill is 12' away from the house, although right next to a very flammable fern during the offseason.
  6. Its tacti-cool! i prefer headlamps... plus Cabelas has the used items room and can find plenty in there
  7. forever it will dominate your destiny, consume you it will...
  8. I try to measure my soda intake to one factor: How much Crown or Jack does it get?
  9. Jose, they cook up pretty good. We're in the middle of the "I've Gone To Pot" Challenge?
  10. Every piece of meat will cook differently, so it is hard to estimate where it is at. But 1 hour in the stall stage, and with a bone inside... If 4:30 is a hard deadline, I'd foil it, and crank the heat to 300. I don't know if that alone will get you there in two hours. But its worth a shot.
  11. pkinetics

    Windows 10

    If you have Win 7 or 8, it is a free upgrade. If you are running a Windows RT version, there is no upgrade.
  12. Does anyone have an online shop that they use to get spices? I'm looking to find a good source for specific spices. Wondering if people have any good / bad experiences with vendors.
  13. Create a YouTube account, and upload videos there. Then link the videos here. Takes time too upload. If you need to lower the quality of the videos, Handbrake is a great app for converting video files. Works on Win / Mac / Ubuntu. I don't know what season your bears are in, but here its still fish season. Who knows, bears may not like the smell of smoke. Bears have very large olfactory cavities, and can pick out a lot more smells than us. My last thought would be to check with the animals people, fish and game and local hunters, in your neck of the wood to find out when the bears start changing their diet. Bears who didn't get enough fish during the fish season tend to be the scavengers. They look for easy food, and your kamado might be a victim, along with anything wood burning.
  14. Don't use Express Install. And then turn off all the interactive / anonymous feedback etc settings.
  15. Black bears are pretty adept at climbing trees. And Alaskan grizzly and brown bears can be quite tall. Garbage bears are well acclimated to people, so you are SOL. The only solution I have is to cook indoors... and that is only effective up to the point where the bears don't try to get into your home.
  16. The full 5 minute video: http://www.tampabay.com/news/localgovernment/barbecue-video-goes-viral-draws-scrutiny-on-pinellas-county-code/2238932 The CO levels are reaching high levels impacting the complainant's home. Sounds like they might be UDS types, which don't strike me as "commercial"
  17. So does the property owner have a "commercial" cooker on residential property? Is this a potential job of poor reporting? If there is a commercial cooker putting out much more smoke than a standard unit, I could see the code enforcement guy having to issue the warning. Still, like someone else said, the smells from neighbor's BBQs are reasons to pop your head over the fence, say hi and discuss what's cooking around here - not call the city. He does have a commercial cooker. It took a few searches to find out why this clause keeps getting thrown out. Apparently the bbq-er picked up a commercial smoker from a closed restaurant, or something like that.
  18. If there is an Asian grocery store in your area, check there too.
  19. Its weird that outstanding customer service isn't the norm anymore. One of the first rules in my marketing class was that 1 out of 10 people who have good experience with a product / vendor / customer service share it with their circle of people, while something like 9 out 10 people who have a bad experience share it with their people. The message was pretty clear, you have to work a lot harder to get the word of mouth out for those who have good experiences. Reports of bad experiences will spread faster.
  20. Time for another freezer... or vegan friends who have spare freezer space
  21. You trust your neighbor to keep an eye on the meat? Neighbor: I have no idea where those 4 ribs and 2 lbs of pork shoulder went...
  22. a friend of mine who reseasons, doesn't bother turning off the oven, just pulls them out, lets them cool, adds more oil, and throws them back in. If you have enough items, you can rotate them so the kamado never stops the process. Hmm... that's actually pretty good idea... I think that's what I'll do this weekend for the rest of the coats... *edit* Then I read CC's follow up, and think maybe not... or maybe I'll just move them back and forth from warming oven to heating kamado... or something...
  23. seasoning is always a debatable thing. It is highly personal preference. I think the dishwasher test was to demonstrate how it holds up to the abuse of very hot, soapy water. the only consistent advice I have seen is just use it.
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