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  1. I'm no expert in this area, but might have been thermal shock, hot metal rapidly cooled, ie cold water or something else. The hot metal expands. When it is rapidly cooled, it contracts. The colder the material, the more it contracts. If you didn't have anything in the grill though, not sure what would have caused it to rapidly cool.
  2. Jon - let us know what blew up. Something sounds super weird with yours... might be they need to send you a completely new grill. Regarding ash cleanup. I just take the firebowl out, and then pick up the disc and dump it in the trash. Shop vac would be even better, but I don't have outlets there.
  3. I picked up a basic pair of welding gloves from Home Depot Lincoln Electric $15 for picking up grates. I can grab grates without a problem. The pizza stone is a little tricky as it is hotter and more surface area than the grates. I can tolerate about 30 seconds, long enough to run in and out of the house. My next pair will be higher temp and longer arms, just for better protection. That pizza stone was toasty on the fingers.
  4. In retrospect, I should have gotten the sliding tray, and an extra rack. I'll probably buy an extra stone locally. I also need to build something to put all these accessories, especially when they are hot.
  5. GRRR!!! Mine says not till next week... Can't wait for your review!!!! Do you know what you plan on making on it? I just checked FedEx, and the rack is in Troutdale, OR. Still not slated till next week.
  6. @ronald - Cook for more people, then you will need both. The jury is undecided on how long both types will last. A cracked fire bowl is probably not an issue. Its all about the thermal mass. A cracked shell... don't know. Also factor in your bbq season and when you want to cook. If winters are extremely cold, then the Akorn might require an insulation blanket. If it gets super windy, will you need to add ballast to keep it from moving around? etc.... My Weber charcoal grill slammed into my house during a high wind storm. It missed slamming into the sliding door by about two feet.
  7. I have only been able to find Wicked Good and Big Green Egg lump charcoal at a fireplace shop, and Frontier Brand Lump Charcoal from Lowes. All the other stores have Cowboy and some other off brands that got low ratings from Naked Whiz. The Wicked Good was excellent. I didn't setup the firebowl correctly while testing the Frontier and will need to ***gasp*** cook something over the weekend. The only thing I didn't like about the Frontier brand was the amount of small chips in it. But for half the price as the Wicked, I can probably live with it.
  8. Also look into getting an additional / bigger / faster SD card. Never hurts to have a spare or two. Recording in HD should eat up quite a bit of data. Better to capture what you don't need than wish to have it later.
  9. I use them all the time to make char sui, Chinese BBQ pork. Takes about 20-30 minutes on the grill, around 350-375. Or when making my own ground pork for making dim sum.
  10. I just put my order in for the adjustable rack!!! Can't wait!!! Hope it gets here before next weekend!
  11. @senordaley - not sure what your carpentry skills and tools are, but here are some plans for building one. My assumption would be that the hole to cut might differ. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/tableplans/tableplans.htm
  12. As long as it does not involve lighter fluid, you are fine. It boils down to how fast do you want your charcoal to light. hrmbbq posted http://www.kamadoguru.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=568this about accessories to get. The first one is a Looftlighter, which is supposed to get charcoal hot in a minute. Since I have a bunch of Kingsford Competition briquettes, I start a small chimney up in my old grill, and use the hot briquettes to start the lump charcoal and let everything come up to temp. For me, while the chimney is starting is a good time to bring ribs and chicken out of the fridge, so that they are closer to room temp. By the time the kamado has reached temp, food is ready to go on the grill. Naked Whiz has some really good articles on cooking. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/ceramicfaq.htm#light
  13. I haven't done video in quite awhile. In the past I liked the Canon models over others .Some other manufacturer's, the microphone in the front would pick up the noise of the motor zooming in and out. If you need good audio, add a shotgun mic to the camera. Shotgun mics can switch the focus of the audio pick up to a specific area or all around. The Cannon shotgun mic would feed the audio directly through the hotshoe to the camera. Not sure how your videos turn out, but a tripod is very handy as it will free up your hands to move around. They also provide incredible stability for using long zooms. The video camera should have a remote control that you can use to help zoom in and out on food as you give narratives. Just my ramblings...
  14. How about some foil wrapped lobster tails drowned in butter. Low and slow and brush with butter every couple of minutes. Or large crab legs... For veggies, asparagus is delicious, just season with a little salt. Cut the bottoms off where its really fiberious. Lots of good veggies that can be grilled on it. Small tomatoes, onions, peppers, squashes sprinkled with a little bit of larger flake salt like kosher or sea salt, brush with a little oil. I've taken bell peppers, sliced in half and stuffed with something, a rice mixed with herbs and seasonings... could throw in some seafood. Then make a dessert in there too, some sort of fruit cobbler. Typically anything that can be done inside, can be done outside. Its all about heat transfer. I watch too many cooking shows...
  15. This winter was my first bbq-ing. Did my first prime rib in Sept on a Weber grill and it was awesome. Did two more in middle of winter and a bunch of ribs with temps below zero. Wasn't too bad of an issue. Hoping that the Kamado will work be okay during sub-zero temps. I'd hate to crack it from thermal shock. During high winds the Weber would crash into the house, which was unsettling.
  16. Just picked up a Vision Kamado Classic from Costco last night! Can't wait to fire it up and break it in!
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