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  1. http://amzn.com/B00AW3B5MM Last week I purchased a spiralizer for fruits and veggies. It is an handy tool for making veggie noodles. Over the weekend I made a veggie "pasta" salad. We spiraled a zucchini, carrot, red pepper, and a sweet potato. The first time you start playing with it, it is hard to stop. We gave the potato noodles a pan fry to cook them a little. Chopped up some red onion, basil, cilantro and some mint. Added the juice from a lime. Threw it all on some tofu that I had drained, pressed, and then pre fried with sesame oil and garam masala. Added a side of a spicy peanut sauce, that unfortunately got too hot and made a very unappetizing appearance as it separated. ************** Things I liked about the spiralizer: Everything has gone through. I was worried about the sweet potato but it had no problems. Almost all the sliding parts are dish washer safe. The unit is somewhat large, but crank handle stores inside the base, the pusher sled slides out and flips over, and the blade slicer front portion folds down. Makes it much more compact. It even comes with a clear plastic tray for catching the food that also serves as a lid when storing the device. When we did the pepper, the core of it was pretty much its own noodle. Here's a cool site for ideas with what to do with one: http://www.inspiralized.com/howto/ Things I don't like: it gets a little messy with spiraling wet vegetables. The juice drips down the front. That's going to happen.
  2. http://www.compostjunkie.com/composting-wood-ashes.html
  3. Next year Costco will end its partnership with American Express and start taking VISA. Since fruits and veggies are ridiculously expensive up here, it is wiser to get as much as possible at Costco.
  4. Inquiring minds want to know: Was it a good a beer?
  5. regarding the white foofy stuff all over the place. My hockey team has an annual goofball tournament thing. I'd stop at the brewery a day in advance, and get a bunch of growlers of beer. Then I'd break up the snow pack, and store the growlers in the snow pile. I think this year we had a total of 20" of snow, and about 85% of it has melted. I will have to figure out an alternative storage system.
  6. If your outdoor temps are below the 50s, you should be fine cold smoking cheese. For meat, if properly cured, cold smoking temps won't matter much. Cold smoking cured meat has been around a very long time.
  7. what is your outside air temp during the day and night? Sometimes temps are so warm, smoking cheese just won't work without a few tricks. I've read recommendations of adding ice to the smoker to above the smoke and between the cheese to keep things cool. Just had a thought. But I wonder if it would be more effective to keep the ice layer above the cheese. Thought process: Two shots Jack, one can coke: When packing a cooler, it is better to pack the ice on the top layer. Cold air is heavier, and sinks lower. So storing the ice on top, is more effective than at the bottom. Hypothesis: Would the same hold true in a kamado? For bacon, I hot smoke it about 225 degrees, to a temp of 150 degrees. When it hits 150, i pull it and let the meat rest for 1 hour. Then back in the kamado for another hour of smoke.
  8. 450-500, 2.5 hours later about 200. Sounds about right. The more thermal mass that absorbs heat, the more it retains. Since the outershell is ceramic, it is going to retain heat as well. I'm going to guess that the Akorn's metal shell helps dissipate heat faster. As for how much charcoal is normal consumption comparatively, I can't say.
  9. When in doubt, shoot Vision Support a message, with the picture. I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess that someone swapped bowls with the other brand, or didn't put it in correctly. *** I have a Classic, and there is just enough room for me to get my fingers in there and lift the bowl out. If I wear gloves, there is no way I'm getting my fingers in.
  10. stepping back, what are you going to be smoking? I've only read a little, but most of the time I am smoking well under 90. Meats, I will typically have cured. I prefer to hot smoke meat though. I won't say I haven't kept the temps in the lower levels, but sub 20 degree temps and a pellet tray, and sure I'll smoke cheese during the winter. I was just attempting cold smoking a leg of lamb (as pastrami) about two weeks ago, and didn't have much success. Granted it was subzero and the pellets went out within 2 hours. The lamb of course was quite a bit frozen by 4 hours.
  11. regarding what temp wood burns.... here's some sciencey info... http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/geophysics/fire1.htm I'd be very concerned about wood shrinkage causing it to fall.
  12. Neither has all my hairs... Matter of fact, it keeps getting replaced with gray ones, which I suspect are not as top stable as their neighbors. The gray ones seem to be a more dominant species, maybe like an invasive weed. They seem to be eliminating the dark ones and discarding them. There seems to be some sort of disposal ritual where the eliminated ones wind up in the shower drain.
  13. Maybe you can hide your fine liquors in them, assuming it doesn't get warm under there. SWMBO: Dear, why is the grill inside? HWMF: I've converted into storing wine
  14. Hmmm.... that reminds me, i have a buddy who likes metal projects... I wonder if I can get him to fabricate something simple with notch opening so I can get to my levers for the vent... now I'm intrigued...
  15. http://www.theplayerstribune.com/not-done/ Great article by Scottie Gomez
  16. Actually the turbo charger will yield about 8 hours of battery time. What they don't say is what exactly 8 hours. This is part of the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 protocol, which is becoming more available on other phones. A little more detail is near the bottom of how it works. http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2014/11/review-motorolas-droid-turbo-beats-the-moto-x-in-specs-if-not-style/ That's a significant improvement over my M7.
  17. As I'm reading about the ITunes and Apple Services outage, that is one aspect of a smart watch that should not cause the device to fail. It must operate successfully completely independent if the mother ship is lost. A smart watch must continue to operate at some standard level regardless of infrastructure availability. What's the point of a watch if it abnormally terminates when i lose cell signal?
  18. He's probably hard at work saving up some money to make his next couple of trips. Or he's in rehab, detoxing from the meat sweats and alcohol.
  19. Do not remind me. When I was in college in 1995, I told a friend he should buy 1000 shares of Apple stock. They were at a low point, and I gave several good business reasons they weren't SOL. They were trading at $6 a share. At worse, he'd be out $6k. As an attorney he could afford to lose that. I don't know if he ever bought them. Who in their right mind is a practicing lawyer taking financial stock advice from a 20 year old Mac fan. I followed a lot of what Guy Kawasaki was publishing at the time. So I had confidence they would find it.
  20. Strictly my opinion. As much as I don't see the value in a smartwatch, especially first generation, there is a lot of potential down the road, if it addresses deficiencies, aka gaps, in people's devices. One of the perceived potentials is using the watch to be able to do purchases, never having to get your wallet out again. In theory the architecture is more secure. Does this aspect solve a deficiency? I think this addresses a convenience. However, as it is currently being implemented, it still needs the bloody phone. So not as convenient as I would like it to be. Plus its not like you are going to hand over your watch at a restaurant. I think the longer term real potential is when it can work like a phone. Paired with a bluetooth headset, you could get rid of lugging around the large screen phones. Paired with a monocle device, it could connect your internet. Get in your smart car, and it displays information on that. The obvious problem is what to do when it gets stolen. Much bigger problem. Maybe only enabled via fingerprint when you put it on. Once it comes off, it is locked. yadda yadda yadda
  21. I'm attempting to cold smoke a lambstrami. A friend will finish it in his sous vide. I'm using Tenderquick in my brine, and it will cure for about 9-10 days. My initial thought was to just use my pellet tray to smoke it, but that won't reach 90 degrees. So I'm kind of worried about potential bacteria issues. I don't have a PID controller or anything, it is pretty much stock setup. I'm curious if anyone has had success holding very very low temp.
  22. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/10/technology/apple-watch-event.html?_r=0 As much as I want a smart watch, I realize I'm one of those people who will buy tech things to try them out, and then never use it again. A smart watch would need to have a great user interface and something that i need to have near me.
  23. this reminds me, my smoked gouda supply is low...
  24. a friend of mine has one and has been using it a lot. I've talked him into cooking my lambstrami. It is in cure now, and I'll cold smoke it first. He's experimenting on another leg of lamb to find the optimal time and temp. I think he's got some broiler torch thing we can do the outside with.
  25. Its to encourage your hunting and gathering skills... seeking your prey.... I hit Costco about once a week for fruits and veggies. I can go through a container of strawberries in about 3 days, a 6 pack of romaine, 3 cucumbers and a pack of roma tomatoes in a week, But that's for the regular stuff. I'm starting to have to rely on a list to make sure I don't forget the important stuff; like coffee, toilet paper, dish washer detergent, paper towels. Important stuff. I seldom end up in the cookie aisle. There are no cookies in the store that compare to a home made cookie, especially with bacon in it. Chips though... that can be dangerous. Liquor store... well... that depends on the hockey situation. However, when I plan a cook, its Costco, or my local butcher. Sometimes the Asian grocery for those hard to find items. And about half a dozen trips back to the store, walking distance for me, when I forget an ingredient that I thought I had. Some day I'll actually check my ingredients against the recipe, make the list, and then go to the store. But that would be, you know, logical.
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