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  1. That is some serious food ! That looks awesome!
  2. Smoked Salmon Stuffed Jalepenos 1 12oz. Salmon (Apple Wood Smoked) 2 8oz. Tubs Cream Cheese 1 Bundle Green Onions Salt - To Taste Pepper - To Taste Parsley- To Taste Jalepenos I smoked the salmon the night before and chilled it overnight. I then chopped the salmon very fine and put it in a mixing bowl with the rest of the ingredients and mixed for 2 minutes. Chill. Halve jalepenos and remove seeds. Try to leave some of the stem so they are easier to take from grill. Stuff jalepenos and grill for about 5 minutes or until cheese is darkening and bubbling. You can also serve the salmon spead on bruschette bread or anything else you would like! Enjoy!
  3. I smoked a salmon last night and turned it into these. Smoked Salmon Stuffed Jalepenos! Very Very Good! 1 12oz. Salmon (Smoked) 2 8oz. Tubs Cream Cheese 1 Bundle of Chives Salt Pepper Smoked Paprika Halve Jalepenos, Clean & Seed, Stuff, Grill :D
  4. First Time We Have Opened The Lid Since 10AM....Foil Wrap Time!
  5. Just wanted to take a quick minute and wish all that Fathers a Happy Father's Day. Enjoy your time with friends and family and hopefully you all have a great cook planned for today. Dad and I are just lighting up and getting ready to do some baby-backs today! Have a great day guys!
  6. Not sure if you have a COSTCO near you but I got mine there. http://www.costco.com/Vision-Grills-Cla ... reId=10301 Good Luck and Welcome To The Site!
  7. When I use mustard I tend to put a light coat on before the rub. Also, I use Coleman's English Mustard. I love the kick that it gives the meat.
  8. My dad did that, I had to remind him to use the heat-shield. So when we cooked it there was no foil. Yea, I think that will be plenty of time for a 6 pounder. I kept mine around 210-220 with the heat shield on. Did it in 8 hours.
  9. Welcome from Florida! Glad to see you here.
  10. Welcome from Florida! Glad to see you here.
  11. Here was mine from last weekend before it went on the grill. It came out AWESOME! Low and slow from 9AM - 5PM. Good luck and enjoy!
  12. Anyone have any great Father's Day Weekend Bar-B-Que Plans? This would be a great thread to share recipes that you have may learned from your father or maybe something you have taught him how to do! Jon
  13. Welcome! We Need More Florida Representation!
  14. I am about 5 minutes from DW. Haven't been yet but I think I may take my nieces this week. Thank you for the great welcome!
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