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  1. My better half has been craving porchetta for a while now, so Saturday morning I took a ride to the butchers and picked up a pork belly for Mother's day. Got home Saturday prepped it, tied it up, and in the fridge it went. Come Sunday morning I took it out of the fridge at 9:00 am place it on the counter, and organized my equipment. I went out just before 11:00 am and lit the B&B charcoal I had placed in there earlier. Let the fire starters burn out shut the dome and let it come up to 350°. Once I got the temp dialed in and the KJ all warmed up on went the meat and in just under 4 hours pu
  2. Well that and trim off all the excess fat and skin.
  3. This is old news. They rehash this information every few years. All I ever do with the dirty byrd is burn off any plumage that has been left behind with my butane mini torch.
  4. Ouch! I hate when I forget things like that.
  5. I'm liking that fire pit more and more. Keep posting cooks with you using it.
  6. Seeing as I'm trying to eat better this is a great idea!
  7. All I'd need is some warm naan bread and I'd tear that up.
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