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  1. Well that and trim off all the excess fat and skin.
  2. This is old news. They rehash this information every few years. All I ever do with the dirty byrd is burn off any plumage that has been left behind with my butane mini torch.
  3. Ouch! I hate when I forget things like that.
  4. I'm liking that fire pit more and more. Keep posting cooks with you using it.
  5. Seeing as I'm trying to eat better this is a great idea!
  6. All I'd need is some warm naan bread and I'd tear that up.
  7. That looks like it was delicious! I'm going to have to give this a try.
  8. Yes, yes I have. I like using that when I make grilled fried chicken.
  9. Want to grill some chicken, but was looking for a different flavor profile. I started looking through the fridge to see what I could find, and voila. I found a container of freshly diceed pineapple. Took that some soy sauce, garlic, onion, two jalepenos, hot sauce, vegetable oil, and Soy Vey veri veri Teriyaki put it all in a blender and mixed it up. Then I took a whole fryer chicken and split it in two. Placed each half in a ziplock bag and covered them up with the marinade. Fast forward 8 hrs and I fired up the KJ classic, let it come up to temp and slapped the bird on. 45 minutes later I had a sweet and spicy meal.
  10. I grew up in the northeast so cod is kind of a thing up here. It's a mild neutrally flavored fish that people who really don't eat fish eat for just that reason. I prefer to eat fluke, black fish, blue fish, porgy, anything I can fish for locally. I'll be posting more fish cooks this year because of a change in diet. I have to eat healthier from now on doctors orders. So if you have any recipes you'd like to share have at it.
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