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  1. My better half has been craving porchetta for a while now, so Saturday morning I took a ride to the butchers and picked up a pork belly for Mother's day. Got home Saturday prepped it, tied it up, and in the fridge it went. Come Sunday morning I took it out of the fridge at 9:00 am place it on the counter, and organized my equipment. I went out just before 11:00 am and lit the B&B charcoal I had placed in there earlier. Let the fire starters burn out shut the dome and let it come up to 350°. Once I got the temp dialed in and the KJ all warmed up on went the meat and in just under 4 hours pulled out this magnificent looking piece of meat. All I could say was that my wife was very pleased with her porchetta.
  2. Well that and trim off all the excess fat and skin.
  3. This is old news. They rehash this information every few years. All I ever do with the dirty byrd is burn off any plumage that has been left behind with my butane mini torch.
  4. Ouch! I hate when I forget things like that.
  5. I'm liking that fire pit more and more. Keep posting cooks with you using it.
  6. Seeing as I'm trying to eat better this is a great idea!
  7. All I'd need is some warm naan bread and I'd tear that up.
  8. That looks like it was delicious! I'm going to have to give this a try.
  9. Yes, yes I have. I like using that when I make grilled fried chicken.
  10. Want to grill some chicken, but was looking for a different flavor profile. I started looking through the fridge to see what I could find, and voila. I found a container of freshly diceed pineapple. Took that some soy sauce, garlic, onion, two jalepenos, hot sauce, vegetable oil, and Soy Vey veri veri Teriyaki put it all in a blender and mixed it up. Then I took a whole fryer chicken and split it in two. Placed each half in a ziplock bag and covered them up with the marinade. Fast forward 8 hrs and I fired up the KJ classic, let it come up to temp and slapped the bird on. 45 minutes later I had a sweet and spicy meal.
  11. I grew up in the northeast so cod is kind of a thing up here. It's a mild neutrally flavored fish that people who really don't eat fish eat for just that reason. I prefer to eat fluke, black fish, blue fish, porgy, anything I can fish for locally. I'll be posting more fish cooks this year because of a change in diet. I have to eat healthier from now on doctors orders. So if you have any recipes you'd like to share have at it.
  12. K'man I'm in New England also. You ever see the the boat the Cod Father?
  13. No I did not for fear of overpowering the delicate flavor of the cod. I was tempted to, but decided against it.
  14. I don't know why but I could only load one pic.
  15. Made some cod the other day on the KJ classic for me and my wife. It's a fairly simple and light meal for anyone watching their waistline. All I did was make two foil packets spray them down with some oil. Then I lined it with sliced onions, and tomatoes. After that I placed two pieces of cod loin which I've seasoned with some McCormick's Garden Vegetable on the veggies. Then tossed on some sliced lemons. Put them on the KJ and cooked till the cod hit an IT of 140°.
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