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  1. I bought a partyQ for my Vision and have only used it a couple times. The ceramics are so good at holding heat that I havent needed to use it. I still do sometimes just because I am a total nerd but I dont think it is necessary. On an overnight cook you may get a better sense of security with a controller. I do think you need remote thermos for overnight though.
  2. meatloaf is great on the grill. And any leftovers can be sliced and regrilled like a cheeseburger
  3. John, There are a number of add ons for phpbb and many are very good. Of course, vBulletin is an excellent choice as well. It is also not very expensive. Eric
  4. Here's a simple suggestion that works really well for me. Take equal amounts of your favorite bbq sauce and honey, put it in a saucepan and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. This will make a nice glaze.
  5. I dont think they are supposed to charge until they actually ship but I am hoping they decided it is better to just make the customer happy. I think they owe it to you at this point. Good Luck! Im hoping they stay true to their word and you get it this week!
  6. yeah they are gonna sell out and not replace the stock is my guess. Fearing the same thing I just picked up 40# of Cowboy lump from Ace. They had a deal, 10 bucks for 20#. I'm gonna go back for another 40 I think. Plus BJs still has Frontier 35# bags for $19. It may not be the RO you are looking for but it sure beats kingsford
  7. Any updates from Laurie? Just a small update. I emailed back and forth with Laurie and John over there at vision. There is no warranty issue with using the RTV silicone and so I did do that mod. I explained about the vent doors not being all that tight and that I thought to use some of the felt gasket. So, John sent me a chunk, maybe 16 inches or so of the felt. I have yet to install it though I did cut a small piece to see how the fit would be and it looks like it should do the trick. Ill mod it over the weekend and upload some pics and results when done.
  8. Phase 2 is the parent company of Vision I believe. It is the same grill. I paid 569 as well but it was recently enough that I was able to get the difference refunded to me.
  9. Looks good! A nice start to a beautiful friendship
  10. There are none here in Boston either. So maybe just south east.
  11. Its nice but I think I would like it a bit larger. What is the diameter?
  12. If it is 75 degrees and thermo says 0 then I would say it is off. I have the same grill and my thermo looks the same.
  13. So at the end of the day, after all that time and effort and energy they wanted to CHARGE you for shipping? You have got to be kidding me! I would have called the owner at that point (you said he gave you his cell number right?) and told him where he could stick his shipping charge! That is just miserable. Sorry dude! Maybe go with a joe? Could always save up for a Kamodo. That company has the best customer service of any company I've heard.
  14. I dont think the heat shrink wrap would work. Perhaps some RTV sealant? Nice that they are sending you the probes. What a great thing. Maybe they know you are sort of a big deal in the smoker department
  15. So, I was taking my daughter to her friend's house when I noticed that their neighbor had a tera cotta colored Kamodo on his deck. I walked over and asked if he wouldn't mind showing me the grill. Well, it was immediately apparent that this guy loves his grill! He walked me through the whole thing, showing the two grates, the firebox, vents guru adapter etc... Turns out he has a number of grills, just like I do. Before I knew it I had been standing there for half an hour and my daughter was staring daggers at me from the car! I have to say, it was love at first sight - for me! That Komodo is a beautiful thing! I think I may have to start saving up for one of these bad Larrys.
  16. brisket is really all about steady. Keep your grill temp steady and low ( I like 225) but make sure you are cooking to in IT of 195. Then, use your temp probe to probe the thickest part of the flat. If it goes in like butter wrap it in foil and stick it in a cooler for at least an hour. If it isn't, close the grill and wait an hour then repeat. Once you hit 195 you dont need to check the IT. Its all about waiting for the meat to be nice and tender. I've had brisket finish at 198 and as high as 210 so...
  17. I use my starter for my offset and for my kettles but never for the kamado. I have the Vision Classic and I find that I can just fill the firebox up to or just over the first set of holes. Then I take a paper towel, wrinkle it up to about the size of an italian sausage and pour vegetable oil on it. Then I put that in the center of the charcoal, put a couple pieces of lump on it and light it. It will start your fire slow and make it easier to settle onto the temp you want to cook at. Using a chimney with a kamado is like killing a mosquito with a sledge hammer.
  18. My Vision is the same way. These things are amazing at heat retention.
  19. it seems like it always take me 14 hours to cook butts. 1 butt 2 butts, whatever. that being said the 1.5 hour rule is a good one and if you put on 2 then assume the time for the heavier one.
  20. I'm glad they are taking care of you but I am a bit surprised they are going to charge you for shipping when it seems obvious to me that this was their fault and the unit was brand new.
  21. I have as well. I'm sure it was the provider that had issues themselves.
  22. FYI I have the same grill and the crazing is normal. I have talked to Laurie myself and I think they are great.
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