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  1. Thanks for your input being new to forums in general I wasn't sure where to post it. I apologize for posting in the wrong section .
  2. thanks for the help, hopefully this week i should have my new grill!!
  3. Yes I'm in canada everything costs more , I really like the cart the primo large comes with but like the accessories for the kj classic I'm going this week possibly today to get one at the only dealer in the province that has kamados other than Costco thanks for the help but as I figured it's comparing apples to apples .
  4. The thing is my dealer only has the older kj models not with the ash tray and flexible cooking system the kj is 1099 and the primo large is 1320 with all the accessories ( heat deflectors, firebox splitter , cover , ash tool , grill extender. The dealer has them both in stock and I looked at them both they are both very nice , the dealer claims the primo is the better of the two , but I'm gonna make a decision this week , how are the grills on the primo compared to the stainless kj grills ?
  5. Hey all just trying to make up my mind between two cookers looking at the kamado joe classic and the primo large oval dealer has both in stock and are pretty much the same price is there any huge differences between them I should consider ?
  6. im in saskatoon, sk canada they have soo many left i think people here dont know what they are and what they are capable of doing, I'm going to get one tomorrow cant go wrong for $399!
  7. Well i was at costco today and they have the classic b series kamado on for $399. What do you guys think i thought that was cheap i might have to go pick one up tonight .
  8. in saskatoon saskatchewan my dealer said that the canadian supplier switched or something and is now gonna cost 1600 for a kj classic .
  9. Yes ive seen places with free shipping but when it comes accross the border i will be paying crazy duty fees
  10. Well i guess i just found out that the only kamado joe dealer in town stopped carrying kj so now i have an option of a vision grill i would cost to much in duties to ordet a kj from the states as im in canada .
  11. Im going with a kamado joe classic in red , i only cook for me and my wife .
  12. thanks for the comments kamado joe it is ! ill take some pics when i bring it home !
  13. Im new to the forum and have been doing alot of research on kamado grills and weber kettles. I would like to do alot of smoking and every day grilling.Its a hard decision to make. Im leaning towards a kamado joe classic or a weber performer what do you guys think ?
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