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  1. Wildkamado

    Mapp Torch

    I use they yellow bottle propane and it takes about 30 seconds to get it going. My wife even finds it easy to start it up.
  2. Wildkamado

    Hello from Kitchener Ontario!

    Hello To all! Just wanted to say hi, and look forward to reading and learning all there is to know about cooking with kamados Cheers All Peter
  3. Ok guys, So I have been trying to decide on which ceramic grill/smoker/pizza oven/ wonderful food maker/ most bestest creation ever made!!!!! The toss up is used large BGE or New Vision classic from Costco. Used BGE $500 New Vision $599 I Can't Decide. What would you guys do? BGE is 6 years old
  4. Wildkamado

    New purchase, Vision Classic at Costco

    Tubs - I live in Kitchener and spoke to a BGE dealer and found out that Costco came by those BGE with out permission from head office. Lots of dealers raised hell! You will probably never see them at Costco again PS. Tubs is your name by any chance Gus? Cheers