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  1. One question. When you say simmer for the last 90 minutes would you bring the temp back down or leave it at 275 or so?
  2. I will be making this today. Looks like an awesome recipe
  3. Yeah I might try that. I just noticed this morning while getting it going the fire was barely going and when I put the digital thermometer into keep an eye on it the digital read 125 which was about right because that is where it was starting but the dome thermometer read 300. Now the digital is reading 250 and some is reading 325. There is also some condensation in the dome thermometer die to it raining the other night
  4. Is it difficult? I just noticed mine isn't working anymore so I am going to have to order a new one tomorrow
  5. It was out the next day. I will probably redo the gaskets with vision gaskets
  6. The gaskets weren't through vision, though I am going to go ahead and order some. And the top is pretty snug. Just when I close off all vents a lot of smoke comes out of the very top of the stainless steel top. I will also try and seal up the bottom vent a little better
  7. Yes from the top. Not from around the gaskets
  8. When I close all of the vents a quote a bit of smoke will come out of the very top. Is that normal?
  9. I bought the nomex gasket from some website I saw on here. Can't remember the name. I might order the vision one
  10. I changed my gaskets about 6 months ago and everything seemed fine until a couple of months ago I noticed I had to close the vents more than usually to keep it down at 350 or so and was also burning charcoal a lot more than I used to. I cooked pork chops tonight me went out a little bit ago to see if it had cooled off enough to put the cover in it. When I opened it up there was still some glowing charcoal 2 hours after closing all vents. My question is how can I find the leak?
  11. I bought a BGE heat diffuser last year because vision was out and I didn't feel like waiting. Looking at the two it seems the BGE is much bigger and has both racks sitting up higher, and it seems to take awhile to get up to temp. Would using a vision heat deflector that sat lower in the grill help heat the grill faster and also help to not have the food so high up in the grill when cooking?
  12. I put a budgie chord on it to hold it down tight over night. I'm guessing that could help it settle in
  13. I would definitely buy again. And I just changed out my gasket and the front doesn't completely catch the dollar bill either. I'm hoping after it is shut for a day and used a few times it will settle in
  14. I have just put the nomex gasket on and it seems when I close it the front doesn't completely meet unless I push down on it. Is that something that will eventually settle in?
  15. What size nomex gasket do you get to fit the vision b classic?
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