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  1. Butchers fault, they need to make square sausages/hotdogs!!! Seriously, you just need to jiggle the petals to level them up before putting the charcoal basket or grate in. Use a spirit level if you have one that fits, I do mine by eye
  2. My BJ is seven years old, prior to the ash draw. I can easily remove the ash as necessary
  3. Mine was under warranty. Check the number under the BJ, or in the manual (if you still have it). BUT, you will also need the mesh gasket too. This is the one supplied through the Australian distributor:
  4. Easy to do, no need to remove the dome and risk an accident
  5. I replaced my original spring hinge replaced under warranty by one of these, can't remember what their called:
  6. SteveW

    New Hinge

    BBQs' Galore are the Aust distributor
  7. Happened to me a few years ago. The hinge was replaced under warranty with the easy lift hinge, not airlift hinge (from memory, the hinges have a five year warranty???). Was easy to install by myself, just follow the directions and videos. There is a broom stick method to keep the lid open while you load the grill, BUT, I wouldn't put my faith in that too much
  8. My 7 year old BJ has a partially rusty/paintless top vent, is caked in grease and has never cleaned. Bit of heat and all comes good, not a problem for me
  9. When I replaced my dodgy band a few years ago, I bought top quality 316 marine grade stainless dome nuts and bolts from my specialty supplier. Couldn't get the exact bolt length, so bought the next size up and cut them down, also ground the head down a bit. Diameters can't help with
  10. When and if mine warps, I'll give it a good flogging with a mash hammer
  11. It should sit on the mesh gasket, mine does with about a 10mm sideways slop to allow the lid to close and seal. Perhaps the smaller JT has been wrongly boxed
  12. New gasket should come with the new hinge to solve the gap issue
  13. Local quality bolt supplier here in Australia, and I ground the heads down a bit on all screws so they sat "flatter"
  14. I recently had my old hinge replaced under warranty with the "semi air-lift" hinge. While I was at it, I replaced ALL bolts and dome nuts with 316 marine grade s/s, as one or two dome nuts had stripped. You will need longer bolts for the hinge, I bought longer than needed, and cut them down
  15. Yes, I've just fitted new lift assist hinge, multi-piece fire box and fibreglass gasket under a warranty claim, and purchased the divide and conquer and cast iron griddle and grate. I cut the full size s/s grate in half and it fits the d&q
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