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  1. I wasn't able to actually find the coupon, but I printed off the page and took it into my Kroger's and talk to the manager. He agreed to take it. I had actually called into their one 800 number to make sure I wasn't looking in the wrong place. They are the ones that told me to print off the page and take it in with me. http://www.kroger.com/promotions/get_ou ... /tips.aspx
  2. At my Kroger here in GA, it was marked as $197 and I was able to use the $20 off coupon. You could ask the manager about a price guarantee to see if it goes down in price would they refund you the difference?
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies! I guess I just got excited and wanted to post before I did a search. Sorry about that, but I do know how to use the search feature and will use it in the future! Thanks again!
  4. Hello all! I am new to the forum but not new to smoking. I have an electric smoker, the masterbuilt electric smokehouse, but I miss the days of charcoal. I came across this forum when researching cheaper alternatives to the big green egg. It just so happened that I saw an Akorn outside of my Kroger store. The price was originally $299, but they had it marked down to $197 with your Kroger card. One of the threads on here mentioned a $20 off coupon with the purchase of a grill at Kroger. I search for it and took it in and got the grill for $177 plus tax, $190 total! I went to register it and the model number is 16619, but I could not find that in their list. I have attached some pictures so that hopefully one of you guys can tell me what model number it compares to. I hope so because I am pretty excited about it. I cannot wait to try out all the delicious recipes that I see on the site. Thanks in advance!
  5. Where did you find the coupon? I have looked around and cannot find it. Has it expired? Thanks!
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