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  1. There's a local Mexican style rotisserie place near me that is kinda like el pollo loco but way better and it's inspired me to try something similar for my Thanksgiving Day Turkey but still served with tradiitonal Thanksgiving sides (instead of tortillas and salsa I would eat with the chicken). I'm just curious if anyone has tried a similar flavor profile with their Turkey and what were the results. thanks
  2. wow that looks delicious. I tried something kinda like this a while back and my beef came out very dry. How high was your temps when you braised the beef and did you braise it while covered?
  3. Wife demanded I make these again last week. Here are the pics: Split open the pitted dates vertically: Stuff with bleu cheese: Wrap in bacon. (been trying to round up my diet into something more healthy lately so I used as little bacon as possible... stretched the bacon thin by tugging it under a metal spatula. Was able to wrap about 16 dates with only 2.5 slices of bacon. off the grill: I noticed stretching the bacon this thin made it much easier to burn. The bottoms of several of these got a little burnt. Next time I'll grill at around 300 instead of 400.
  4. triple basted bbq wings I love the taste of smoked, caramelized bbq sauce on meat and this batch I did was easily among the best yet despite it being a rushed spur of the moment weeknight cook. Came home from work and there was nothing prepped for dinner. Spotted a freezer bag of chicken wings in the freezer and fired up the Akorn and threw on a handful of apple wood chips. Threw them on grill frozen and all over direct 385 heat. After the skin was quickly thawed I briefly took them off the grill into a bowl so that I could quickly toss them in olive oil and rub in a random garlic-herb seasoning I found in the pantry. Once they are almost done I start the bbq baste.... Sweet Baby Rays with a healthy pour of whiskey to thin it out. After a few minutes another baste of this. On the final baste I use the bbq sauce at full strength. At this point the heat has crept up to about 430 so I move them to the working rack for the final minutes so they don't burn. The end result was ideal... layers of caramelized sauce without it tasting "over sauced" while the chicken meat was smoky and juicy. Even the wife who has stubbornly preferred fried wings basted in bbq sauce over grilled had to admit these were some of the best wings she had. Was only able to get a picture of a wing portion as the drumettes were quickly destroyed.
  5. I actually never cared for fish really until I tried Chilean Sea Bass at a Hibachi restaurant once and immediately fell in love with it. I know order it just about everytime I see it on a menu. At some lower end places I have found it to be hit or miss though. At that same Hibachi place I ordered it again and something was off with it. At another place it tasted good before but 2nd and 3rd times it had almost like a egg soufflé texture to it. I found some Chilean sea bass at Costco in a freezer bag with each filet individually vacuum sealed a few weeks ago. It was "only" $15/pound. Havent cooked it yet... and will likely do it for a special thank you dinner I'm planning for a relative. For those who have cooked it I would like to get more details on how exactly you did (temps, duration, did you flip, etc) thanks!
  6. This was on my to-do list for some time now after having some at a tapas bar a while back. When I ran into some whole pitted dates at a local grocery store yesterday I instantly knew I had to try that for a labor day appetizer. I split the dates open, put a couple of crumbles of bleu cheese, wrapped in a quarter slice of bacon. They grilled at about 375 degrees indirect. The result was better than what I remembered at the tapas bar. The sweetness of the dates combined with the sharpness of the bleu cheese, savory salty bacon, and the smoke flavor was in complete harmony. As to why there are no pics... I ate 2 and had to tend to the grill for the stuff I was cooking. When I checked back at them every last one was gone. A definite repeat
  7. good price but not a "great deal". Last time I stocked up on a Royal Oak deal I paid about $7 or $8 for the 17pound bags.
  8. It seems most Dr offices obviously overbook their appointments to maximize their $/hour by making sure there is never any dead gaps of no patients for the Dr to see due to late/cancelled appointments. But my wife's prenatal obgyn is not too bad for timing because they have a very strict late/cancellation policy. They are often ready to do all the pre-appointment stuff like weight and blood pressure check as soon as we check in and we are seeing the Dr. within no more than 15 minutes.
  9. wow that looks amazing! those look like they can stand up against any of the versions of Shrimp and Grits I have had over the years at various trendy restaurants
  10. eon

    Last Meal

    yep I'm a fan of the warm butter cake as well. My wife and I are always too full to try to take it on right after a meal there but a few times we went to Mastro's just to eat the dessert at the bar.
  11. eon

    Last Meal

    my ideal last meal would be an conglomeration of some of my favorite steakhouse items I have had over the years... assorted bread basket (the cherry bacon bread I had at Barrymore in Vegas has to be in there) fresh seafood tower from Mastros lobster bisque from Alize surf and turf main entree(a filet from Carnevino and chilean sea bass from this sea side place in San Diego that I forgot the name to) whiskey creamed corn from Envy Steakhouse lobster mashed potatoes from Mastros
  12. yep some people are stubbornly stuck in their ways. I cant even get a friend to simply stop using lighter fluid.
  13. Are you seasoning your patties just before you cook them? I used to struggle with getting the crust I wanted on steaks and burgers but later I found out i was seasoning too soon and not just before it hits the heat. Basically if you let the seasoning sit on the meat too long before cooking it breaks down into the meat. Immediately searing as soon as the seasoning is on the surfaceallows it to help form that crust.
  14. eon

    Yeti cups

    very happy with my Ozark tumbler. On the weekends my wife usually drags me around to half a dozen stores. I can fill this up with something cold and no ice and it stays cold through the day no matter how hot it gets in the car. Only complaint is its not spill proof and the black gasket ring is always coming out of place with I take the lid off.
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